How a Marketing Agency Sped Up Their Development with Themify

How a Marketing Agency Sped Up Their Development with Themify

This customer story features Mussa Marketing, a marketing agency based in León, Spain. The team consists of a graphic designer, an SEO expert, and a business management expert. They have created an impressive list of websites using Themify, achieving remarkable results without writing any code. Let's get inspired by their story.

About Mussa Marketing

Sometimes, things happen that change the course of your story. Circumstances come together that place you at the right professional moment and bring you in contact with the right people. That is exactly what has happened to us! Some would say this connection was a matter of luck, but we don't believe in just luck. We believe in "our good luck," the kind you create yourself, achieved through effort, work, and dedication. With this energy, we started Mussa Marketing.

Mussa Marketing

We are a team of people growing rapidly with our clients' projects. We began as three very different thinking heads: a graphic designer, an SEO expert, and a strategic business management expert. Is there a better combination?


Before Themify

Before Themify, we used to work with other WordPress themes, as we didn't have the programming skills to build HTML sites. We usually prepared the mockups for clients in Photoshop and then tried to find a theme that somehow matched the idea so that we could build the site. It was very time-consuming to research all the functionality behind each theme to get the design we wanted. We were also very concerned about the speed of the sites we built.

Camino De San Salvador

Discovering Themify

After building a few sites using different themes, we started using Themify thanks to one of our clients. He wanted to rebuild his site with a new design and SEO strategy but wanted to maintain Themify on his site. We started our research on Themify and found it to be a very flexible and unique tool in many ways. The time-consuming process of building and designing websites was over! Discovering Themify marked a "before" and "after" in Mussa Marketing's way of building sites.


For us, the front-end of the Themify Builder is incredibly easy and intuitive to work with. By following a few Themify tutorials, we quickly became familiar with the front-end builder, all the sections and sub-sections, overlay effects, animation, visibility options, and the way styling panels work. It is so intuitive and easy.

We usually use the Ultra theme and personalize it according to our clients' specifications. Additionally, we use the Shopper theme for online shop projects.


Themify Builder & Hook Content

The Builder and all its tools are very powerful, but for us, the hook content and the ability to place almost anything anywhere on the site are particularly important. Every new site we start is an empty canvas, and we learn a little more each time. Themify is a live tool that is continuously updating, so there is always more to learn, and we're glad to do so.

For our projects, we begin with the initial configurations of the theme in the Themify panel. Then we work on the structure of the site within the builder, utilizing all its amazing design possibilities.

The Wine Guys

Final Remarks

We strongly recommend Themify because it is easy, fast, and backed by technical support that makes it perfect.

In Mussa's future, we still see Themify as our working tool, as our clients are very satisfied with the sites we build.


  1. Eugene
    Jun 27, 2024 @ 14:23

    Good story and results!
    Yes, Themify is great tool and support team is very helpful and amazing

    Continue to grow and update Themify!


  2. Peter Heise
    Jun 27, 2024 @ 21:07

    You guys do great work, thank you for helping so many businesses, including mine.



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