Themify Themes come with powerful widgets designed to easily display content, either within WordPress or from other social streams, without the unnecessary headaches of the integration and implementation of code.

  1. Twitter

    Bring your tweets to life with the Themify Twitter widget, allowing you to easily embed your twitter stream into your WordPress website using your twitter username. Easily control how many tweets, and what is shown.

  2. Flickr

    Embed your Flickr Photo Stream directly into your website using the Themify Flickr widget. Display your latest photos, specific galleries, or even random photos from your entire stream, the choice is yours to make.

  3. Feature Posts

    Easily display the latest posts of any specific category, and customize how it is displayed. Control whether the post title, post date, thumbnail, or excerpt are shown with the Feature Posts widget.

  4. Recent Comments

    Showcase the pulse of conversations happening on your website by displaying the most recent comments, along with the avatar of the commenter, with the Recent Comments widget. Control how many comments and the length of the excerpt of each comment.

  5. List Pages

    The List Pages widget from Themify is the enhanced version of the WordPress widget: control what pages are displayed while also displaying child pages specific to those pages. Best for displaying sub-menus within your website.

  6. List Categories

    Another great Themify widget for displaying menus within your website: specify whether you will display all categories or child categories within specific categories.

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