New Themify Tutorial Video Series!

Themify Builder Basics Image

A tutorial video series has been in the works for some time, and after honing and tweaking our Builder (as well as our video editing abilities), we are excited to introduce you to them!

Our brief tutorial videos are a perfect starting point if you need a crash course on how to use the Themify Builder. The videos feature the latest version the Builder (Version 4) and set you up to successfully start creating and finalizing your dream website.

Our Themify Tutorial Video Series so far include:

  • Builder Basics: Begin with the basics! Learn to add a module, row, and column, learn about Builder Layouts & Builder Rows, learn shortcuts, and complete Undo/Redo actions.
  • Responsive Styling: Learn how to setup tablet or mobile layouts.
  • Revisions: Learn how to save layouts as you edit with the Builder.
  • Builder Library: Learn how to save a module/row and reuse it, and learn to save as Layout Part and live edit it.
  • Scroll To Row: Learn how to make a single page menu.
  • Row/Column Frame: Learn how to decorate your row/column.

Even for our more seasoned members, these videos might inspire you and remind you of some basics you may have forgotten. Note: The video showcases the latest Builder version 4, which is going to be released very soon!

We’d love to hear your feedback and comments on our series. Please feel free to leave a note below, and let us know what you’d like to see more of!

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Themify Review Free Offer! Get a FREE Master Club when you review us.

Themify Review Free Master Club Offer

We believe that word of mouth and genuine reviews are the best form of advertisement. Now, when you write a review about Themify, you will be eligible to receive a FREE Master Club!

Whether you’ve been using Themify for years, or thinking about trying us out for the first time, we’d love to hear your thoughts about us in the form of an online review. Eligible reviews include product reviews on either the Ultra Theme or Themify Builder.

Please keep in mind that you must write a full review! Tell us what you like, don’t like, and any additional suggestions you have. We prefer detailed explanations specifically about design, the installation process, the technical specs, the usage, and any other aspects you’d like to include.

If the calibre of your review is high, we would love to share and promote your post!

Note: Reviews need to be posted on your blog. Then send us the link of your review through the contact form below to become eligible for the free Master Club membership.

Please submit your review using the submission form below.
(Ensure all fields are filled out. Don’t forget your name and site URL.)

Enter Submission URL (Required)

Your Name (required)

Your Email Address (required)


Users will write a review about either the Ultra Theme or Themify Builder, and will be eligible to receive a free Master Club in return. The following guidelines must be followed to be eligible:

  • Users must have a live WordPress website with active content.
  • The website must not contain adult content, or any content that is associated with illegal activities.
  • Your blog must have actual content, no spam or stolen content, and have a history of blog posts.
  • If the reviewer fails to publish the review, we'll revoke the free Master Club membership.
  • We reserve the right to reject any entries.

As long as the entry qualifies the above rules, you will be eligible to receive a Free Master Club for 1 year!

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Google Map Pricing Change

Google Map Pricing Change

Google Maps has recently discontinued their free map embedding service and is now moving to a payment structure. Effective July 16, 2018, Google Maps will start charging people for embedding google maps on their site, using a pay-per-view service. To understand this new pricing model, we encourage you to view their pricing announcement.

As their new payment structure rolls out, they are offering a free $200 credit each month toward your usage. Signing up for an account does require billing information and a credit card, however it is not known how long this credit will be offered.

However, if you are a nonprofit, crisis response, startup, or new media organization, you could apply to receive additional grants pending eligibility.

How to fix the "Opps! Something went wrong." error

Google Map API error

If you ever see "Oops! Something went wrong" error on your map, it is likely related to the Google Map API key.

To fix this, make sure you have the following done:

  • Generate a Google Map API key and insert it in the setting page (if you are using Themify theme, the Google Map API setting is at Themify panel > Settings > Google Map).
  • Attach a credit card on your Google account for billing purpose (even if Google offers $200 credit every month, but they still require a credit card in the account profile).
  • Try to re-generate a new API key if the above are done.

For any additional details, we recommend reading their pricing platform thoroughly. Feel free to leave us a question below as well.

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Fast-Track Your Perfect Website – 34 New Predesigned Rows!

34+ New Predesigned Rows

After the massive layout release last month and it’s surge in popularity, we are announcing a new release of 34+ more predesigned rows.

Predesigned rows are the perfect feature for mixing and matching various sections on your website to create the easiest custom website. You can basically drop each row of your choice, from header to footer, into place, change the content, and you’re done!


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Sneak Peak: Builder v4

We're now in the final stages of testing and development of our new Builder v4! We're so excited about this new update that we decided to make a sneak peak video demo that showcases some of the cool new features! (more…)

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Portfolio Post Plugin Now Available Free on WordPress

Portfolio Post plugin

We didn’t realize how popular our free plugin for Portfolio Posts would become, and now we're announcing that it's available on WordPress. (more…)

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Builder V4 is coming soon. Try out the free Beta Version now!