New Cheetah Framework: Updated with Newer, Faster, and Better Features!

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We are continuously trying to improve your experience with Themify as part of our commitment to deliver the best WordPress themes and plugins. We would like to introduce to you the latest Framework update, titled Cheetah. The Cheetah Framework looks quite similar on the frontend, but is now a complete powerhouse on the backend! A significant change that you'll notice is an increase in speed and performance while using the Themify Builder, and some cool new features that'll allow you to build your site faster and more easily. Please read ahead for the Cheetah Framework's major performance changes! 

*Please Note: Both the theme AND all Builder addons on your site must be updated TOGETHER in order to work with the new Cheetah Framework. Updating the theme WITHOUT updating all addons that your site uses will be incompatible with the new Cheetah Framework.

In more detail, if you update your theme, it will automatically be updated with the new Cheetah Framework. The Cheetah Framework requires the latest version of all Builder addons. Therefore you must update all Builder addons along with the theme update. If you experience any difficulty with the update, please contact us immediately using our contact page.

Featured Performance Changes:

Faster Performance: As mentioned, the major improvements in this update are on the backend performance, which you might not notice visually at first. But as you start using the Cheetah Framework, you will notice the improvement in speed. It loads the option lightbox faster, and copying and editing the module works more smoothly.

gif image of docking the module on the right

Dock Module: Now you can dock the module on the right as you edit the module. This allows you to edit your page without having to move the lightbox. You can now fully edit any module (content + styling) even when you're on mobile or tablet mode.

gif image of the responsive drag and dropping modules

Builder Static Content: In the previous version, the Builder content is always appended after the content in the WordPress editor. Now you will see a badge in the editor called "Builder Content Placeholder", which represents where exactly the Builder content will be displayed. You can add content before or after the content placeholder. If you don't see the Builder Content Placeholder, make sure you are using the latest version and migrate the old post's data. Now when the Builder is disabled or the theme is switched, the Builder static content remains. Note that the dynamic content such as Post module is excluded because the Post module requires the PHP function to query the posts (when you disable Builder or switch the theme, said function will be removed). The Accordion and Tab content will output as static HTML since disabling the Builder will exclude the required Javascript and CSS files. Once you upgrade to the latest framework, you will see a button to migrate the existing posts to generate the Builder static content.

image showing the Builder content placeholder

Create a Favourites Module List: Do you have a set of modules that are frequently used? Now you can favourite them on the module panel, so you don't have to go through the long list of modules every time you use it. To favourite or un-favourite a module is very simple - just click on the tiny star icon on the module.

gif image showing how to add a favourite module

Zoom In/Out & Preview: You can now view your website either zoomed in or out at your leisure! This viewing option has also been updated for the Preview mode, so you can now see the big picture of what your website would look like in its finished form.

gif image showing the preview and zoom out feature

Important Upgrade Notes

  • All Builder addons MUST be updated to use with the latest theme version.
  • If you see any errors or malfunctions, upgrading everything to the latest version might resolve the problem.

We at Themify are constantly striving for the best WordPress user experience. Update to the latest Cheetah Framework (both theme + addons) and get the fastest performance today! Let us know what you think about the latest features in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you all.

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New Music Header Designs + 50% Off Music Sale!

music header design

We've updated the Music theme with 10 new header designs! Now you can freshen up your existing site, build distinct pages for each album released, or create a captivating landing page for your artists. The header design can be selected on individual posts/pages or the entire site. The Music theme is definitely a must-have WordPress theme for all musicians or artists!

50% Off Music Sale!

To celebrate this update we're doing a special 1 week 50% off sale for the Music theme! Use the coupon code: MUSIC50 and take advantage of this awesome deal! Promotion ends on October 9, 2017

Demo Buy Music

We've updated our demo to showcase these new header designs. Click on any of the sample links below to view.

Music Theme Header Designs:

  • Header Block design
    Header Block
  • Horizontal header design
    Header Horizontal
  • Boxed Layout header design
    Header Boxed Layout
  • Left Pane header design
    Header Left Pane
  • Right Pane header design
    Header Right Pane
  • Min Bar header design
    Header Min Bar
  • Slide Out header design
    Header Slide Out
  • Boxed Compact header design
    Header Boxed Compact
  • Overlay header design
    Header Overlay
  • No header design
    No Header

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9 New Builder Layouts + 2 Month Ultra Free Trial

Update: This promotion has expired on August 4, 2017.

collage image of all the new Builder layouts

Thinking of making a website for your business, start-up, or non-profit work? Or perhaps you need a portfolio and online shop for your photography or music? Well there’s no need to hire a designer or web developer to create your perfect website. Take your passion and turn it into something very real with our all-encompassing website Builder.


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Parallax Theme Update: New Header Designs!

parallax header design

Introducing 8 new header designs in our popular Parallax theme! Similar to the Ultra & Shoppe theme, the latest Parallax update offers new header layouts which can be applied site wide or on a per-page basis. With this new feature, you can now create different page layouts with different header types. This is perfect when you're looking to create a landing page, a unique portfolio/blog page, or to even freshen up your existing site. Parallax is a leading web design trend that adds another dimension for the reader, giving any website an appealing modern edge.


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Framework Update: Prototype Builder Layouts Faster with Pre-designed Rows!

gif image of the new predesigned rows

It's an exciting time to be using Themify! We're making it easier and faster than ever to build layouts with the new pre-designed rows feature. Now you can easily drag-and-drop a pre-designed row on any page you're building, just like a module. This means that you can easily place a testimonials feature, a FAQs segment, or a features banner on any page of your website with just a few clicks!


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Major Builder Update Equipped With Live Preview and New Features

After months of hard work at the Themify headquarters, we’re launching a major update for Themify Builder. We’ve streamlined the interface, reducing clutter and increasing the workspace, and added live preview! Now you can instantly see any changes you make as the preview is updated in real time. To see all the latest additions in our new update, watch our new Builder video and read more below.


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