New Builder Copy & Paste Feature


Copy & Paste

Save time designing your Builder layouts with the new copy & paste feature! Now you can replicate modules, rows, and sub-rows on any page, or transfer it from one site to another. The newly redesigned Builder interface, creates a simple interface that allows you to quickly copy & paste with a single click on the action icon.

Import & Export

In addition to the copy & paste icons, you'll also see a new import & export icon that allow you to transfer data from one computer to another. This is great for users who want to transfer data from one site to another, or share Builder layout data to their clients (eg. email layout pieces to clients).

NOTE: The copy/paste and import/export features are only available on Builder frontend edit mode.

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8 Beautifully Designed Fashion Blogs Powered by Themify

Are you a fashion blogger? Or aspiring to be one? We're seeing a growing trend with many of users who're starting to design fashion focused blogs. Many of these site are beautifully designed, have a minimalist layout, and is heavily integrated with social media. With the hope of inspiring all of you aspiring to start your own fashion blog, we've decided to share 8 of our favourite fashion blogs powered by Themify.

Natasha Oakley Blog

Base Theme: Elemin

This site features the fashion and lifestyle blog of Natasha Oakley. Made because of her ever-growing social media following, this site showcases a simple yet elegant style. Using the Elemin theme as her base theme, she uses a plain white background so that her images and text are always the main focus of her users.

The Blog of One Balgarka

Base Theme: Responz

This proud Bulgarian fashion and lifestyle blogger/entrepreneur, creates a beautiful site that uses the Responz theme. The site uses a product slider at the top of the home page to feature all products found on her blog, and a 3 column layouts where users can easily see her featured posts, and social links.


Base Theme: Elemin

A life & style blog by Natasha Kotto. She showcases her travels and good eats through her blog. Using the Elemin theme, she captures our attention with amazing images and typography. She creates a clean design with her white background and header design.

Kier Couture

Base Theme: Parallax

Kier Mellour provides readers with her fashion insights through her blog and video vlogs. Her site, built with the Parallax theme, utilizes the parallax scrolling feature to separate each row and beautifully display various content of her site. This allows her to display all her content on her homepage without making it look cluttered.

Fashionably Lo

Base Theme: Agency

Building a creative outlet for all her favourite fashion finds and personal style, Lauren Price creates a simple yet elegant designed site. Using the Agency theme, She inserts links to image modules, and displays them as a category menu to allow readers to easily filter content that's only relevant to their interest.

Styled by Kasey

Base Theme: Elegant

Stylist, blogger, and fashion philanthropist, Kasey uses one of our favourite blogger themes - Elegant to display her beautiful images. With the Elegant theme query post feature, she is able to display her post content on any page she wants. Also, with the themes page layouts feature she is able to create her own sidebar layout, allowing her to display her social widgets and personal welcome message.

The Style Gallivanter

Base Theme: Elegant

This Australian Fashion Blog showcases Miranda's style and her own personal expression. Powered by our Elegant theme, this fashion blog utilizes the clean theme layout design to display it's high quality, eye-catching images. She also uses the Slider module, blog post display feature, to link her post to her homepage slider.

Katie Jane Collins

Base Theme: Elegant

Simple, clean, and elegant. Katie designs her fashion and lifestyle blog with a minimalist design, that's simple yet visually appealing. Using various column layouts and gutter spacing, her site is able to showcase popular galleries categories and content for her readers. 

This concludes our fashion blogs roundup. We know we missed a lot of other beautiful Themify powered site. If you know any other sites with a Themify powered fashion blog, feel free to send it to us through our contact page, we'd love to feature it on our next post. Also, let us know which one's your favourite by commenting below.

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Free Themify Shortcodes Plugin!


Use 16 Themify shortcodes with the free Themify Shortcodes Plugin.  We've taken all the same shortcodes available in our Themify themes, and placed it into this plugin to give everyone the ability to use it with any third-party WordPress theme. This plugin also comes with a shortcode generator on the text editor, allowing you to easily insert shortcodes without having to manually type it and its parameters. (more…)

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Dianta Weeda – Doing My Dream Job with Themify

Meet Dianta Weeda, a blogger-turned-web designer, thanks to Themify! She is the latest addition to our Themify Customer Story series. Read how she was able to find her dream job through Themify, and how she utilized the framework customization features to create beatiful sites for her clients. Read her story below.


The Beginning - Failure leading to Success

Right out of school I started my own little shop in women clothing. Unfortunately the shop didn’t bring me the success I hoped for. I needed to close and perceive a different carrier. But what to do when you already had a dream job? I gave myself a year to do whatever I liked, and I started blogging about creative entrepreneurs ( I combined creative writing, photography and the challenges of entrepreneurship. (more…)

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Build ‘The Guardian’ Design with Themify Flow


Made by Themify Flow guru, Michael Oglesby, this tutorial shows how to replicate the popular UK newspaper site, The Guardian, with the Themify Flow. Through the Flow framework he was able to recreate the 3 menu header layout, post category sections, and even the 4 column menu footer layout. We are very impressed with his work, and he was kind enough to share with us how he was able to do this by writing a guest post on Themify Flow Blog.

Newspaper Pro

Michael also created a more advanced version of the theme called Newspaper Pro and built an awesome demo with some additional plugins such as the Themify Builder, Today's Date Inserter, and Menu Image, to better replicate The Guardian site.

View Tutorial View Demo

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New Split Theme + Builder Column Styling

At Themify, we've worked hard to create themes that are right for you. Today, we're very excited to release the newest addition to our arsenal of WordPress themes: Split, which is also being released with our new Builder feature, called Column Styling.

Split Theme

Split is a fully responsive WordPress theme that's built with a split scrolling feature, allowing you to create a cool splitting effect as you scroll from one row to the next. We've built this feature to allow you to display any content (full-width video, image, text) on any row of your site, without losing the split scrolling effect. Split also comes with a pair of post layouts, no sidebar (half page) and sidebar (fullwidth feature image), that allows you to change the way you display your portfolio or blog posts. In addition, we've packed these themes with 9 different colored skins, 8 sample page layouts, header and footer visibility options, infinite scroll, and a masonry layout.

Builder Column Styling

In addition to the release of our newest theme, Split, we're also releasing a powerful new Builder feature called Column Styling. This new feature gives you full control with the style of each column. You can customize the background type (solid color, image, slider, or video), font, padding, overlay, border, and margin of each column on each row on your site. We've built the Split theme to work hand-in-hand with the new Builder Column Styling feature. You'll see how we were able to to apply this new feature with the 8 sample page layouts that we've created and packed into Split.

Split Demo Download Split

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