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How I Built A Reputation For The Fastest Website Creation – Joseph Abraham

We wanted to share with you another installment of our Customer
Story series. We love hearing just how far Themify can take a web
designer or an entrepreneur. In this case, Joseph Abraham is both! With
the high demands of a website for just about every business these days,
Joseph has been delivering with speed and efficiency using Themify's
many themes and page Builder. Read more for how he stays ahead of the pack when it comes to web designing!

Joseph profile image

The Beginning Stages & Struggles

My name is Joseph Abraham. I have been making websites
professionally for over 15 years. I used to make custom flat file CMS
websites for my clients. At the time, I felt WordPress was too
difficult for my clients to maintain on their own and most of my
clients could not afford to pay me a retainer for maintenance. When I
wanted to give websites more unique functions, I would eventually
migrate back to WordPress. Back then, the WordPress landscape was like
the Wild West. Custom themes were unpredictable. Default themes left
fewer options.

Building Websites & My Reputation With Themify

About four years ago, I heard about Themify through my favorite blog
(Web Designer Wall). All of the design and development aspects I had
been religiously following through Web Designer Wall were already built
into WordPress themes. Currently, Themify is my first choice for all of
my projects. The speed at which I can create a site with Themify is
unparalleled. I am known among the local WordPress community for having
the fastest work output. With Themify I can literally import a layout
on a site I built years earlier or I can just fill out one of their
demo pages.

techie design Screenshot
Project: Techie Design
Base Theme: Ultra

Pushing The Envelope Further

The themes are beautiful and responsive if left alone, but if you
have some CSS prowess you can take it as far as you like. Many
businesses just need something fast, and Themify serves this end.
Themify also does a great job at continually implementing current and
new technologies into their themes. In regards to their support, I have
hit them with some difficult requests and there was always a
resolution. Themify is very responsive to answer my questions so long
as I give them a bit of time. Some of my sites include functionalities
that other businesses have paid 20 times as much for. Furthermore, with
the Themify Builder, my clients are able to maintain their sites
themselves and even create new pages and posts on their own.

My Work Using Themify

  • Jamie English Screenshot
    Project: Jamie English
    Base Theme: Ultra

  • Atlas Clean Energy screenshot
    Project: Atlas Clean Energy
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • Janey Makes Play screenshot
    Project: Janey Makes Play
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • Meatmen Screenshot
    Project: Meatmen
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • Steal and Escape Screenshot
    Project: Steal and Escape
    Base Theme: Shoppe
  • Spice Luxe Screenshot
    Project: SpiceLuxe
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • Crossfit Upcountry Maui Screenshot
    Project: Crossfit Upcountry Maui
    Base Theme: Float
  • Jarel Paguio Screenshot
    Project: Jarel Paguio
    Base Theme: Float
  • Kara Ryska Screenshot
    Project: Kara Ryska Life Coaching
    Base Theme: Float
  • Web Design Critique Screenshot
    Project: Web Design Critique
    Base Theme: Landing
  • It's Raw Poke Shop Screenshot
    Project: It's Raw Poke Shop
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • The Young Wild Screenshot
    Project: The Young Wild
    Base Theme: Ultra

A Designer's Honest Recommendation

In my honest opinion, the Ultra theme is the most useful theme in
existence. All of the other Themify themes tend to focus on specific
web design styles and business types, which is great. In regards to
plugins, many of their plugins are the best of their kind. Many times I
use the builder when fixing someone's existing site and the Themify
builder is a great alternative to Microsoft's Visual Composer. I will
always be thankful to Themify for helping me to build my own business.

- Joseph Abraham

Share Your Story Now! How have you used Themify for your site?
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How I Travel The World By Working Remotely with Themify – Veronika Subrtova

Welcome back to another instalment of our Customer Stories series. Today, we'd like to share the unlikely story of Veronika. Most web designers get their start on the technical side of things, be it graphic designing or web developing. But Veronika on the other hand got her start in designing as a necessity to get her own lifestyle and travel blog off the ground. Enter in Themify and the customers started pouring in. Read more to see just how she manages a work life balance.

Veronika profile image

A Little About Me

I call myself travel & online girl, sometimes it's hard to explain in one sentence what I do, but basically I am a digital nomad and travel blogger. I have a blog about travelling, talking to a Czech audience about my adventures, as well as urbex, zero waste and my lifestyle. The other part of my life is to do the best for my clients in the online world. It includes helping them communicate online through social media, preparing newsletters for them, planning fun stuff like online contests etc. It goes with the other part of my service, which is building websites for them. They are mostly websites about their business or project. Finally, I also love to offer video making services.

Needing to Find Work Online

I worked in a PR agency and studied university. After I decided to move to another country with my boyfriend I had to figure out what I would like to do. I knew I wanted to share my story, my adventures, and my new life, so I began to work as a freelancer online at the same time I decided to build my own blog.

I never produced any of my websites from scratch. I started using WordPress right off the bat as my intial goal was to be a blogger. I used some other themes for a short period. However, I eventually picked Themify. I remember I discovered Themify through some online course on YouTube. The guy showed me in like 3 hours how to build websites using Themify and I loved it. I loved to learn new things and this was it.

Building Websites Using Themify

I started using Themify to build my blog page about travelling. It was a pretty challenging time because I quit my masters studies, my job in Public Relations and I moved with my boyfriend to a different country. I found that I can build really good looking websites by myself, but I just needed some time to figure it out. I have a sense for design, so it was really about the technical aspect. I do not have a problem with that now. I also liked the way I could ask the Themify support team about anything and they would answer my questions in a short time to help me solve the problem.

At Last! Creating My Lifestyle Blog

Weefs World Screenshot
Project: By Weef
Base Theme: Ultra

So I spent days and hours learing how to do build sites in the best way. And I launched my travel & lifestyle blog in January - I spent 3 months finding the best way that works for me and for my audience. And after that, I really got into building new websites. I decided to keep it going and I tried to do the same thing for somebody else using Themify's themes. It worked! People loved their websites, how I created them, how I care for my clients, and also my sense for design. Now I am not only travelling, making videos, working online as a social media manager, but I also make websites for new clients. Sometimes it's challenging, but I love it and I have Themify to help me figure everything out! :)

My Work Using Themify:

  • Weefs World Screenshot
    Project: Weefs World
    Base Theme: Simple

  • essentialist screenshot
    Project: Essente Beauty Institute
    Base Theme: Shoppe
  • Martin Brixi screenshot
    Project: Martin Brixi
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • Aki Votrubva screenshot
    Project: Aki Votrubova
    Base Theme: Shoppe
  • subtr trans screenshot
    Project: SUBTR TRANS
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • new stronger me screenshot
    Project: New Stronger Me
    Base Theme: Landing
  • Berny's Pizza screenshot
    Project: Berny's Pizza
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • Centrum Alma screenshot
    Project: Centrum Alma
    Base Theme: Ultra

Final Thoughts

I like how easy it is to use Themify. I also like that Themify gives me the opportunity to build from scratch using the Ultra Theme. I can do whatever I want and get very creative with building. But I also appreciate having an easy-to-use theme that saves so much of my time. Of course, I want to give a special shoutout to the support team. They're really fast at answering my questions.

With Themify I am able to save time, have a great support team, and use timeless designs as well as the useful Builder addons and plugins. I would definitely recommend Themify to fellow WordPress users and web developers!

- Veronika Subrtová

Share Your Story Now! How have you used Themify for your site? Whether it's for your business site, personal blog or portfolio, we'd love to hear your story and share it with other people! Please contact us.

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Creating Award Winning Web Designs with Themify

In this instalment of our Customer Story series, we're excited to share with you the tale of a veteran web designer that started from the ground up. From two websites to 39, read on to see how he overcame many hurdles and achieved success:

Barry Dollar profile image


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Ken Mah – How Themify is The Future for Web Designers

We wanted to share with you another instalment of our Customer Story series. Meet Ken Mah, a triple threat in web design, graphic design, and advertising. He has an interesting story to share about how he came across Themify as a customer, and how that lead to more! Read on for the full story, and be sure to check out his featured sites below.

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Andres Paz Soldan – Building Sites for Rock Stars & Hotels with Themify

It's been a while since we shared with you a customer story. And what better way to bring it back than with the story of Andres, a passionate freelance web designer whose skills paired with our themes allowed him to create some amazing sites for his clients! Read more about his story below and check out his featured sites:

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Luca Martella – Running My Web Business with Themify

We're very excited to share to all of you a new addition to our Customer Story series. Introducing Luca Martella, designer and developer for the company Cleverativity. Showcasing his passion and talents for web design, he shares to us the story of how he was able run his business through Themify.

Luca's profile image beside his site


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