New Themify Updater Plugin Here To Make Life Easy!

Themify Updater Plugin

If you're a Themify user, chances are you currently have more than one theme or plugin. And if you're a developer using Themify, we know how y'all like to collect and stockpile your favourite Themify goods. Well today we're here to announce the end of your updating suffering.

With our new plugin, Themify Updater, you can now select to auto update all of your Themify themes and plugins at once using a license key. This is especially useful for developers who provide a web maintenance service for their clients. Previously, a Themify username and password was required. Clients can now auto update themes and plugins using their developer's username and license key, and without jeopardizing the developer's password.

Follow our brief tutorial to get you on your way!

How To Install & Use The Themify Updater Plugin

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New Builder Copy-and-Paste Styling Feature!

Builder copy  & paste styling

Hey everyone! Just your Themify team here to let you know of another neat feature we’ve added in Themify Builder for your enjoyment. Now you can copy the styling for a row without having to paste all the content of that row as well. This added tool is great especially when you make changes to the styling of your website after you’ve laid down all the content.

You no longer have to be afraid of making last minute styling decisions to your entire site with this useful tool. This includes no longer having to toggle every styling element to the exact specifications of a similar row. Just copy the row’s styling data, and paste – then boom! Your content’s font, or colour, or effects etc. are the exact same as the previous row.


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New Builder Feature For Cool Gradient Text!

Gradient text styling

Move aside Photoshop! Make your headlines pop easily with our Builder’s groovy new Gradient Text feature.

You can now add stylish and attractive gradient styling to any text with Builder styling. Whether you’d like your text to cascade from two, four, or eight beautiful colors, you can select any hue with as many gradient stops as you want.

Gradient styling will also work for responsive design. This means that you can style a different gradient for desktop, tablet, and mobile and ensure your audience is receiving the same viewing experience, no matter the medium.


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Boost Views With Sticky Scrolling

Grab your reader's attention and have the most important things stick to the screen! Take advantage of our new Builder Sticky Scrolling feature today.

Previously only possible with custom codes, now you can easily make any element stick to the forefront of your site, as you scroll, using our Builder. Sticky Scrolling is primarily useful for grabbing a user's attention as it keeps an element of your choice visible in the viewport. Keep your sale promos, newsletter signups, featured images, and navigational menu bars front and centre. (more…)

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Page Break, A New Builder Feature!

Ever create a page displaying a lot of media and written content? If that's the case then you've probably run into issues such as a slow loading times, or perhaps not enough visual imagery to balance out the text. Load pages faster and increase page views by using our new 'Page Break' feature!


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New Post Type Builder Feature – Import in Just 2 Clicks!

PTB New Import Feature

Post Type Builder (PTB) is an "all-in-one" WordPress plugin for creating any custom post type, taxonomy, and post type template. With PTB you can replicate and build any type of site out there, including websites that showcase recipes, properties, or movie reviews, and the list goes on.


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