How to Use WooCommerce Product Table to Increase Sales with Themify Ultra

Themify WordPress Tutorial How to Use WooCommerce Product Table to Increase Sales

If you run a WooCommerce store, you're probably always on the lookout for ways to increase your conversion rates and order values and sell more of...well, whatever it is you're selling.

A big part of getting people to convert and buy more products is making it easier for shoppers to find the products they're interested in. Pretty simple, right? Creating a user-friendly shopping experience for your visitors will create a user-friendly revenue experience for your store's bottom line.

There are all sorts of strategies to help your shoppers find and purchase products, but we're going to laser in on one of them. This tutorial is brought to you by WooCommerce Product Table, a premium WordPress plugin for those looking to take their online shop to new heights. They've got a great solution and more than a few reasons on how you can make your eCommerce store more shopper-friendly. They'll show you how to use the WooCommerce Product Table plugin with the Ultra WordPress theme and help you create an eCommerce page that looks a little something like the image below.


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New Save Colour Swatch + 20% Off Summer Sale!

Themify New Feature Save Colour Swatch Tool WordPress Themes

While summer is in full swing we’re launching another great new feature sure to make your days more vivid and colourful. The new save colour swatch plus a bonus CSS tool is here! And with it, we’ve got an amazing coupon code to receive 20% off everything (use coupon code: COLOUR20).

But first, the new convenient save colour feature will allow you to save an unlimited number of colours, so that the ones you use most frequently are always right at your finger tips. This will ensure that the custom colours you select are all consistent throughout your site. The feature works with gradient colours as well, allowing you to add or delete colours you’re not using straight from the styling panel. You'll also see all of your saved colours available in the customize panel.


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WordPress Heroes – Delicious Brain’s Brad Touesnard

WordPress Heroes Themify WordPress Plugins Brad Touesnard Delicious Brains

For this month’s WordPress Heroes story, we’ve got Brad Touesnard of Delicious Brains who’s been the creative force behind a variety of WordPress plugins. He got his start after experiencing a pain point migrating a WordPress site for an agency he worked for at the time. (We’ve also got a tutorial on migrating a WordPress website from localhost to live server if you’re looking for that).

We welcome you to grab your favourite beverage, and curl up to read how this savvy entrepreneur started and created his own SaaS (software as a service) company.


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New! Ultra Agency 3 Skin for Marketing Agencies, Design Studios, and Web Developers

Themify Ultra Agency 3 Skin WordPress Agency Theme

Demo Buy Ultra

Our most popular skin is back upon request for thirds! We’re offering up a new WordPress theme design for digital and creative agencies, development and design studios, and tech startups with the Ultra Agency 3 skin! Let us help you expand your own agency and grow your digital offerings with our easy demo/skin importing feature.

Feature your best projects to prospective clients on our portfolio page. Give a face to the names of your staff and let your clients get to know the people providing them exceptional service. This is also our first skin that implements the new Global Style feature. You can use global style to maintain the consistency of your sites’ look and design throughout.


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New Themify Builder Features! Hover Mode, Padding Dragging, Maintenance Mode, and More!

Themify WordPress New Builder Features Hover Mode Padding Margin Dragging CSS Filters

You want it, you got it! We’ve had one ear to the ground while working away at even more new features. They include hover mode, padding/margin dragging, more CSS filters, maintenance mode, and more keyboard shortcuts! All of these features were created to make your workflow faster, allowing for less clicks and reducing carpal tunnel triggering movements.

We think WordPress users deserve the best tools to create websites that are both beautiful and easily achievable. Some of these new features are the most highly requested ones since the release of our revamped and lightning quick Builder 4.5.


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How to Map Domains to WordPress Pages

Themify Tutorial WordPress How to Map Domains to WordPress Pages

In this tutorial, we are going to show you in 3 steps how to easily map domains to any WordPress page. It is extremely useful when you run many single-page sites and don’t want to install a separate WordPress for each site.

Let’s say you are an eBook author and you are marketing each eBook on a separate site. Typically you would install a WordPress on each domain. This can be time consuming as you would need to create a database for each site. With domain mapping, you can map any domain you own to a WordPress page (eg. you can map ‘’ to your page ‘/ebook1’). So you only need to install WordPress once, and continue to create unlimited pages for all of your sites.


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