New Demo Images Import Option

Themify Development New Demo Images Import Option

We’ve added a small but mighty option for you all. Now when you import a skin, also known as a demo site, there will be an option available to import all of the images as well. In the previous version, all demo images were replaced with a placeholder image due to concerns about image copyrights. However, one of our designers lovingly combed through each and every theme, ensuring each image would be available for our users.

Now, when you import a demo, you can click the checkbox 'Include all demo images', and you will have an identical site, complete with all of the free stock images we’ve chosen. Don't forget to update your themes to the latest version to take advantage of this awesome option.


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Builder V4.5: Pre-Release Announcement (Beta Version Available!)

Themify Builder V4.5 Pre-Release Beta Version Available

After a few months of silent and hard work behind-the-scenes, we are proud to announce the pre-release of Builder V4.5! We basically re-coded the entire Builder core to now use Javascript for a better and faster user experience when it comes to loading the module options and styling.

Along with these performance enhancements, we've added a few new modules and many new and exciting Builder features! If you want a sneak peek at the latest version of the Builder and framework, try out our beta version of Builder V4.5. Read on for details and a friendly disclaimer.


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New Easy Install Feature!

Themify Updater plugin update

Installing Themify themes and plugins are easier than ever with the updated Themify Updater plugin! With Themify Updater’s latest feature, you can now install all Themify themes and plugins directly on your admin dashboard. If you haven't yet installed the Themify Updater plugin, please do so to take advantage of this new feature.

Basically, there’s no need to manually download every file, then install them. As long as you have a valid Themify Username and License Key entered, you can install all Themify products that are available in your membership, with the click of a button!


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Themify Builder Download Now Free!

Themify Builder Free Download

We are now offering the Themify Builder Plugin for free! That’s right, with absolutely no strings attached you can download the Builder plugin and get full access to all of the Builder’s features.

The Themify Builder plugin is fully compatible with WordPress 5.0 and all WordPress themes! It will automatically give you access to 140+ Builder layouts, all of our predesigned rows, and so much more!


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Themify Is WordPress 5.0 Compatible!

Themify WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Compatible

WordPress 5.0 is officially here and with it is their new post editor, Gutenberg. Our developers have tested all of our themes, plugins, and addons, specifically with the Gutenberg editor. We’re happy to announce that Themify and Gutenberg are completely compatible!

If you need a refresher on Gutenberg, read our blog post for a brief explainer. If for any reason, you still prefer WordPress’ classic editor, you can still download and reinstall the plugin.


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Supercharge Mobile Navigation with Ultra & Shoppe Theme

Mobile Navigation Menu

Demo Ultra Shoppe

Mobile usage has overtaken desktop web use last year, which means that a site’s mobile interface is especially important. Configuring the perfect mobile menu button, or burger menu button as some call it, is the next step in perfecting what your site looks like on a phone or tablet.

We’ve added a variety of mobile menu styles in Ultra and Shoppe. Users can now select a particular mobile menu style for any and each page. From fade overlays, to flips, or zooms, you can easily choose how your menu drops down.

View the demo now or go straight to customizing and playing around with the various options by updating to the latest version today.

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