How a Themify WordPress Tutorial Got Me A Million Views

Hogan Chua profile image

This week, instead of the usual Customer Story, we’d like to feature the story of a regular contributor to the Themify Community. His name is Hogan Chua and he’s an avid YouTube tutorial creator, with his most popular video at over a million views. We’d like to thank him for giving our small but hardworking company a boost, and we hope you enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at how he developed his website and his informative YouTube channel!


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Be GDPR Ready With Our Updated Builder Contact Addon

The EU’s new data privacy regulations are fast approaching and if you own a website, this could affect you.

In brief, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will enforce stricter regulations to data collection that impacts any EU citizen, regardless of where you and your website is based. These new regulations take effect on May 25, 2018.

This new regulation could affect the contact or info forms users fill out on your page. To comply with the GDPR, we’ve added an option in our Builder Contact addon. The new option will allow you to display a consent checkbox to your viewers with the text “I consent to my submitted data being collected and stored”, or something to that effect, anytime they fill out a contact form. The checkbox will be a required field that the viewer must select in order to submit the contact form.

GDPR consent input field option

In order to take advantage of this new feature, please update your Builder Contact addon to the latest version!

* Please do not take our short article as legal advice and/or the basis of information concerning the GDPR. Here are some articles from credible sources for more details:

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Horizontal Scrolling Now Available with Ultra and Fullpane

To all our Fullpane and Ultra fans, we have good news! We've added a brand new feature to both themes – horizontal scrolling! As one of the most commonly requested features, you can now scroll horizontally with the section scrolling feature.


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How I Tried All the Best Web Design Tools and Found Themify

We're very excited to share to all of you a new addition to our customer story series. Introducing Nathalie Prevost a designer/developer from British Columbia. Together with our WordPress themes, this talented web designer has created beautiful eye-catching sites. Check out her featured sites below and read how she tried various web design tools but chose Themify as her go-to site builder:

Nathalie Prevost profile image


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New Builder Library + Layout Part Live Edit!

Introducing our new Builder Library, the latest addition to Themify Builder. This new feature allows you to save rows/modules as a library object, giving you the ability to re-use it on any page/row. Now available with the latest framework version, you'll see the Library tab on the module panel. To use this new feature, simply click on the "save" icon found on the modules/rows and it'll automatically save as a re-usable object in your library. (more…)

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How to Add Breadcrumb Navigation to Themify Themes!

breadcrumb navigation tutorial image

Breadcrumb Navigation is a type of secondary navigation that shows the user where they are currently on a website. This is a very simple but highly requested tutorial for you all to enjoy! (more…)

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