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Can't decide which addon to get? Want to get all of it but got a tight budget? Well, worry no more! Introducing the Builder Addon Bundle - our newest addition to our price line! This bundle gives you access to all current plus future addons for just $29. Enjoy all our existing 15 addons, plus more on the way, by purchasing the Addon Bundle now.

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Changes to the Affiliate Program

The Themify Affiliate Program has been wildly successful since its launch, helping Themify grow as a business and rewarding our supporters for promoting and selling our themes to brand new customers all over the world. Thank you to every one of our affiliates for helping us grow as a business.

However, with the number of affiliates constantly growing and the amount of resources for managing these affiliates growing as well, the Themify team has decided to create a small change in the way the Affiliate Program works in order to improve the speed and quality of processing rewards for affiliates.

Starting Feburary 1, 2015, the Themify Affiliate Program will require a $50 minimum payout for all affiliates, meaning that you will not receive a payment from Themify until you hit the $50 mark in earnings. Your amount will carry over from month to month, and the payment will be processed on the last day of the month if it hits $50 minimum. There is a 30-day delay payout to encounter refunds and chargebacks. This small change will allow us to greatly reduce the number of payments required every month, allowing us to pay our affiliates quicker and on time.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

Note that all Themify customers are automatically enrolled in the affiliate program. All customers are welcome to promote Themify and be rewarded for their efforts. To start, login to your Member Area and grab your tracking URLs in the Affiliate section.

We look forward to constantly improving the quality of the Themify experience for everyone!

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Notice: System Upgrade

Please be advised that the Themify Member Area underwent a system update. Not to worry, everything in the Member Area and Affiliate System works the same.

The only changes are the following:

Support Forum
The forum has been replaced with a new platform. Please start posting threads on the new forum, it still uses the same URL: For reference purpose, we've kept the old forum accessible at

IMPORTANT: Framework Update
Framework 2.0.5 update is required in order to perform auto theme updates. Please update your framework. The framework update is free and can be found in the Themify panel (the number located at the bottom left corner of the Themify panel is your current framework version). For more information on theme update, please refer to this documentation:

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Hiring: Customer Service Representative

Themify is looking for a customer service representative to join our team. This position will be responsible for customer inquiries/support, blog writing, and social media. The right candidate must have: good written communication skills, experience with WordPress (eg. how WordPress works) and social media (YouTube, Twitter and Facebook). Having experience with Themify products is a plus. This is a remote position in which you can work anywhere.

To apply: please email your resume, and/or your site URL, along with your hourly rate and availability to jobs @ or send via our contact form. If you have blog writing experience, please send some sample posts that are written by you.

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Changes Coming to Pricing Structure

The Themify team continues to be incredibly busy this year, more busy than ever in fact. We recently released our fantastic new theme called Fullpane and it has proven to be an incredible success with our existing and new customers alike. We couldn’t be more thrilled about this.

Our Themify Builder, which gives you the power to create and design your own layout by using drag and drop controls, continues to grow as we release new features with every Themify Framework update. We’ve listened to your feedback and we welcome it, so please keep sending it in.

We are very proud of what we release and we continue to work very hard bringing you more new themes, features and plugins to make it easier for you to build beautiful WordPress websites. Just look at the Themify Showcase to see what our customers are building.

To continue and maintain this level service and quality, Themify has made the business decision to increase prices as of March 1, 2014. It’s never nice when there is a price increase, but it means we can keep making all the things you’ve enjoy about Themify even better.

From March 1, 2014, the new pricing will be:

  • Standard Themes = $49
  • Developer Themes = $69
  • Standard Club = $79
  • Developer Club = $99
  • Builder Plugin = $49

We feel this is a reasonable and fair price increase as this allows us to procure more resources to continually release new themes and products as well as giving first class service.

One service Themify customers enjoy is our support. We strive to give the best support that we can, given the resources available. We are pleased to announce that we are extending our Monday to Friday support hours, in addition weekend support!

Our price increase gives us the resources needed for our incredible developers to add features and functions to our products with more frequency, like in our recent Framework 1.6.8 update. If there is a feature that you want us to include in an update, let us know either on the Forums or via contact us.

Themify is committed in bringing you beautifully designed themes and products, superb support, fantastic customer service and great value for money. If you have any concerns or questions around the price increase, please don’t hesitate to contact us or comment on this post below.

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A New Look for Themify!

Old Themify theme retired

The new year brings about many changes, resolutions, and promises to be kept. We make strides to improve ourselves and have better years than the previous ones. At Themify, we feel this need to improve constantly, and the new year does just that.

After three years since launch, we have redesigned Themify from the ground up.

This redesign reflects the many learnings that we have picked up along the way, as well as the growth and improvement that Themify has accomplished in the three years of its existence. Colours are bright and vibrant, content is front and centre, and our design reflects our interpretation of the current and future trends in web design.

To celebrate our new design, we are offering 20% off any purchase with Themify! Simply use the code REDESIGN during checkout! Coupon expires on Jan 29, 2014.

We are incredibly proud of our new design, and we hope you like it. Let us know about your thoughts and comments on our new design!

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