Pop Artist, Shawn Don, Shares How He Builds His Own Site

In this month's Customer Story series, we have the interesting story of a pop artist turned self web-creator. Read on to see how he turned to Themify’s Music theme for an easy and completely customizable site for his musical career.

About Me

My name is Shawn Don. I'm a musician and actor, and have starred in various television series that have aired on ABC, MTV, WeTV, and Freeform. I'm also a bachelor on the current season of Millionaire Matchmaker. I’ve worked with major artists like John Legend, DJ Mustard, and Lil Wayne, including a single called ‘Leave Your Mind’ featuring Snoop Dogg.


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Supercharge Mobile Navigation with Ultra & Shoppe Theme

Mobile Navigation Menu

Demo Ultra Shoppe

Mobile usage has overtaken desktop web use last year, which means that a site’s mobile interface is especially important. Configuring the perfect mobile menu button, or burger menu button as some call it, is the next step in perfecting what your site looks like on a phone or tablet.

We’ve added a variety of mobile menu styles in Ultra and Shoppe. Users can now select a particular mobile menu style for any and each page. From fade overlays, to flips, or zooms, you can easily choose how your menu drops down.

View the demo now or go straight to customizing and playing around with the various options by updating to the latest version today.

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How To Migrate A WordPress Website From Localhost To Live Server

How To Migrate WordPress to Live Server

Today on our tutorial series, we'll be showing you how to migrate a WordPress site from a localhost to a live server. If you haven't already installed WordPress locally, read our "Installing WordPress on Local Computer (localhost) for PC" tutorial for more.

Having a WordPress server on your computer provides a great option to test out a theme or plugin in a safe environment before adding it to a live server. Many developers actually use this method to work with a new WordPress project because it allows them to manipulate and change the site safely.

It may seem more efficient to work on the live website but with a local server there is no downtime for the website, so the business can remain up and running as you implement all the changes you'd like. Also, it helps on the backend that your client would not see the changes being made and get concerned about the progression of the website's development before you're even finished.

There are 2 main methods we can use to migrate your website from the comfy local server to the live WordPress environment:


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How To Fix WordPress Theme’s Uploaded File Exceeds Max Filesize Error

PHP Editor Tab

Sorry for the lengthy title. But if you've clicked this post, you know exactly which issue you'll be fixing in this quick edition of our tutorial series.

For a brief explanation, during a plugin or theme installation process, there can be an error which states that you have exceeded the max upload file size allowed on WordPress. However, the good news is that this is not an end-of-the-road issue as we can use a few methods to increase the max file upload size alloted. (more…)

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New Portfolio Skin for Freelancers, Designers, and Developers!

Ultra Portfolio Skin Themify Ultra

Demo Buy Ultra

After successfully launching our latest skin for Themify Shoppe, we’ve been busy preparing anotha’ one for all the Themify Ultra lovers out there. We’re excited to announce our newest Ultra Portfolio Skin created in mind with freelance designers, developers, and professionals alike.

If you’re looking to easily build a site using a template that is completely customizable and aesthetically minded, look no further. Using big font elements and an overlapping style, the site is dynamic, eye catching, and perfect for showing off your professional prowess. This site is best suited for freelancers looking to showcase their talent using clean and minimal lines.

We’re adding the Ultra Portfolio Skin to our roster of 12 existing skins for the Ultra theme. This includes the eCommerce, Wedding, Photography, Agency, and App skins, so you can easily change up your sites with your changing ventures!

Try the Ultra theme today, along with it’s 13 bonus skins, for just $49 and custom create just about any website in the same day.

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How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Site With WooCommerce

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Sites With Woocommerce Plugin

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Many of you may have heard the term before but what exactly is affiliate marketing and how do you make money from it? To put it simply, affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting someone else's products. For example, if you promote a link to purchase another company's product through your website, and someone purchases the item through that link, you get a percentage of the sale. Pretty simple, right? The best part is that anyone can do it!

In this edition of our tutorial series, we will go over how you can create an Amazon affiliate website using WordPress and Woocommerce. (more…)

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