Themify 7.5 Beta: Nesting Modules, Backend Mode, and Improved Performance

Themify 7.5 Beta: Nesting Modules, Backend Mode, and Improved Performance

When Themify breaks out of silence, you know something big is about to be released. Over the past few months, we've been quietly working on another major update. Today, we are thrilled to announce the Beta version of v7.5. This new version features significant improvements in backend Builder data handling and performance. On the frontend, you can now nest modules inside Accordions and Tabs. Additionally, you can nest unlimited subrows, which were previously limited to one subrow. Last but not least, we've added the backend mode on the frontend Builder. Try the Beta version (free) to explore these new features, and let us know what you think.

Nesting Modules in Accordions & Tabs

In the past, to nest modules inside accordions/tabs, you would have had to create a Layout Part and then insert the shortcode into the accordion/tab content. Now, you can drop modules directly inside the accordion/tab content area. This utilizes the subrow logic, allowing you to change the grids and add additional styling to the layouts of accordion/tab content.

Nesting modules inside accordions/tabs

Unlimited Subrows

With the new version, you can nest an unlimited number of subrows. Each subrow can have its own grid settings and styling. This new feature provides more flexibility to create complex layouts without being restricted to just one subrow.

Nesting modules inside accordions/tabs

Inline Edit/Delete for Repeatable Items

When you hover over repeatable items such as Buttons, Icons, Tabs, and Accordions, you will see a small edit and delete button. These inline edit/delete buttons allow you to quickly add or delete repeatable items without having to open the module option lightbox. It's a nifty time-saver.

Inline add/delete button

Backend Mode

If you are a backend editor fan, you will like the backend mode on the frontend. You can quickly toggle between frontend or backend mode in the frontend Builder. The backend mode comes in handy when you have a large layout, as it can reduce the cumbersome task of dragging large modules around.

Frontend backend mode

Download & Try Themify Beta (FREE)

To get a first-hand experience of our upcoming new version, try out the beta version for free. Follow the instructions below to install the Themify Beta theme and let us know your thoughts on the new features.

  • Download the theme (don't extract the zip file).
  • Go to your WordPress site > wp-admin > Appearance > Themes > Add New, upload the theme, and activate it.
    • Do not use the beta version on any live site, as it has not been finalized yet.
    • Do not use it with any Builder Addons, as the addons need to be updated along with the new version.
    • Do not use with Builder Pro, as it also needs to be updated.


  1. Andrei
    Nov 10, 2023 @ 10:09



  2. Amol Mirje +919960333954
    Nov 10, 2023 @ 11:51

    Excellent enhancements. I have been waiting for these so long.


  3. Vince Vo
    Nov 10, 2023 @ 13:10

    Very Exciting News !


  4. Marko
    Nov 10, 2023 @ 13:16

    Love it when you guys update Themify, looks great! Love nesting modules in accordions, I’ve been wanting that! Looking forward to the final release! :D


  5. Atif Rehmani
    Nov 10, 2023 @ 13:26

    It would be helpful to have a sample video showcasing the new beta version, similar to other brands. This would provide a better understanding of how the beta version operates.


  6. Vijay
    Nov 10, 2023 @ 13:38

    Please let us know the date of release so we can prepare to test it properly before updating to this version.


  7. Adam
    Nov 10, 2023 @ 13:47

    Thumbs up or kudos for nested sub rows and tabs/accordion.
    This is something I’ve had to substitute / patch with content made separately in content parts.
    Looking forward to it!


  8. Lucian
    Nov 10, 2023 @ 14:46



  9. John Emmett
    Nov 10, 2023 @ 15:00

    Modules in Accordions – YES!
    Unlimited Sub-Rows – YES!

    Big wins in this update!

    Love the constant updates and innovations for this builder 💪🏻


  10. mike
    Nov 10, 2023 @ 17:33

    nice updates! thank you! additionally id like to see some more updated parallax and animation options and settings. also something ive been waiting for is Moving Background Objects On Mousemove. it would be nice to be able to stay current with design and interaction trends.


  11. Xtian Uribe
    Nov 10, 2023 @ 19:48

    Great update! When are you planning to have AI creating custom CSS?


  12. motivhimmel
    Nov 10, 2023 @ 20:22

    The new features sounds good for me. So I’m looking forward for the final release.


  13. Eduardo
    Nov 11, 2023 @ 07:19

    This is a great update!! Nesting modules inside the accordion module is amazing!! It would be awesome to have the same capability for the Menu modules to create custom mega menus with great content. The current mega menu option is very limited


  14. Joanne
    Nov 11, 2023 @ 15:41

    Looking forward to checking it out. Definitely the rows within rows.

    If we notice anything to report, where do we log it?



    • Joanne
      Nov 11, 2023 @ 16:33

      Just doing some initial testing and review.

      PLEASE do QA testing in Firefox before release. There are many issues so far.


    • Nick @ Themify
      Nov 13, 2023 @ 15:45

      You can post in this blog comments or send it via our contact form: (better via contact form as we can reply you directly)


  15. Explosify
    Nov 12, 2023 @ 16:13

    Have been using Themify for some time. Very delighted to see these new updates. Can’t wait for the final release, especially the ability to add nested modules in accordions!


  16. Ivan
    Nov 16, 2023 @ 13:38

    Thank! It’s amazing updates


  17. Adauto
    Nov 20, 2023 @ 19:13

    Toooooooop!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


  18. Eric
    Nov 30, 2023 @ 09:45

    The new feature of nesting modules is great. Would be great if it becomes available in a slider too!



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