20 Best Themify Powered WordPress Sites!

Kick off the beginning of a new school and fiscal year right with a WordPress site revamp! We’ve handpicked the 20 best WordPress sites out there, featuring Ultra, Split, and Shoppe Theme, to get you inspired for a fall launch. From photography portfolios, architecture companies, tech start-ups, and eCommerce shops, there’s a little something for everyone.

Glean everything from the latest site trends, to hacks on how you can modify the themes to your every liking. Get started with your site inspo now!

Ps. We don’t discriminate when it comes to websites and we’ve featured some international ones - so make sure you turn on Google Translate to get the most out your inspiration session!


If you’ve got a unique Themify powered site that you’d love to share with us, please let us know by email. We’ll consider adding you to our next list of Top Sites!

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How To Setup Automatic WordPress Backups Using UpdraftPlus

WordPress is an amazing tool to build and manage a website with minimal effort. However even the best of tools face issues from time to time. Sometimes, unforeseen problems can occur such as a theme update going wrong or maybe you have yet to protect your website and it gets hacked.

Whatever the reason, having your entire WordPress site become corrupted is something we hope you never have to deal with. But if you do, there are useful plugins that can help you recover your data. A popular one and the one we'll use in this tutorial is UpdraftPlus. UpdraftPlus can make backups of your WordPress site automatically and send it to an online storage medium of your choice. In this guide we'll explain how to setup your automatic WordPress backup with UpdraftPlus.

Installing UpdraftPlus

You can install UpdraftPlus just like you would any other plugin via the WordPress Admin panel > Plugins > Add New, then search for the plugin called updraftplus and click 'Install Now'.

Install the updraftplus plugin


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Themify’s Crazy 8th Anniversary Sale + Free Giveaway!

Anniversary 2018 Sale + Giveaway

Another year older, wiser, and crazier, in terms of pushing the envelope, we hope!

We'd like to celebrate our 8th Anniversary with you all by giving everyone a massive 40% OFF on everything and 8 Free Master Club Giveaways!

We want to thank you all for your support, for seeing us through some major framework updates, and for being a part of our tightknit community. We are happy to report that that number has grown by more than 11,000+ to a total of 83,000+ users today! We are always motivated by all the amazing sites and stories you all continue to share and we're excited to make our next year even better than before.


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Page Break, A New Builder Feature!

Ever create a page displaying a lot of media and written content? If that's the case then you've probably run into issues such as a slow loading times, or perhaps not enough visual imagery to balance out the text. Load pages faster and increase page views by using our new 'Page Break' feature!


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Introducing the Ultra Education Skin!

Ultra Education Skin

Alright teachers, professors, instructors, TA’s, and principals! Whatever your profession, if education is the name of your game you’ll want to take a look at our new Ultra Skin. After much hard work and the development of several new features, we’re excited to launch the highly requested Ultra Education Skin!


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Create The Perfect Event Post With Themify’s New Event Post Plugin – Free!

Portfolio Post plugin

Have an upcoming event or an interesting sale you’d like to share on your WordPress website? No more writing code! Use our new Themify Event Post plugin to save time and the hassle of configuring a neat and perfectly packaged event post – all for a nice fee of $0.


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