Auto theme update doesn’t work (UPDATE: issue resolved with Themify Updater plugin)

Logged date: September 16, 2018

Due to a system error, the auto updater on the Themify panel is not working at the moment. UPDATE: This issue is resolved.

NEW: We have a new plugin, Themify Updater, that can you help you to update all Themify themes and plugins with just your username and license key:

  • Download & install the Themify Updater plugin
  • Login to Member Area > License, copy your license key (if you don’t see your license key, please contact us)
  • Go back to your WP-admin > Dashboard > Themify License (the "Themify License" link is nested inside the "Dashboard" link on the side menu), enter your username and paste in your license key into the inputs provided
  • Now you can auto update all Themify themes and plugins in the following ways:
    • WP-admin > Appearance > Themes = update themes one by one
    • WP-admin > Plugins = update plugins one by one
    • WP-admin > Dashboard > Updates = update all themes and plugins at once
    • It also works with WordPress site management tools such as ManagedWP (as long the Themify Updater plugin is activated on the site with the valid username and active license key)
  • Refer to Themify Updater Documentation for more info