New Visually Stunning Scroll Effects + Bonus Feature!

Themify New Scroll Effects WordPress Theme Animations

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Make elements hurtle through space vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or inflate in size, become transparent and blur! Now with Themify’s new Scroll Effects, you can easily create website animations without a single line of code. Take a look at our demo to see it in action and read our full documentation.

Our developers created this new feature from scratch to make it super fast and work responsively across all devices. For starters, you can set the speed, direction, and viewport of your new effect. Or amp up the animation and add multiple effects at once, like rotating an element while it increases in size. Play around with the options and discover all the cool animations you can create. (Psst! Vertical + Horizontal = Diagonal Effect)

Animate any element on your page using the powerful and flexible Scroll Effects, and start creating breathtaking parallax websites!


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Themify’s MASSIVE 9th Anniversary Sale + Giveaway Worth $5,632

Themify Sale and Giveaway Premium WordPress Gift Package

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Update: Congratulations to our lucky 9th Anniversary winners!

  • Charlotte Addicott - Blog Post entry
  • Chris Wilcox - Blog Post entry
  • Mohssen Mohebbi - Facebook entry
  • Sharon Drury - Twitter entry
  • Piotr Dziankowski - Facebook entry

We’re celebrating our 9th anniversary by giving you all a massive 40% OFF everything (excluding the Lifetime Club) and 5 premium WordPress Grand Prizes for 5 lucky winners!

We’d like to thank you all for helping us reach 90,000+ users this year, as well as supporting us with your membership purchases to help us keep offering the best features. Thanks also to everyone who’s left us a kind message on our Facebook recommendations page, and for all the amazing stories we continue to hear about your journey with us. We’ve got a feeling this 10th year is going to be our best year yet!


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New Feature: Upload Your Custom Fonts

Themify New Feature WordPress Theme Custom Fonts

Why use a custom font? Typography plays an important role in design and establishing a brand. Companies and businesses that understand the importance of this will ensure the consistent use of a unique font throughout their website and products. Having a font special to your company is key to brand recognition, familiarity, and can make your design stand out of the crowd.

The Themify framework includes 940+ Google Fonts, and now we’ve made using any custom fonts you find online, or even create yourself, easily uploadable! Start using any custom font on a Themify WordPress theme with our new custom font feature by simply uploading the font file. Any custom fonts you upload will instantly be available on both the Themify Builder and Customize panel.

To make things easier, we’ll brief you on how to use the new custom font feature and we’ve added a bonus list of best free font sites to peruse for perfecting the look and feel of your website.


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How I Went From a Stay-at-Home Mom to Professional Web Designer – Nicki Lloyd

Themify Customer Story WordPress Web Designer Mara Communications Nicki Lloyd

We’re excited to announce another Customer Story of a stay-at-home mom turned professional website designer who has a truly large collection of beautifully designed sites. Read on for her tried and true plugin recommendations and become inspired hearing her upward solo journey of website designing.

About Me

I am Nicki Lloyd, and I run Mara Communications, a website design and consultancy business based in Melbourne, Australia. I am also co-director of Hub Business Solutions, which provides an online marketing and communications portal for local businesses.

Mara Communications was founded in December of 2014 as a web design company. My professional background was in print management for several large companies. After a largely corporate career, as a full-time mum, I made the decision to not return to it. Without a technology or design background, I dabbled in newsletter and website editing for a local community playgroup. This was my first taste of website design.


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Create Dynamic Templates With Builder Pro’s Advanced Archive Posts

Themify WordPress Tutorial Advanced Archive Posts Builder Pro Feature

After the recent launch of the beta version of our Builder Pro, we’re thankful for the positive feedback and messages of support from our small but mighty community. As we work and test out the capabilities of the Builder Pro, we’re excited to bring you another new feature with the beta version, and it’s called the Advanced Archive Posts!

It might sound a little familiar already, and that’s because the Builder Pro already has the Archive Posts module, which allows you to customize the way your own blog or post categories look. So it’s only natural that the Advanced Archive Posts (AAP) module will take things to the next level.

Previously with the archive posts module, there were limitations to customizations, meaning you could only turn default elements on or off and not add anything new (including any modules). But now with the AAP module, you can drop pretty much ANY module into your archive layout. Let’s say if you want a divider, alert button, or gallery slider in between your post title and post content, just drop them in and see the module reflected in every post when you’re on archive view.


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New! Ultra Trainers Skin for Personal Trainers, Fitness Teachers, and Specialty Gyms

Themify Ultra Trainers Skin WordPress Agency Theme

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You need a fitness website to motivate your visitors and potential clients to greatness. Your site  needs to sell your services, feature motivational testimonials, allow visitors to book sessions, and inspire future clients. The Ultra Trainers skin brings you all of the tools you’ll need as a fitness professional or a specialty gym to get your business off the ground and online.

Ultra Trainers’ responsive fitness layout and bold design features allow you to focus on the important stuff as you use our instant demo import to instantly get your website up and running. Feature raw and striking photos of the moments your trainers and clients rise up to the challenge.


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