New! Ultra + Shoppe Fashion Skin for Fashion eCommerce Shops

Themify Ultra Fashion Skin Shoppe Fashion Skin WordPress Fashion Theme

Ultra Demo Shoppe Demo

One of the most highly requested skins is finally here! We’d like to welcome the Fashion skin with not one, but two versions for our two flagship themes: the Ultra and Shoppe! The Fashion skin is the perfect eCommerce fashion theme for your online WordPress shop and you’ll see why from our two demos. Check out the Ultra Fashion demo and the Ultra Shoppe demo now.

The Fashion skin is beautiful, elegant, and bright, with overlapping elements that glide as smoothly as a model’s walk on a runway. Make the right first impression with visitors that land on your homepage by sharing snippets of your collection and shots of your stunning photoshoots.

Whether you’re creating an online shop for a premium apparel line, streetwear fashion, or even a popup fashion collaboration – the Fashion skin’s got the right hardware to take your online shop further and turn visitors into buying customers. You can import the Fashion skin to instantly have an identical-looking site in just a click, and our drag-and-drop Builder will give you full control to easily fine tune your attractive and appealing fashion website.


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WordPress Heroes – RankMath’s Bhanu Ahluwalia

Themify WordPress Heroes Rank Math Bhanu Ahluwalia

Ever wonder how WordPress products are made and established? Our WordPress Heroes series aims to fill you in and give you the backstory behind various successful SaaS and WordPress businesses. This month’s story comes from Bhanu of Rank Math, a relatively new yet free WordPress SEO plugin, with a rating of 4.9 on WordPress with 80k installations!

So settle in with your coffee, tea, wine or whisky, and see how this 8 month old WordPress SEO plugin became such a hit! (Speaking of SEO, you might want to keep your website images optimized with this easy peasy tutorial).

Now, without further ado, let’s hear it for Bhanu.


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How to Use Builder Pro’s Dynamic Query

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use the Builder Pro's Dynamic Query feature to customize how you present your post archives. Dynamic Query is used primarily for ensuring the archive view for your categories are shown the way you want it to. It will also automatically detect what kind of archive we are looking at and will display the appropriate posts.

You can use a variety of modules to with this feature, including the Mosaic, Slider Pro, Timeline, and Infinite Posts modules. No more typical and old blog post archive views! Now, simply toggle ‘Dynamic Query’ on one of these modules and you can arrange and present your blog posts the way you want.

Take a look at our demos for inspirations on using each module as a post archive view.


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New Visually Stunning Scroll Effects + Bonus Feature!

Themify New Scroll Effects WordPress Theme Animations

Shop Themes Demo

Make elements hurtle through space vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or inflate in size, become transparent and blur! Now with Themify’s new Scroll Effects, you can easily create website animations without a single line of code. Take a look at our demo to see it in action and read our full documentation.

Our developers created this new feature from scratch to make it super fast and work responsively across all devices. For starters, you can set the speed, direction, and viewport of your new effect. Or amp up the animation and add multiple effects at once, like rotating an element while it increases in size. Play around with the options and discover all the cool animations you can create. (Psst! Vertical + Horizontal = Diagonal Effect)

Animate any element on your page using the powerful and flexible Scroll Effects, and start creating breathtaking parallax websites!


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Themify’s MASSIVE 9th Anniversary Sale + Giveaway Worth $5,632

Themify Sale and Giveaway Premium WordPress Gift Package

Shop Sale

Update: Congratulations to our lucky 9th Anniversary winners!

  • Charlotte Addicott - Blog Post entry
  • Chris Wilcox - Blog Post entry
  • Mohssen Mohebbi - Facebook entry
  • Sharon Drury - Twitter entry
  • Piotr Dziankowski - Facebook entry

We’re celebrating our 9th anniversary by giving you all a massive 40% OFF everything (excluding the Lifetime Club) and 5 premium WordPress Grand Prizes for 5 lucky winners!

We’d like to thank you all for helping us reach 90,000+ users this year, as well as supporting us with your membership purchases to help us keep offering the best features. Thanks also to everyone who’s left us a kind message on our Facebook recommendations page, and for all the amazing stories we continue to hear about your journey with us. We’ve got a feeling this 10th year is going to be our best year yet!


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New Feature: Upload Your Custom Fonts

Themify New Feature WordPress Theme Custom Fonts

Why use a custom font? Typography plays an important role in design and establishing a brand. Companies and businesses that understand the importance of this will ensure the consistent use of a unique font throughout their website and products. Having a font special to your company is key to brand recognition, familiarity, and can make your design stand out of the crowd.

The Themify framework includes 940+ Google Fonts, and now we’ve made using any custom fonts you find online, or even create yourself, easily uploadable! Start using any custom font on a Themify WordPress theme with our new custom font feature by simply uploading the font file. Any custom fonts you upload will instantly be available on both the Themify Builder and Customize panel.

To make things easier, we’ll brief you on how to use the new custom font feature and we’ve added a bonus list of best free font sites to peruse for perfecting the look and feel of your website.


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