Builder Plugin V4.5 Beta Release

Themify Builder Plugin V4.5 Beta Version Available

We recently announced the release of the Builder 4.5 Beta Version, and now we've got the Builder Plugin 4.5 Beta as a standalone plugin for you all! (This beta version of our new Builder plugin is only for use on non-Themify themes. If you'd like to test out the Builder 4.5 Beta on a Themify theme, please follow the guide in the original Beta pre-release announcement).

In this latest version, we basically re-coded the entire Builder core to now use Javascript for a better and faster user experience. Along with these performance enhancements, we've added many new and exciting Builder features! We've left the full details on our original announcement so you can read that there. Continue below for a brief roundup and a friendly disclaimer before you install the Builder Plugin Beta!


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90K Celebration Sale + Giveaway!

Themify Sale and Giveaway 90k Users Celebration Sale WordPress

Shop Sale

We’ve hit over 90,000 users (90,827 to be exact…)! So we’re celebrating with a sale and a giveaway to 4 lucky winners. We’d like to take this time to thank every single one of our members for your support, for telling your coworkers and friends about us, and for leaving the most radiant reviews on our Facebook page.

We’re looking forward to launching our About Us page soon, so we can share a little more about ourselves and the team. Thank you again for allowing us to do what we enjoy. We look forward to seeing you on the other side of our Support Forum and emails!


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How to Add a Page Break

Themify Tutorial How To Add a Page Break WordPress Themes


We’ve been receiving more requests for simple, foundational tutorials. So why not add ‘Page Breaks’ to your growing arsenal of WordPress tools and techniques? It’s one of the easiest ways you can easily boost your site’s page views and increase your page loading speeds.

The page break feature is incredible handy for editorial or listicle sites, including news or magazine sites, with lengthy articles and a lot of text. It allows you to break up a long page into multiple reader-friendly pages. This creates faster page flow, quicker loading speeds, and helps distribute the weight of your content.


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How to Make a Sticky Scrolling Layout

Themify Tutorial How to Make a Sticky Scrolling Layout

Sticky scrolling is a cool way to grab a reader’s attention as it makes your web page feel animated with various elements sticking to the forefront, then disappearing. It hasn’t yet been a year since we’ve launched the Builder’s sticky scrolling, but we’ve been receiving great feedback on it, and have noticed parallax layout sites having a bit of a resurgence as well.

To see what goes into creating a sticky scrolling layout, we’ll be breaking it all down and explaining it to you in this foundational tutorial. Take a look at the Sticky Scrolling demo below to see it in action.


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How to Boost Your Productivity

How to Boost Your Productivity Self Care Tutorial Themify

How many times do we plan to tackle chores, errands, or tasks during the workweek, only to come home and push our priorities to the side? Sometimes we long to just be horizontal in bed, and other times we end up detailing some inoffensive object like a shoe or pantry.

Whether you seem to be productive or not, you’re still sidelining an important task, for something that might not be. So why are we prone to procrastination? And why do we still succumb to it even when we know it will hurt us in the end?


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How to Create SEO Optimized Images

Themify Tutorial How to Create SEO Optimized Images on WordPress

We’re excited to be sharing a new tutorial from a guest, Dr. Arnold Robinson III. We’ve previously featured him in a Customer Story, and as a Digital Marketing professor and expert, he's a great resource we can all learn from. For this tutorial, we’ll be learning how to optimize your photos for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes.

This is important because search engines, like Google, use the keywords you include on a blog post to find and rank your content on the internet. If you optimize your site for better SEO, you will be ranked higher, and receive more organic traffic from search engines. More traffic to your site means more visitors reading your content, and could result in more sales or advertisement profits.


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