Themify Turns a Decade: ThemifyX Anniversary Mega Sale

Themify 10 Anniversary

Themify has officially reached a decade and we couldn’t be more grateful to YOU for making it happen. To celebrate this special occasion, we are offering a mega deal you surely do not want to miss: 40% OFF regular memberships with code ThemifyX and $75 OFF Lifetime Club with code ThemifyXlife

Hurry! This special offer is only valid through August 24, 2020.

This milestone would not have been possible without your support. Thank you for growing with us throughout these years, and sharing all your success stories with us. We hope to start our 11th year bigger and better than before.

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28 Best Popup Design Inspirations For WordPress

Best Popup Design Inspirations

Popups are increasingly becoming one of the most common tools that most website owners are using. Whether you need survey responses, signups, or sales, popups allow you to take control of your audience online. Popups are types of interfaces that would suddenly appear in the foreground, usually in a small boxed window, to display information as the visitor lands or scrolls on a site. This window displays information related to the website and its objective would be to capture the visitor's attention and take control of their next step.

Today, there are many different type of popups, making it challenging and equally important to select the right design for the right purpose. The free Themify Popup plugin provides you with an easy and intuitive way to create all kinds of popups that would cater to your needs. You can display popups based on certain conditions such as time-based, on-site load, scroll-triggered, or exit-intent - all of which can be used to fulfill a certain action on any given site. In this post, we'll look at some of the best recommended designs for WordPress users.


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Pagespeed Framework Update & New Beta

Ultra & Shoppe Pagespeed Beta

We would like to update you on the Pagespeed framework that was announced a few months ago. There has been a long delay because Google Pagespeed Insights changed their metrics when we were close to completion. So we ended up re-coding a lot of stuff to comply with the new metrics. Before, Google just evaluated the page size, HTTP requests, scripts, code practices, etc., but now they also audit user experience as part of the pagespeed score. They implemented some new metrics such as Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) to determine how user friendly your page is rendered on user's screen. For example, if you have a large element (whether it is a text, image, video, map, or slider) that takes a long time to load, it will trigger a long LCP. Or if you have an element that causes layout shift during page render (eg. inline popup, ad, social embeds, etc.), it will trigger the CLS issue. The long loading LCP and CLS will result in lower pagespeed score. For more information, read Google's Web Vitals.

The new changes have made it harder to score 95+ on Google Pagespeed Insights for everyone (including our new framework). If you refer to our previous post, the demos used to score 97 to 99 but are now down to 90 to 92 due to the new changes. The good news is we've tackled the new metrics pretty well. Most demos (even with heavy content) can still score 90 and up. In this post, we will share the Ultra and Shoppe beta version and show a few pagespeed comparisions between the old vs new version.


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Six More New Builder Pro Themes + 30% OFF

6 new Builder Pro themes

We hope you enjoyed the previous batch of Builder Pro themes we released 2 weeks ago. Today we are releasing another 6 new Pro themes for Builder Pro. With the new additions, we have a total 16 Pro themes with demo content. In case you are wondering how Pro themes work, we've recorded a short video tutorial. The process of importing a Pro theme is relatively simple and quick. You just need to create a new theme, select the theme demo and click import. It will then import the theme and the associated templates and demo content. Within a minute, you can replicate your site exactly like our demo. Then you can edit the templates and content as you like.

Theme Demos

Below are the new Pro themes released in this batch:

30% OFF Everything

If you're interested in the Builder Pro, we recommend the Master Club as it includes all themes, plugins and addons. We are offering a 30% discount until the end of July 2020. Use PROTHEMES coupon code to take 30% off everything on Themify (including Lifetime Club). As a reminder, we do have a 30-day refund policy. Feel free to give it a try. If you don't like it, simply ask for a full refund.

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How to Create a Movie Review Site With Builder Pro and PTB

How to Create a Movie Review Site

In our last tutorial we recorded a video on how to create a dynamic property site with Builder Pro and Pods plugin. To demonstrate that Builder Pro is compatible with all major custom post type plugins, we are writing another tutorial on creating a movie review site with Builder Pro and the Post Type Builder (PTB) plugin (view final demo). Builder Pro has full integration with PTB. That means whatever post types and custom fields you create with PTB, you can use Builder Pro to create the templates for them. In this tutorial, we will cover every step on creating custom post type, custom fields, taxonomies, and custom templates. You will learn how to create a complete custom movie review site from scratch with dynamic content.

View Demo


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Six New Builder Pro Themes

6 new Builder Pro themes

Today we are happy to announce 6 new Builder Pro themes that are available for import. These Pro themes were originally released as skins in Ultra and Shoppe. We recently converted them into Builder Pro themes so you can use them with any theme. Using Builder Pro, you can quickly import the theme along with the optional demo content and then customize the templates (header, footer, post/page templates, etc.) without any coding. We will be converting more skins into Builder Pro themes. Let us know if there are skins you would like to be available for the Builder Pro. Click the list below to see the demo of the new Pro themes.

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