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Builder Pro is a WordPress theme builder letting you create an entire site by dragging and dropping elements. Customize every template on a site visually: header, footer, post, page, 404, archive, WooCommerce, and more. Designing dynamic WordPress sites without any coding skills has never been this easy!

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Create a Complete Theme

Builder Pro uses the same theme logic as the WordPress core. The templates that you create are associated with a Pro Theme. When you switch the theme, all the associated templates will be activated — with just a snap, you can change the entire site's design completely. Pro themes can be exported/imported from one site to another. So you can design the theme on your end and migrate it to your client's site.

Complete Theme
All Templates

All Templates

Take full control of the entire site from head to toe. Design custom templates that define how WordPress should render the header, footer, posts, pages, search, archives, etc. All done visually with Themify Builder, and without any code.

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Home Page
  • Page
  • 404
  • Search
  • Post Archive
  • Post Single
  • WooCommerce
  • Custom Post Types
WooCommerce Templates

WooCommerce Templates

No more hooks/filters, no more child themes or custom PHP functions. Take full control of your shop and product layouts. Just drop in the WooCommerce modules on the template, configure the options and customize the style. Done!

Display Conditions

Display Conditions

Simple to use, yet extremely powerful. Display conditions allow you to set rules for where templates will display. Conditions can be set on the entire site or on certain posts, pages, and categories. Or include a template on specific pages, but exclude it on certain categories, posts, tags, etc. This provides the flexibility to create unique templates for every single page of the site.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content

Transform static modules into dynamic elements (eg. displaying post's featured image as background, displaying post title with FitText addon, and much more). Pull post meta and custom fields from the database and display them anywhere you want on the templates. It works with all custom fields whether they are created manually with WordPress or added by third party plugins such as ACF, Pods, Toolset, Meta Box, etc.

Predesigned Themes & Templates

Predesigned Themes & Templates

Time is everything. Creating a fully designed theme with Builder Pro is literally done in just a few clicks. Add a new theme, pick a predesigned theme, all associated templates will be automatically imported. Then you can use the imported templates as is or customize it to your liking.

Other Features

  • 100% Responsive

    All content and templates created with the Builder are 100% responsive.

  • Any Theme

    Builder Pro works with any WordPress theme with the Builder Plugin activated.

  • Sticky Header

    Create a sticky header with the sticky scrolling that is built in the Themify Builder.

  • Global Style

    Save any styling as Global Style and re-use it on the entire site.

  • Import/Export

    Easily transfer Pro themes and templates between sites.

  • Pro Modules

    Builder Pro includes 30+ modules to create any templates as you need.

Start Building Custom Themes!

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Builder Pro membership includes Builder Pro + all 24 Builder Addons.

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