Themify’s Award-Winning WordPress Themes & Websites

Themify Award Winning WordPress themes plugins

We've been grateful to win some cool awards and honourable mentions since we began our journey in 2010. Here's a selection of our most recent accomplishments, including some from our amazing Themify users who've been honoured while using Themify themes as a base for their awesome projects.

If you’ve received an accolade with Themify as the base for your project or personal site, feel free to let us know so we can give you a shoutout as well. Without further ado, we’re proud to present the awards below.


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Student Discount: Sign Up Today & Get 50% Off Themify!

Themify Student Discount Perks WordPress Themes

We’ve got some great news for all post-secondary students! Starting today, for a limited time, we will be offering a 50% off discount on our Ultra theme for all current students. That means you can get the Ultra theme for $29.50 (Reg. $59) when you sign up using your student email.

The Ultra is the perfect choice for a myriad of different website ideas, including eCommerce websites and even startup agencies. Packed with 21 skins and counting, a bonus of 12 Builder Addons, and our new mega-fast Builder – we believe we’re offering the best deal for a premium WordPress page builder and theme.


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How I Created My Own Digital Marketing Agency Website – Kart Lester Balangue

Themify Custory Story How I Created My Own Digital Marketing Agency – Kart Lester Balangue

One look at this month’s Customer Story agency website will have you fascinated as to how he created it all on his own, with the help of a Themify theme! Let’s dive in and hear Lester’s best tips and tricks on using Themify and WordPress to create his own digital marketing agency site, and for all the sites of his clients.

About Me

My name is Kart Lester Balangue, I currently run my own digital marketing agency with the goal to help businesses grow and eventually be the authority in their field. Hence the name, Eminence Digital Media.

Originally, I started doing web design in school when one of our main assignments was to design a recycling website. Back then I had a little bit of CSS and html knowledge due to an old social media platform that allowed you to customise every aspect of your personal page, which I spent plenty of time doing. I enjoyed designing and building that recycling website and it ended up being one of the best websites in my class.


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How to Redirect Old URLs on Your WordPress Site – Create a 301 Redirect

Themify Tutorial How to Redirect Old URLs on Your WordPress Site – Set Up a 301 Redirect

When you rename, change, or delete a post’s URL slug, people might still be directed to and visiting the old URL or receiving an error message. Having 404 errors on your site not only leaves a visitor with a bad experience, but is also a bit unprofessional and could cause you to lose future customers and business leads. Further, search engines might also penalize your site SEO rank due to these 404 errors.

You can avoid this and further secure your site's success by redirecting the old URLs on your WordPress site. There are many types of redirects, from a 302, 307, to a 301 redirect. The 301 redirect is the one we’ll be using to permanently redirect an old URL to a new one of your choice. The 301 redirect essentially sends search engines and site visitors to a different URL than the original one selected from a link or search engine page.


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How to Customize Themify Themes (Best Practices)

Themify Tutorial How to Customize Themify Themes Best Practices

WordPress themes exist on an extremely flexible system, allowing both users and web developers to customize it easily. Because of its flexibility and variety of customization options, there are chances people are editing and customizing WordPress themes in an incorrect or mistaken way.

In this foundational tutorial, we would like to take this opportunity to provide tips on how to customize Themify themes. We'll introduce you to the best practices and proper WordPress techniques that'll help you avoid unneccessary bugs or glitches while customizing your Themify theme, ensuring it works well alongside other WordPress plugins.


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How to Score an A+ on Google PageSpeed Insights

Themify Tutorial How to Score an A+ on Google's PageSpeed Insights

Ranking higher on Google searches likely means the number of visitors crossing your page will increase as well. But how do you ensure you make it to the top of the Google search list? Well, there are a variety of factors that play into how high your website ranks.

You can improve your Google search ranking by adding an SSL certificate to your site, translate your site to be multi-lingual, or you can ensure your site loads super quickly! That’s what we’ll look at in this foundational tutorial, and we’ll show you just how to achieve a powerfully fast WordPress site!


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