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Rezo Documentation

Installing The Theme

To install themes with the WordPress theme uploader:

  • Download the theme.zip from the member area
  • Login to wp-admin
  • Go to Appearance > Themes
  • Click on the "Install Themes" tab, then click on the "Upload" link
  • Upload the theme.zip (note: it is the theme.zip, not theme-psd.zip) that you just downloaded from the member area
  • Activate the theme


You can also install the theme with a FTP software, read this tutorial for more details.

Sample Content

If you are starting a new site and would like to import the sample content as seen on the demo site, here are the steps:

  1. Go to Tools > Import (yoursite.com/wp-admin/import.php). Click WordPress. You maybe asked to install the importer plugin. If so, install the plugin.
  2. Upload the sample content XML file included in the theme folder.
  3. You will be asked to map a user to the content and import file attachments. Check "Download and import attachments" to import the gallery images from our demo site.
  4. Now you may edit or delete the content as you like.

NOTE: The images shown on the demo site are not part of the theme package, nor are they included in the sample content. As such you will see placeholder images for the sample content and, should you wish to, these can be replaced after importing.

NOTE: There is a bug in WordPress 3.0 where it doesn't export the taxnomony correctly. This means the category in the Menu custom post category will show uncheck. To fix this, go to the Menu posts (custom post type), edit the menu post and assign the category accordingly.

Header Widget (phone number)

Go to Appearance > Widgets, drop the Text widget in the Header Widget panel. Enter the title and phone number in the text box.

To set up the social media links:

  • Go to Themify > Settings > Social Links tab
  • The theme comes with some pre-filled social links. Simply enter your social profile URL in the Link input field. For example, enter 'http://twitter.com/themify' for the Twitter link.
  • You can replace the default icons by clicking on the Upload button and uploading your own graphic icon. You may download more free social media icons at IconDock.
  • To add more links, click on the Add Link button at the bottom.
  • To remove link, click on the delete icon.
  • To arrange the display order, drag and drop the link container


Displaying The Social Media Links

Once you have the Social Links setup, go to WP > Appearance > Widgets, drop the Themify - Social Links from the Available Widgets panel to the Social Widget panel. Optional: enter the widget Title such as "Follow Us", check to "Show link name" and icon size.


Hiding the RSS Icon

To disabling the RSS or social media icons: go to Themify > Settings > Theme Settings (under Exclude RSS link section).

Custom Menus

To create a custom navigation menu:

  • Go to Appearance > Menu
  • Click on the plus (+) sign to create a new menu (eg. Main Menu).
  • Add the menu items from the left panels (Custom Links, Pages, or Categories)
  • To create dropdown menu, drag the menu item toward the right (the item(s) will be indented)
  • When you are done adding the menu items, click "Save Menu"
  • Then on the top right panel where it says "Theme Locations", select the menu from the dropdown to assign it to the navigation location and click "Save"

Read Custom Menus for more detailed tutorial.


To display a logo image instead of text:

  • Go to Themify panel > Styling > Site Logo
  • Under "Site Logo", select "Image" radio button
  • Upload a logo image
  • Specify the image width and height


Read Customizing the Site Logo and Description (Tagline) for more details.


To display the slider on the homepage:

  • Go to wp-admin, click on the "Add New" link under the Slider menu.
  • Choose the layout option:
    • default: display the feature image on left, title and content on the right
    • image-only: display the feature image only (no title or content)
    • content-only: display the content only (title and feature image will not be displayed)
    • gallery: display the feature image, title, and content in gallery styleslider panel
  • Upload a feature image.
  • Image width and height is optional. If the field is empty, default image size will apply.
  • Image link is optional.

Slider Options

The slider options can be set at Themify > Settings > Theme Settings.

  • Effect = transition effect
  • Speed = speed of the transition
  • Timeout = autoplay

Welcome Message

To display a welcome message on the homepage, go to Themify panel > Settings > Theme Settings, enter the text in the Welcome Text box. The content can be plain text or HTML code.


The menu displays the categories by ID number. This means the newer category appears last.

To add new menu item:

  • Go to wp-admin, click on the "Add New" link under the "Menu" menu
  • On the right side, you can create new menu categories or assign the post to existing categories
  • Upload a menu image
  • Enter the price of the item
  • Add icon to menu title (optional)

To add a menu page:

  • Go to wp-admin > Pages > Add New
  • In the Themify Custom Panel, under "Menu Query Options", select the category or All Categories
  • Set image width and height or leave blank to keep default dimension
  • Choose whether to zoom menu image
  • Check whether to link menu item to post

The gallery can be inserted in any post or page. To insert a gallery, click on "Add Media" button


It will open a lightbox for you to create and insert gallery. Read this tutorial for more details on how to use WordPress Gallery.


Custom Homepage

You can assign any Page as homepage:

  • Create a new Page (eg. Custom Homepage) with the Query Category option as mentioned above
  • Go to wp-admin > Settings > Reading
  • Select a static page under the "Front page displays"
  • Then select "Custom Homepage" in the dropdown

custom homepage

To set the Footer Widget column layout, go to Themify > Settings > Theme Settings. To drop the widgets in the Footer_Widgets, go to wp-admin > Appearance > Widgets.


To replace the default footer text, go to Themify > Settings > Theme Settings (under Footer Text section).


To display a Google Map: drop the Text widget to any region (eg. Footer_Widget_1) as you want, insert the map with the following shortcode (you may chanage the address, width and height):

[map address="Yonge Street and Eglinton Ave. Toronto, Ontario, Canada" width=204px height=135px]


Read the Shortcodes documentation on how to add pre-styled buttons and columns in the content.