New Infinite Posts Builder Addon

Infinite Posts Builder Addon

Create a smooth flow when reading your posts with the Infinite Posts Addon. A new addition to the Themify Builder addon, you can now query all your posts in a continuous infinite scrolling effect as users read your posts. This addon also comes with four layouts (parallax, list, grid, and overlay), allowing you to showcase posts in various formats. Aside from the infinite scrolling feature, we've included the option of adding a "Load More" button, or pagination. The layouts also comes with cool features such as parallax scrolling, masonry post layouts, and overlay. All these features give you the flexibility to choose how you want to showcase your posts. Check out our Inifinite Posts' demo page to see all the layouts, styling, and features that comes packed with this awesome addon.

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Our Go-To WordPress Theme for Clients – Themify!

We're back with another customer story and this time we're highlighting a web agency called Simplified Solutions. They'll share with us how they were able to utilize various Themify themes/plugins when building creative and strategic sites for their clients.

feaatured image of Simplified Solutions

About Us

Hi, We’re Bill Kamper and Monika Arturi, Creative Director & Lead Designer at Simplified Solutions based in downtown Chicago, IL. Simplified Solutions is a Digital Marketing and Web Design Agency, where the main focus is mostly B2B for professional services. We’ve built over 100 websites for clients since 2002, and we believe brand and marketing can be threaded together by great design. What sets us apart is content, and strategy.

homepage of simplified solutions

Discovering Themify

With the popularity of WordPress came along many options for WordPress themes. Having built custom themes for WordPress ourselves, we knew that an admin interface that’s user-friendly was very important to our clients. Over the years, we’ve worked with other themes authored by WooThemes, Avada, Mojo and many others. We found that while they all had some good parts, as a whole, they weren’t meeting our clients' needs. Themify’s drag and drop Builder, and a growing library of plugins, stood out. As designers, we could build a very customizable website for clients that they can then manage their content easily within that design.

Working with Themify

We introduced Themify to our clients a couple of years ago to offer a more robust CMS with better, and more user friendly features, than other WordPress admins out there. We’ve used Themify for several of our clients and have had a really positive experience both with the theme and their support team as well. Themify also bundles popular features like galleries, sliders, and text blocks in their themes, which helps to avoid compatibility issues. When we’re not building a custom CMS or admin interface, Themify enables us to give the client features and control. When the client manages the content, it’s important that they can be easily trained on a platform and that they enjoy the process. Themify allows the client to do more that just copy and paste text - it allows them to create layouts too!

Our Work

  • reality check screenshot Project: Reality Check Base Theme: Ultra
  • Meritus Home Builders screenshot Project: Meritus Home Builders Base Theme: Ultra
  • HNC Support International screenshot Project: HNC Support International Base Theme: Ultra
  • Exceed Floor & Home screenshot Project: Exceed Floor & home Base Theme: Ultra
  • Better Fetter screenshot Project: Better Fetter Base Theme: Basic
  • Aha Online Qual Platform Project: Aha Online Qual Platform Base Theme: Ultra

As a creative team, the themes are versatile and allows us to create various layouts and looks with the same theme. Right now, Ultra is our favorite. We use a lot of the add-ons and plugins based on the project’s needs; it all works seamlessly. We’ve also never had issues adding in other, third party plugins to their themes.

We’re excited to see what Themify has coming up in the future! 

- Monika Arturi

Share Your Story Now

How have you used Themify for your site? Whether it's for your business site, personal blog or portfolio, we'd love to hear your story and share it with other people! Please contact us.

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Framework Update: Parallax Scrolling, Responsive Styling, and Gradient Editor!

Styling is an integral part of web design. Making sure that we provide you with as much flexibility, and control to customize various aspects of your sites has always been our core focus. And for this framework update, we're placing that front and center, by adding 3 new styling features that'll make your site stand out from the rest! Introducing gradient background, parallax scrolling modules, and responsive styling added to the customize panel.

Gradient Editor

Add a beautiful gradient effect on any row, column, and module with the new gradient editor. The gradient is extremely easy to use which shows live preview on the frontend Builder. You can create linear and radial gradients with multiple color stops. The gradient editor is also available in the row overlay styling which allows you to add a semi-transparent gradient over the background.

Builder Gradient

Module Parallax Scrolling

We have parallax scrolling background for the longest time and it has been a frequently used tool. Now we are adding the parallax scrolling feature to modules and rows. You can create impressive parallax effects by setting different scrolling speed on the rows and modules. This feature comes with the ability for you to overlap one module over another. Creating an amazing floating effect as the viewer scrolls through the page. View this demo page to see it in action.


Customize Panel - Responsive Styling

Inspired from our previous update, Builder Responsive styling, we've now added responsive styling to the Customize panel, making it the most comprehensive Customize panel in the market. Now you can style various theme elements on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Whether you need a simple adjustment (like changing font size and color) or a complete different look & feel for tablet and mobile viewers, it is all possible with Themify theme.

customization panel responsive styling image

Customize Panel - New Look

On top of the cool new features that we've added, we've also enhanced the interface and user experience of the customization panel by grouping elements with sub accordions. Now you can easily navigate and toggle through the option groups, without having to scroll through all options in a long massive panel.

customization panel new subcolumn and new look


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Create a Scroll-to-Next Section Button

featured image

A popular feature that's used by many sites is full height. It's applied on certain sections/rows to create a clean, simple design. However, although it looks nice, this feature requires you to scroll through your site to ensure that your visitors does not miss any information. A technique used to encourage users to continue to scroll, is by adding a scroll-to-next button. This could be an icon, an image, or just a plain arrow down button. We've made this tutorial to showcase how you can create your own scroll-to-next section button on any row on your site using the Themify Builder plugin or any Themify theme. And we're going to replicate how we inserted the arrow down icon on the Simple theme demo as the main example.

Step 1:

  • Visit the page on the frontend, click "Turn On Builder"
  • On the second row, enter the Row Anchor Name (eg. enter "products" as row anchor name)

step 1

Step 2:

  • On the first row, drop in an "Icon" module
    • Select the desired size and Icon Background Style
    • Insert the icon and enter the row anchor link (eg. #products)
    • Optional: click on Animation tab and select a desired animation effect

step 2

More Examples:

Below are some nice showcase sites with full height section incorporated with scroll to next section button.

  • design by atlantis site Project:Design by Atlantis
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • fresh canvas Project: Fresh Canvas
    Base Theme: Landing
  • The Crazy Travel Project: The Crazy Travel
    Base Theme: Infinite
  • Pitch Vantage Project: Pitch Vantage
    Base Theme: Corporate
  • In Mind Project: In Mind
    Base Theme: Ultra

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Switch Today and Get 50% Off at Themify!

featured image for the switch to Themify promotion

There’s no better time than now to switch over to Themify’s huge selection of theme designs. Act now and you can receive a 50% discount simply by providing us both your site URL, and your purchase receipt (screenshot will do) of your site's theme purchased through another vendor. Our team of experts can help you create a similar design to your existing site’s theme, or help setup a fresh new look that will captivate your visitors. Making the switch is easy, and backed with Themify’s initial installation and setup support, we’ll make sure to help you find your perfect theme today.


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Father’s Day Sale/Giveaway: Win a $100 Gift Card + Master Club!

Update: Congratulations to Natasha Lamoreux, winner of our $100 iTunes/Google gift card giveaway!

Father's Day giveaway promo image

30% Sale + $50 Off Lifetime Club

We're celebrating Father's Day early, by giving everyone 30% off all Themify purchases using coupon code: SUPERDAD. This applies to all themes, addons, plugins, and even Club memberships (excluding the Lifetime Master Club). For Lifetime Club, we're also giving a $50 discount (use coupon code: COOLDAD).


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Special: Builder plugin $29 and all Themify themes starting $39 + one free bonus theme.