How to Make Money From Your Blog

Themify Tutorial How to Make Money From Your Blog

Perhaps you’ve been writing your own blog for a while now. It may have been the easiest way to connect with friends and family during your travels overseas. Or maybe writing a tech or fashion blog was your outlet to sharing the fruits of your labour including hours of painstaking research and trial runs. Better yet, you might even be looking for a solution to your working 9 to 5, and instead, dream of making money from under a palm tree somewhere else in the world.

Whatever your starting point, monetizing your blog and creating revenue from your website can open up a future of possibilities for you and your interests. We’ll give you the short and long of all the options available to you so you can start profiting from your blog.

Options for Making Money Blogging:

  • Advertising Sales
  • Direct/Private Ads
  • Advertising Networks
  • Sponsored Reviews & Paid Posts
  • (more…)

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How to Add Custom Icon Fonts

WordPress Tutorial How to Add Custom Icon Fonts

This foundational tutorial is brought to you by our Support Experts as one of the most commonly asked questions on our Support Forum. Adding custom icon fonts to your WordPress site has become a staple of modern web design. They're incredible easy to use and help you spice up and add a unique element to your design.

The one drawback with some icon fonts is that even if you have only a handful of icons you want to use, you have to load the entire set which can be weighty and slow down the loading of your website. That's where a free custom icon font selection service will come in handy, and we're going to show you how to achieve this in 3 easy steps!


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How to Turn Your WordPress Blog into a Membership Site with MemberPress

Themify WordPress Tutorial Turn Your Blog into a Membership Site MemberPress Plugin

Over the past decade, blog owners on WordPress could only make money on their website by placing ads or by creating a site that specializes in affiliate marketing. Times have changed since then, and now these same blog owners are creating membership-style websites.

Instead of getting paid if someone buys one of the products you’re advertising, or by how many times they click that ad in between lines of your content, you can instead charge visitors money to view premium content. But membership sites are much more than just “paid content”. You can make your site shine with features such as online forums for members, multiple plans that grant access to additional content and information, and much more.


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How to Redirect Old URLs on Your WordPress Site – Create a 301 Redirect

Themify Tutorial How to Redirect Old URLs on Your WordPress Site – Set Up a 301 Redirect

When you rename, change, or delete a post’s URL slug, people might still be directed to and visiting the old URL or receiving an error message. Having 404 errors on your site not only leaves a visitor with a bad experience, but is also a bit unprofessional and could cause you to lose future customers and business leads. Further, search engines might also penalize your site SEO rank due to these 404 errors.

You can avoid this and further secure your site's success by redirecting the old URLs on your WordPress site. There are many types of redirects, from a 302, 307, to a 301 redirect. The 301 redirect is the one we’ll be using to permanently redirect an old URL to a new one of your choice. The 301 redirect essentially sends search engines and site visitors to a different URL than the original one selected from a link or search engine page.


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How to Customize Themify Themes (Best Practices)

Themify Tutorial How to Customize Themify Themes Best Practices

WordPress themes exist on an extremely flexible system, allowing both users and web developers to customize it easily. Because of its flexibility and variety of customization options, there are chances people are editing and customizing WordPress themes in an incorrect or mistaken way.

In this foundational tutorial, we would like to take this opportunity to provide tips on how to customize Themify themes. We'll introduce you to the best practices and proper WordPress techniques that'll help you avoid unneccessary bugs or glitches while customizing your Themify theme, ensuring it works well alongside other WordPress plugins.


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How to Score an A+ on Google PageSpeed Insights

Themify Tutorial How to Score an A+ on Google's PageSpeed Insights

Ranking higher on Google searches likely means the number of visitors crossing your page will increase as well. But how do you ensure you make it to the top of the Google search list? Well, there are a variety of factors that play into how high your website ranks.

You can improve your Google search ranking by adding an SSL certificate to your site, translate your site to be multi-lingual, or you can ensure your site loads super quickly! That's what we'll look at in this foundational tutorial, and we'll show you just how to achieve a powerfully fast WordPress site!


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