What is Responsive WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress themes and responsive design in general has emerged as a hot topic in the digital world. At Themify, we made the decision to create responsive WordPress themes rather early on, and it has become one of our strongest features and selling points. Because of our extensive knowledge in this domain, we wanted to clear up exactly what you get with a “responsive WordPress theme” and what it means when you buy an awesome WordPress theme from Themify.

What is a “responsive WordPress theme”?

When answering this question, we can also answer the question “What is a responsive design?” A responsive design and responsive WordPress theme utilize CSS and JavaScript to adapt a website’s layout to the user’s “viewport.” For those who don’t know, a “viewport” is essentially the visible portion of the canvas inside a web browser.

We use responsive design to create a consistent user experience for browsers of all shapes and sizes because the digital world doesn’t run on just 4:3 resolutions anymore. We adapt content to viewports of different sizes, including everything from mobile phone browsers all the way up to large television screens.

Many people confuse “responsive design” with “mobile design,” but mobile design targets mobile devices specifically, whereas responsive design includes support for mobile devices and many more.

What does “responsive design” look like?

To get an idea of what responsive design, especially in WordPress, can achieve, take a look at our Elemin theme.


Elemin displays nicely on your standard browser size, but you can change the size of your browser to get an idea of how the layout changes and adapts along with the width of your browser window. The layout never breaks, and the content simply flows to fit with the browser’s viewport.

A viewer can enjoy a website using the Elemin theme on their desktop, their laptop, their notebook, their tablet, their mobile device, and even their television. The layout and experience of the website remains consistent throughout.

Here are some more hand picked responsive WordPress themes from Themify

As shown in the examples below, responsive design is not limited to just blog theme. It can be complex grid layout like Pinboard, Ajax shop theme Minshop, 3-column Responz, and corporate theme with responsive slider like Suco. Check our responsive themes collection for more.

pinboard minshop responz suco

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Down time & changes

After a couple days of down time (we gave our site a nice rest) we're back up and running! Because of the short notice we are more than appreciative of everyone's patience and support as we made the transition to a brand new server this past weekend. With this change we will be able to provide better service and a better experience to our customers.

We've now moved to a new host (with that will give us more room to grow along with better security and in depth server management. This move was spurred on by issues we had been experiencing with our previous setup and should help us grow for years to come.

Along with server changes we have changed our setup a bit. All our demos are now being run of a single WordPress multisite installation which, from our end, will make it easier to launch themes and continue to support a wide variety of installations. Fresh copies of all our services are being put in place and will get us up-to-date. You'll see a lot of changes coming up in the next month so keep your eyes peeled.

Again, we're so appreciative of our customers who are so dedicated and enthusiastic about our themes and support. You guys rock! And as a thank you starting today, and ending next Friday (January 28th), you can use the coupon code "themifyrocks" to get 30% off any theme.


The Themify Team

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Product Tour

We've got a couple emails regarding our themes. Some people are confused about what we're doing. Some seem to think we sell just software. The fact is we build premium themes that are built on a framework that works with WordPress. So, in light of this confusion, we've decided to give a tour of our themes and their functionality that will hopefully give everyone a better understanding.

What Comes in a Theme Package?

Our WordPress themes come with a framework and a set of custom widgets that are custom built by us. The framework & widgets are additional tools we use cooperatively with the packaged theme. These tools help you to customize the functionality and appearance of the theme without touching any code. (more…)

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