New Predesigned Blocks

Themify WordPress Themes New Feature Predesigned Blocks

We’ve refreshed our predesigned blocks with 23 brand new layouts! Previously named predesigned rows, we’ve added fresh new designs in each of our categories including hero banners, team members, FAQs, and pricing tables. You can mix and match from a total of 86+ different blocks to create a full web page from header to footer!

Predesigned Block Types:

  • Hero Banners: Fullwidth banners that put the focus on a main product or image
  • FAQs: Provide visitors with the most frequently asked questions
  • Team Members: Let clients know who will be taking care of them
  • Contact: Contact information including email, phone number, address, map
  • (more…)

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New Global Style Feature

Themify New Global Style Feature WordPress Themes

After the awesome release of our latest and lightning fast Builder, we’ve been keeping busy working on more new and exciting features. Our new global style feature is here to make your designing days faster than before, by allowing you to save and load your style settings as a pre-set style template, or ‘global style’, on any module.

Previously, you may have duplicated a text or image module in its entirety, then modified its contents. Or perhaps you would create your modules from scratch every time. Well it might work just as soundly as creating and labelling each of your global styles but the main issue still remains. What happens when you want to refresh your site in the future or make style adjustments?


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New Sticky Sidebar Feature

Themify New Sticky Sidebar Feature Ultra Theme Shoppe Theme WordPress eCommerce Theme

Demo Buy Ultra Buy Shoppe

We’ve got a new feature to improve upon our Shoppe and Ultra themes! The new sticky sidebar feature is here to provide all your customers a better shopping experience. You can now have your product filter stick on the sidebar so that users can select, filter, and accurately narrow their product search on the fly.


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Themify Updater Plugin – More New Features!


We’re always looking to improve, so we’ve added some more features to our Themify Updater plugin, some of which have been highly requested. The new features will allow you to keep your Themify username private, disable those pesky notification symbols on the admin dashboard, and easily reinstall your themes and plugins using the Themes/Plugins tab.


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Themify Builder 4.5 Officially Launched – The New Lightning Fast Builder!

Builder 4.5 Offically Launched

We’re excited to announce that the Themify Builder 4.5 has officially launched! Our entire Builder has basically been recoded to now use Javascript, so everyone will now experience a new lightning fast Builder! Thank you for all of your feedback on the beta version of the Builder and for your support. We’ve been able to incorporate your recommendations and polish our latest update to a high shine. We’ve even added some new additions to this update, not yet seen on the Beta version – you can see these new features and more below!

Please update your theme to the latest version, with the Themify Updater plugin, to start using the new and improved Builder. If you're new to Themify or need to renew your membership, read more for details about our most popular Master Club!


  • Faster performance
  • New interface on both frontend and backend
  • New Optin Form module
  • New Login Form module
  • Bing Maps
  • Many new styling options (hover styling, height, rounded corners, text shadow, shadow, and blend mode)
  • Find & Replace tool
  • Regenerate CSS tool
  • More predesigned layouts
  • Updated Themify panel with setting search

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Builder Plugin V4.5 Beta Release

Themify Builder Plugin V4.5 Beta Version Available

We recently announced the release of the Builder 4.5 Beta Version, and now we've got the Builder Plugin 4.5 Beta as a standalone plugin for you all! (This beta version of our new Builder plugin is only for use on non-Themify themes. If you'd like to test out the Builder 4.5 Beta on a Themify theme, please follow the guide in the original Beta pre-release announcement).

In this latest version, we basically re-coded the entire Builder core to now use Javascript for a better and faster user experience. Along with these performance enhancements, we've added many new and exciting Builder features! We've left the full details on our original announcement so you can read that there. Continue below for a brief roundup and a friendly disclaimer before you install the Builder Plugin Beta!


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