Help Us Build Your Dream Ultra Skins!

Help Us Build Your Dream Ultra Skins!

Update: Thank you everyone for submitting your votes and suggestions on which Ultra skin we should build next. As promised we've emailed everyone (including people that commented) the coupon code to get their free Builder Addon!

Since the Ultra Mango update released, we've been receiving positive feedbacks about the new features especially the skins and pre-made demos. We will be adding more skins in the upcoming releases. At the moment, we are working on a beautiful single-page wedding skin and a complete fitness site (see screenshots below). Now we want to give you the opportunity to help us vote on the release of our next skin concept. We will reward your vote with a free Builder addon of your choice.


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Google Now Favors Mobile-Friendly Sites

It is official now, Google's latest formula favors websites that are defined as "mobile-friendly". If you don't want to lose your rank in mobile search, be sure your site design is mobile-friendly. If it is not, don't need to panic. We have a quick & affordable solution for you — simply switch to any Themify's responsive theme. We've been building responsive themes for many years. All our responsive themes pass the Google's Mobile-Friendly Test.

How to test if your site is mobile-friendly?

  1. Go to Mobile-Friendly Test
  2. Enter your site URL to analyze
  3. If you get "Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.", it means your site passed!

Below are some of the reports of our responsive theme demos:


  • If you see a message "There was a problem with the request. Please try again later.", click on the "Analyze" button to get the report (the tool might be busy).
  • We have only listed a few of examples above. You may use the Mobile-Friendly Test to test all our responsive theme demos.

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Top 10 Themify Features of 2014

Top 10 Themify Features of 2014
We made this list to highlight some of Themify's features that we've seen various users use to help them design their sites. And as we welcome the New Year, we've got plenty of new features lined up for you. But before we start rolling out these new features. We want to make sure that no one missed out on all the other successful features. So we decided to create a top 10 list of Themify features of 2014 that you need to know going into 2015. (more…)

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How Do You Use Themify?

We are genuinely surprise and overwhelmed with regards to the positive feedback comments we had received on one of our recent blog posts. Customers comments like "I've built my web business with your amazing themes…" and "I have used Themify themes for many projects over the years and have never been disappointed." have left us shocked. These success stories have also got us thinking: are there anymore out there our customers are willing to share with us? So, if you have a success story you would like to share with us and the rest of the world, we would love to hear from you! The types of stories we are looking for are:
  • What customisations or modifications have you done to our themes that has either impressed yourself or your clients?
  • What plugins have you configured with a Themify theme to accomplish a specific complicated task?
  • What challenges did you meet and how did a Themify theme resolve it for you?
  • Your general experiences with Themify themes.
  • How our Support helped you achieve your goal with a project.
So, please email your stories to us at info at themify dot me or use our contact form. The best ones will be be published with links back to your site on our testimonial section.

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Themify is Hiring – Video Producer

We are looking to hire a talented freelance video producer to create top quality, high definition video tutorials for our website and YouTube channel. As the video producer, you will be producing videos of WordPress tutorials, showing our customers and clients how to use WordPress, configure theme settings and customisation of themes. We prefer the tutorials to be recorded on a Apple Macintosh computer. You will be working for Themify on a project by project arrangement; this is not a full-time position. We are looking for candidates who have the following criteria:
  • experience in producing top quality videos in high-definition (1080p), preferably in a video podcast capacity or video tutorial work
  • has the ability to narrate a video in a clear English speaking voice
  • is comfortable in using the Admin area of the WordPress CMS and can teach others how to use it
  • has the ability to explain WordPress terminology into plain English.
So, are you the right candidate for the job? If you think you are, send us an email with your service rates and links of your sample work or your video portfolio to jobs at themify dot me.

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What is Responsive WordPress Theme

What is Responsive WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress themes and responsive design in general has emerged as a hot topic in the digital world. At Themify, we made the decision to create responsive WordPress themes rather early on, and it has become one of our strongest features and selling points. Because of our extensive knowledge in this domain, we wanted to clear up exactly what you get with a “responsive WordPress theme” and what it means when you buy an awesome WordPress theme from Themify.

What is a “responsive WordPress theme”?

When answering this question, we can also answer the question “What is a responsive design?” A responsive design and responsive WordPress theme utilize CSS and JavaScript to adapt a website’s layout to the user’s “viewport.” For those who don’t know, a “viewport” is essentially the visible portion of the canvas inside a web browser.

We use responsive design to create a consistent user experience for browsers of all shapes and sizes because the digital world doesn’t run on just 4:3 resolutions anymore. We adapt content to viewports of different sizes, including everything from mobile phone browsers all the way up to large television screens.

Many people confuse “responsive design” with “mobile design,” but mobile design targets mobile devices specifically, whereas responsive design includes support for mobile devices and many more.

What does “responsive design” look like?

To get an idea of what responsive design, especially in WordPress, can achieve, take a look at our Elemin theme.

Elemin displays nicely on your standard browser size, but you can change the size of your browser to get an idea of how the layout changes and adapts along with the width of your browser window. The layout never breaks, and the content simply flows to fit with the browser’s viewport.

A viewer can enjoy a website using the Elemin theme on their desktop, their laptop, their notebook, their tablet, their mobile device, and even their television. The layout and experience of the website remains consistent throughout.

Here are some more hand picked responsive WordPress themes from Themify

As shown in the examples below, responsive design is not limited to just blog theme. It can be complex grid layout like Pinboard, Ajax shop theme Minshop, 3-column Responz, and corporate theme with responsive slider like Suco. Check our responsive themes collection for more.

pinboard minshop responz suco

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Themify 7.5 has released! Please read the update notes.