Builder compatibility issues with WP 4.9 release

Logged date: November 22, 2017

There are some known issues with WP 4.9:
- Upload not working after WP update 4.9
- When you click "Text" and then click "Visual" tab, you will see the content in the editor: (those static content should be hidden in the Visual tab)
- Builder static badge doesn't show in backend WP editor:
- If you use Builder to make post content layout, then use Post module to display "excerpt", the Builder doesn't display the static content. It should use the static content in the editor to display as post excerpt (
- Backend Builder save doesn't save Text module (ie. when you re-edit the text module, it doesn't save the modifications). The workaround for this problem is to use the frontend Builder.

All above issues resolved in Framework 3.3.4 (view changelogs here: