Pagespeed Framework (v5) Status

Pagespeed Framework Status

First of all, thanks to those who have updated to the Pagespeed Framework. We've received a a lot of feedback from the release. Since the release on Monday, we've been receiving 400 to 500 tickets every day related to the update. Our team has been working very hard to help everyone resolving every ticket in a timely manner. Since a lot of the tickets are related to the common issues, we would like to send out advice on the best approach to update your Themify themes and plugins.


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Themify Pagespeed (v5) Release – The Fastest Multi-purpose Themes

Themify Pagespeed framework release

Finally, the long-awaited framework update is here. This version (v5) is all about page speed improvements, so we called it the Pagespeed Framework. We initiated the Pagespeed Framework because we saw a common problem, all multi-purpose themes and builders are bloated and slow. So we've decided to solve this issue. In the past 11 months, rather than adding new features on the framework, we put all our effort to make our themes fast and light. It was not an easy task as we had to recode the framework plus the 42+ themes and 25+ addons compatibility. Today we are happy to announce the official release!

Why Does Page Speed Matter?

No one wants to see a slow site. Reports show that slow page load can reduce conversions and increase bounce rates. In other words, if your site is slow, your visitors/customers are likely to exit and move on to your competitors.

Slow page load can also impact your site's SEO as Google uses page load speed and user experience as one of the key ranking factors. If your site relies on search engine traffics, using a fast loading theme is essential. That is why we're committed to make Ultra and Shoppe the fastest multi-purpose themes. Most of our demos now score 90+ on Google Pagespeed Insights without using any additional plugins.

Ultra pagespeed score


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From HTML and CSS to WordPress, How Ramshid Spearheaded His Career With The Help of Themify

Themify WordPress Heroes Ramshid

Bringing back our series of customer stories showcasing and highlighting our clients and their journey towards success, with the help of Themify. For this month’s Customer Story, we read into the journey of Ramshid whose eagerness and determination to find effective solutions in web design made him fall in love with WordPress.

About Me

We meet Ramshid, CEO at OPENTUTOR, a Hub of offline trainers hosting hands-on workshops, training and sessions for students and learners. He is also a Digital Marketing Manager at Fenix Advertising, providing complete advertising and branding solutions for all kinds of businesses.

OPENTUTOR was founded in August of 2018 with an aim at bringing technical skills through WordPress training to students and businesses. All of their WordPress training were done using Themify Ultra which they continue to find success in, for both their trainers and their students.


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Pagespeed Framework: Final Beta and Pre-release Announcement

Pagespeed - Final Beta

We are excited to announce that the long anticipating Pagespeed framework is close to final. We are going through the final round of testing and ironing the fine details. The project has been taking a long time as we have to re-code some components due to Google Pagespeed Insight algorithm changes. After the previous beta release, we were not satisfied with the pagespeed score, so we further enhanced the lazy load feature to get a better score. Now most Ultra and Shoppe demos score over 90 on Google Pagespeed Insights. The time invested was well worth it. We have the final beta version available if you are interested to give it a try. You can see the new versions being used across all live demos. If you spot any errors, please report them to us. If everything goes well, we will release the official version in a week or two. Another newsletter will be sent on the final release. For now, please enjoy our lightning fast demos below.



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Themify Turns a Decade: ThemifyX Anniversary Mega Sale

Themify 10 Anniversary

Themify has officially reached a decade and we couldn’t be more grateful to YOU for making it happen. To celebrate this special occasion, we are offering a mega deal you surely do not want to miss: 40% OFF regular memberships with code ThemifyX and $75 OFF Lifetime Club with code ThemifyXlife

Hurry! This special offer is only valid through August 24, 2020.

This milestone would not have been possible without your support. Thank you for growing with us throughout these years, and sharing all your success stories with us. We hope to start our 11th year bigger and better than before.

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28 Best Popup Design Inspirations For WordPress

Best Popup Design Inspirations

Popups are increasingly becoming one of the most common tools that most website owners are using. Whether you need survey responses, signups, or sales, popups allow you to take control of your audience online. Popups are types of interfaces that would suddenly appear in the foreground, usually in a small boxed window, to display information as the visitor lands or scrolls on a site. This window displays information related to the website and its objective would be to capture the visitor's attention and take control of their next step.

Today, there are many different type of popups, making it challenging and equally important to select the right design for the right purpose. The free Themify Popup plugin provides you with an easy and intuitive way to create all kinds of popups that would cater to your needs. You can display popups based on certain conditions such as time-based, on-site load, scroll-triggered, or exit-intent - all of which can be used to fulfill a certain action on any given site. In this post, we'll look at some of the best recommended designs for WordPress users.


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The Pagespeed Framework is finally here. Boost your site's SEO now by upgrading to a Themify theme.