Theme Update/Installation Crash

Sometimes theme installation and updates might crash WordPress admin due to conflicts between plugins or WordPress core. If you can't login to WordPress admin after a theme installation or update, follow this tutorial to fix it. Basically, you just need to remove it with a FTP software and then re-install the theme with the latest version.

To restore access to WP Admin dashboard:

  • Connect to your server using a FTP software.
  • From the root folder where you installed WordPress, go to 'wp-content > themes' folder.
  • Download the active theme folder to your computer for backup
  • Delete the active theme folder on the server. This will deactivate the theme and you should be able to access WP Admin.

To re-install again:

  • Download the latest theme ZIP version from the Member Area.
  • Login to WP Admin > go to Plugins and temporary deactivate all plugins.
  • Also, make sure your WordPress is using the latest version.
  • After you deactivate all plugins and ensure WordPress is up-to-date, try to install the theme again in WP Admin > Appearance > Themes > Add New.

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