The Future of WordPress and Performance Tuning Tips in 2021


Guest post by Tom Fanelli, CEO and founder of Convesio

The best thing you can do for your WordPress website in 2021 is to tune up its performance, but that's not always as simple as it sounds. Generally, you can sum up performance as 50% site speed and 50% user experience, otherwise known as UX. Unfortunately, UX improvements often lead to lower site speed, which means you may be faced with a difficult challenge when optimizing your site.

It takes a delicate balance, but it's possible to fine-tune your WordPress performance by enhancing both UX and site speed when you choose the right techniques and technology.

My name is Tom Fanelli and I'm the co-founder of Convesio, a next-generation managed WordPress host. With two decades of digital experience, I've gone from owning my own agency to taking on multiple senior executive roles at large public companies.

In this post, I'll cover the most common issues I see with WordPress performance while considering the perspective and impact of both speed and UX, as well as what you can do about them. Let's get to it!


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How to Translate Your Themify Theme With Weglot

There are quite a number of options when it comes to choosing a theme for your WordPress website. Themify is one of the oldest and most popular theme sellers that offers a number of beautiful WordPress themes. Therefore in this article, we'll explain to you how to take your Themify theme to the next level by making it multilingual with Weglot.

Our automatic translation solution detects and translates the entirety of your website and allows you to reach foreign audiences within minutes. In just 3 easy steps, you can create your multilingual website and benefit from the opportunities of going global with Weglot!


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28 Best Popup Design Inspirations For WordPress

Best Popup Design Inspirations

Popups are increasingly becoming one of the most common tools that most website owners are using. Whether you need survey responses, signups, or sales, popups allow you to take control of your audience online. Popups are types of interfaces that would suddenly appear in the foreground, usually in a small boxed window, to display information as the visitor lands or scrolls on a site. This window displays information related to the website and its objective would be to capture the visitor's attention and take control of their next step.

Today, there are many different type of popups, making it challenging and equally important to select the right design for the right purpose. The free Themify Popup plugin provides you with an easy and intuitive way to create all kinds of popups that would cater to your needs. You can display popups based on certain conditions such as time-based, on-site load, scroll-triggered, or exit-intent - all of which can be used to fulfill a certain action on any given site. In this post, we'll look at some of the best recommended designs for WordPress users.


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How to Create a Movie Review Site With Builder Pro and PTB

How to Create a Movie Review Site

In our last tutorial we recorded a video on how to create a dynamic property site with Builder Pro and Pods plugin. To demonstrate that Builder Pro is compatible with all major custom post type plugins, we are writing another tutorial on creating a movie review site with Builder Pro and the Post Type Builder (PTB) plugin (view final demo). Builder Pro has full integration with PTB. That means whatever post types and custom fields you create with PTB, you can use Builder Pro to create the templates for them. In this tutorial, we will cover every step on creating custom post type, custom fields, taxonomies, and custom templates. You will learn how to create a complete custom movie review site from scratch with dynamic content.

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How to Design a Custom WordPress Login Page

How To Design A Custom Login Page

We’ve seemed to have covered a lot of ground with our foundational tutorials, but as we add more features and brand new modules, there’ll be even more awesome tutorials to come. This tutorial will cover how to best design a custom login page for your WordPress website, using Themify’s login module. In fact, check out our custom login module demo now for inspiration.

Login pages are important for WordPress websites, especially for those looking to run membership sites, online stores, or subscription services. A login page allows users to input their credentials in order to access a privileged part of your site and its contents. Login pages also allow users to contribute to your business’ community though posts, comments, and media attachments.

Login Demo


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How to Create a Property Listing Site with Builder Pro & Pods

New Taxonomy

Back in the old days, creating an advanced custom site with WordPress would require coding skills (CSS, PHP, and Javascript). As WordPress and technology advance, we are able to create dynamic sites without any coding. With Builder Pro, you can create custom themes and templates without having to write any code. We've recorded a full length video tutorial to show you how to build a property listing site using Builder Pro and Pods plugin. This detailed tutorial will walk you through from installing the required plugins to adding custom post type, taxonomy, custom fields, and building the templates. You can watch the video or follow the instruction with screenshots below.

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