New Parallax Section Scrolling Feature for Ultra & Fullpane!

Parallax section scrolling now with Ultra & Fullpane

Parallax scrolling gives your website a modern flow, as the background image moves at a different speed than the foreground image while scrolling down the page. And now, we’re introducing parallax for Section Scrolling! It’s a more dynamic and crisp effect that makes it feel as though you are looking at slides.


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Introducing The Newest Ultra Skin: Ultra App! Plus a 50% OFF Coupon Code!

As promised, we’re focusing on the release of many more skins for you all. Today we’d like to announce the launch of the Ultra App Skin! Backed by the Ultra theme, the App Skin comes with a toolbox of features that are perfect for showcasing all the elements of your app or online service.


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Step-by-step Video Tutorial on How to Create Custom Post Types with Post Type Builder (PTB)

You asked and you shall receive! We heard all your requests for us to create a detailed guide on how to use/setup the Post Type Builder plugin. And now here it is! Introducing our latest video tutorial that breaks down everything you need to know on how to create your own custom post types. (more…)

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Make Amazing Sites Like Airbnb & Amazon with Post Type Builder!

Top PTB Showcase Sites

With better technology and advanced plugins, everyday website creators can build incredibly professional and highly developed sites like that of corporate giants such as Airbnb, Amazon, and Food Network.

The complexity behind such powerful sites can actually be achieved using Themify’s Post Type Builder (PTB) plugin. The PTB plugin allows users to make any custom post types, custom fields, and layout templates. It works on any WordPress site and with any theme.


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Create a Website Faster Than Ever with Predesigned Layouts – Plus 68 New Predesigned Layouts!

140+ Predesigned Layouts

Our predesigned layouts act like website templates and is the easiest way to create a website. Predesigned layouts are perfect for laying your websites groundwork and providing you with inspiration. Whether you are developing your small business, creating a work portfolio, or even designing websites for multiple clients, predesigned layouts continue to be the easiest and fastest way to create a website from scratch.

Now with over 140 prebuilt layouts, you can easily create a new landing page, redesign your site, or even create a new site from scratch with just a few clicks! Just choose a design, import the layout, update the content, and you're done! (more…)

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WordPress 15 Year Birthday Competition!

WordPress 15 Year Birthday Competition image

Notable Entries!

We're so happy to receive so many submissions just on our first week since we released the WordPress competition. Below are some of the notable entries that we've received so far.

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