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Adding Hooks Has Never Been So Easy

Hooks, which are technically called WordPress Action Hooks, allow users to insert their own custom executable code into WordPress. Hooks can be extremely powerful saving you time and money in development costs. To see examples of what Hooks can do, we have created a demo area to illustrate the power and convenience of Hook.

In the past, if a user wanted to add custom code via a Hook, they would have had to create a custom-functions.php file for their Themify theme. Not anymore!

Introducing Hook Content:


With release of Themify Framework 1.7.3, Themify has given users the power to add their custom code via Hook Content without the need of creating a custom-functions.php file saving you time. Using the Themify Framework Panel interface, you can now easily create Hooks in a matter of a few clicks. You can use Themify’s Shortcodes to use Themify pre-existing functions such as Slider, Twitter, Map and much more! Also, it will save you hours of time with debugging code as you won’t need to sift through lines and lines of code.

To learn more about Themify’s new amazing feature, read our Hook Content documentation.

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Changes Coming to Pricing Structure

The Themify team continues to be incredibly busy this year, more busy than ever in fact. We recently released our fantastic new theme called Fullpane and it has proven to be an incredible success with our existing and new customers alike. We couldn’t be more thrilled about this.

Our Themify Builder, which gives you the power to create and design your own layout by using drag and drop controls, continues to grow as we release new features with every Themify Framework update. We’ve listened to your feedback and we welcome it, so please keep sending it in.

We are very proud of what we release and we continue to work very hard bringing you more new themes, features and plugins to make it easier for you to build beautiful WordPress websites. Just look at the Themify Showcase to see what our customers are building.

To continue and maintain this level service and quality, Themify has made the business decision to increase prices as of March 1, 2014. It’s never nice when there is a price increase, but it means we can keep making all the things you’ve enjoy about Themify even better.

From March 1, 2014, the new pricing will be:

  • Standard Themes = $49
  • Developer Themes = $69
  • Standard Club = $79
  • Developer Club = $99
  • Builder Plugin = $49

We feel this is a reasonable and fair price increase as this allows us to procure more resources to continually release new themes and products as well as giving first class service.

One service Themify customers enjoy is our support. We strive to give the best support that we can, given the resources available. We are pleased to announce that we are extending our Monday to Friday support hours, in addition weekend support!

Our price increase gives us the resources needed for our incredible developers to add features and functions to our products with more frequency, like in our recent Framework 1.6.8 update. If there is a feature that you want us to include in an update, let us know either on the Forums or via contact us.

Themify is committed in bringing you beautifully designed themes and products, superb support, fantastic customer service and great value for money. If you have any concerns or questions around the price increase, please don’t hesitate to contact us or comment on this post below.

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Themify Framework 1.6.8 Update

Here at Themify, we are proud to announce that we have added some cool new and enhanced features to our existing Framework.

360+ Social & Web Icons

Our first new feature is the addition of Icon Fonts to our Social Links widget. We have added:

  • 360+ FontAwesome icons
  • the ability to custom color each individual icon and their background
  • icons can appear in three sizes: small, medium or large

social icons

Menu Icons

For our second new feature, we have also added Icon Fonts to WordPress Menus. So, if you always wanted to add a little house icon next to Home on your menu bar, now you can! To access this new feature, go into your WordPress Admin > Appearance > Menus and in each menu panel you should see a Icon field.

menu icons

Builder Custom Styling

For our Builder lovers, we have a new feature for you too! You can now custom style the row and module individually (font, padding, margin, background, and border), giving more control over the structural design of your webpage.

builder custom styling

Responsive Lightbox

And finally, we have replaced the old lightbox with a new one that not only is fully responsive but also offers better performance on desktops, tablets and mobiles than the previous version.

responsive lightbox

We hope your enjoy the new features!

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A New Look for Themify!

Old Themify theme retired

The new year brings about many changes, resolutions, and promises to be kept. We make strides to improve ourselves and have better years than the previous ones. At Themify, we feel this need to improve constantly, and the new year does just that.

After three years since launch, we have redesigned Themify from the ground up.

This redesign reflects the many learnings that we have picked up along the way, as well as the growth and improvement that Themify has accomplished in the three years of its existence. Colours are bright and vibrant, content is front and centre, and our design reflects our interpretation of the current and future trends in web design.

To celebrate our new design, we are offering 20% off any purchase with Themify! Simply use the code REDESIGN during checkout! Coupon expires on Jan 29, 2014.

We are incredibly proud of our new design, and we hope you like it. Let us know about your thoughts and comments on our new design!

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Updated Themify Framework to fix the vulnerability

In an effort to resolve the vulnerability issue found in the older versions of Themify framework before 1.2.2, we've released a new update which will delete the legacy file 'themify-ajax.php' and any unknown files in the theme 'uploads' folder. This update (framework 1.6.3) is intended to save your time from removing the legacy file manually as posted here. Themify users are recommended to upgrade to this version. To upgrade your theme/framework, go to the Themify option panel page and you should see the upgrade notice. After the update, please verify if the file 'themify-ajax.php' still exists by checking the file list in WP Admin > Appearance > Editor. You may also use a FTP software to check the file in 'wp-content > themes > [themify_folder] > themify' folder.

NOTE: this vulnerability issue only affects the themes installed with Themify framework version before 1.2.2, released on November 9, 2012. Even if your theme is not affected, it's recommended that you update to this new version.

REMEMBER: if you have any inactive/old Themify theme sitting on the server, download the theme(s) to your computer for backup and delete it on your server. This fix will only apply to the active Themify theme.

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Update: how to deal with vulnerability in old Themify framework versions

As was mentioned in the previous post, there were some issues regarding the existance of themify-ajax.php, which was a legacy file used in a very old framework version, leading to a vulnerability. In this post we'll address how to completely clean the theme folder. If you find the legacy file themify-ajax.php file in the theme folder, follow these steps on how to fix it:

  1. Download an updated theme zip from your member area and unzip it on your computer. We will upload it later by FTP.
  2. Access your site through FTP and navigate to the Themify theme folder in wp-content/themes/
  3. Download the current theme folder on the server to your computer for backup.
  4. You have 2 ways to delete the old files:
    • A) if you have made changes to the template files (we recommend to create a child theme for template modification) you can delete the uploads directory inside the theme and the themify-ajax.php file inside the themify folder, also located inside the theme. If you continue having issues, you should delete the entire theme folder.
    • B) if you haven't made any changes to the parent theme, great! you can delete everything. However, make sure you haven't created the files custom-functions.php, custom-modules.php, custom-config.php or custom_style.css. If you did, you can upload these files again from the backup folder.
  5. Whatever method you have chosen in the previous step, themify/themify-ajax.php and uploads folder inside the theme should now be gone. You can now step out of the theme folder, and upload by FTP the updated theme you downloaded from your Themify membership account.


The file themify-ajax.php was retired in framework version 1.2.2, released in November 9, 2012, so only if you started using Themify themes at a later date you're safe and no action is required. If you use Themify themes since an earlier date or are unsure about it, check your installation following the steps outlined above.

Updated Fix (Nov 14, 2013):

We've released a new framework update to fix this issue. Please read this post and upgrade your theme.

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