Developing a Professional-looking, Personalized site with Themify

It's been awhile since we last published a customer story. What better way to kick off our first story of the year, than to showcase one of our favourite site: Featuring none other than Sylvie Adams herself - a visual artist who, through Themify, was able to create a professional-looking, personalized site.

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The journey to finding my dream company

Hello, I'm Sylvie Adams and I'm a visual artist based in Montreal, Canada. I do contemporary abstract paintings and in 2008, I felt the need to have my own website to present and showcase my work. Having previously worked as a designer, I put a lot of attention to details. I knew I wanted something very personal, customizable, and easily updated. But I knew nothing about websites or coding and I was basically on my own. So I started with a website builder at a hosting company. I realized pretty soon how cumbersome it was and dumped it almost right away. After some searching on the net I came upon a company which was having a theme that I liked. It was nice and had some customization, but support was lacking. And with the many updates to WordPress, plugins, and some problems using the theme, I realized that support and ease of customization were one of the most important things for someone like me, who was doing all the work by myself. Unsatisfied, I went back to searching the net, where I finally found my dream company: Themify.

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Working with Themify

Working with Themify has been amazing. Not only was their support top notch, but their theme designs were excellent and keeping abreast of the latest tendencies in web design. Their excellent team went above and beyond to help me understand their themes and how to adapt them to my needs. I was able to finally put my vision of a professional-looking, personalized web site with e-commerce functionality in place. I have been with Themify for almost six years now and I have developed a fierce loyalty to them. Not only have they kept up with the quality of their support and beautiful designs but they have further developed tools like the Themify Builder, to simplify the creation of web sites. They are constantly looking to improve their products and the ease of customization is a designer's dream. Having a beautiful web site that adapts to my needs would not have been possible for me without them.

  • Sylvie Adams artworks page
    Masonry Artworks Page

  • Sylvie Adams Events page
    Events Page

Looking Ahead

For the future, I plan to keep the Flatshop theme as I love the fact that it already has ecommerce capacities that I can use with ease, if I require it. I also plan to keep abreast of trends in web design and incorporate some of them in my site to keep it looking fresh and actual. With the ease of customizing layouts with the Builder, it actually has become fun to do.

- Sylview Adams

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New BG Video Slider Addon!

teaser image of the BG Video Slider Builder Addon

Display multiple videos as row background with the BG Video Slider! Similar to the row background slider, this addon will appear as an additional background option as you edit the rows. It is perfect when you want to showcase multiple videos about your products, services, or events! It can also help speed up page load speed as you display large videos, it does this by buffering the videos first as it plays. Here's a sample usage case: Let's say an average 10 second video is about 2mb, then a 30 second video is about 6mb. With this addon, you can split the large video into 3 separate videos and the page will load the initial video first, then buffer the next video as it plays — this can increase page load speed by up to 60%.

In addition, it also comes features that allows you to auto play the videos, showcase the progress bar, or mute the audio. There are also video controls that appear, on hover, allowing you to play/pause and toggle next/previous videos. This is perfect when you have various video clips that you'd like to showcase on your site!

View our demo page and see the BG Video Slider Addon in action!

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Themify & Builder Update with WordPress 4.5!

In the WordPress 4.5 release, WordPress made significant changes and updated the core jQuery library. This caused many issues with various WordPress themes and plugins in the industry that were dependent on jQuery. Realizing this, our development team took immediate action, making sure that all Themify themes and the Builder plugin are compatible with the latest WordPress update. Thanks to the hard-work of our dev team, we were able to release a new update on the same day that the WordPress 4.5 was released. Aside from making sure all Themify themes/plugins runs smoothly with WP 4.5, we also included multiple bug fixes, and an improved user experience when using the Builder by making the Builder lightbox load faster. It is now safe to update your WordPress and our themes/Builder to the latest version.

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Save Big with the April Super Saver!

April Sale promotion

For 1 week only, we're giving all of you a chance to save big with our April Super Saver promotion! Starting it off with a 30% discount on all purchases (excluding Lifetime Master Club). Just use the coupon code SAVE30 and you'll save 30% off all themes, plugins, addons, and regular Club memberships.

In addition to the awesome sale, we're also giving a $50 discount for the Lifetime Master Club — use coupon code SAVE50 to get lifetime access to all Themify products for only $349!

This promotion ends on April 18, 2016 @ 11:59pm EST. Don't miss out and start saving!

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New Builder Community

Builder Community Layouts page

Download and share Builder layouts by other Themify users!

A couple of weeks ago, we had an open call for submissions, asking all Themify users to submit their Builder layouts. We were very excited to receive a great response! This allowed us to kick off our initial launch, with 15 hand-picked layouts that are now featured on our Builder Community. Get featured next by submitting your Builder layouts!

First 15 Featured Layouts!

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Parallax Redesign

preview image of the newly redesigned Parallax theme

Introducing a fresh new look to one of our most downloaded theme - Parallax! Transforming it with a new modern design, we've updated it with a bold new typography, eye-catching color schemes, new image filters, and an animated navigation styling. But even with the redesign, the Parallax theme still stays true to the feature that made it popular - parallax scrolling. The new update showcases beautiful background images with the parallax scrolling effect all throughout various page layouts. In addition, it now also utilizes recently added Builder features, such as color overlays, to make your content stand-out even more. This redesign, ensures smooth transition as you scroll through your page all the way from the top to the bottom. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this beautifully redesigned Parallax theme now!

View Demo Buy Theme

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