How to Setup Email Newsletters for Free with WordPress Using MailChimp & Themify

Themify Tutorial How to Setup Email Newsletters MailChimp & Themify

Experts advise any budding businesses and blogs to start compiling an email database from their first day online to engage and connect your readers or first-time visitors. The internet is a vast place so gently nudging visitors back to your site is one of the most powerful tools to increasing site traffic, user engagement, and converting visitors to customers.

Whether you’re announcing a new product, a sale, or a change in your products or services, newsletters always have the best engagement, reaching your audience personally. Having a nice email subscription form in an optimum spot can increase your subscription rate. And with our free WordPress plugin, Themify Builder, you can display sleek and modern newsletter subscription optin forms for free, anywhere you want, using the Optin Form module. Totally customizable, you can also choose to hide the request for a subscriber’s first and/or last name.


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WordPress Heroes – Autoptimize’s Frank Goossens

WordPress Heroes Themify Autoptimize Frank Goossens

Welcome back to our second ever WordPress Heroes story, featuring your friendly, neighbourhood WordPress community leaders. We created this series for those intrigued about the process of creating an SaaS company or a WordPress plugin, some of which we use daily.

So grab your coffee mug or wine glass and take a moment to hear from our next successful entrepreneur. Frank Goossens is the person responsible for growing and furthering Autoptimize, a clever tool that can increase your page speed loading time, and as a result increase your Google PageSpeed insight score. Without further ado, let’s hear from Frank!


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New Sticky Sidebar Feature

Themify New Sticky Sidebar Feature Ultra Theme Shoppe Theme WordPress eCommerce Theme

Demo Buy Ultra Buy Shoppe

We’ve got a new feature to improve upon our Shoppe and Ultra themes! The new sticky sidebar feature is here to provide all your customers a better shopping experience. You can now have your product filter stick on the sidebar so that users can select, filter, and accurately narrow their product search on the fly.


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How to Make Money From Your Blog

Themify Tutorial How to Make Money From Your Blog

Perhaps you’ve been writing your own blog for a while now. It may have been the easiest way to connect with friends and family during your travels overseas. Or maybe writing a tech or fashion blog was your outlet to sharing the fruits of your labour including hours of painstaking research and trial runs. Better yet, you might even be looking for a solution to your working 9 to 5, and instead, dream of making money from under a palm tree somewhere else in the world.

Whatever your starting point, monetizing your blog and creating revenue from your website can open up a future of possibilities for you and your interests. We’ll give you the short and long of all the options available to you so you can start profiting from your blog.

Options for Making Money Blogging:

  • Advertising Sales
  • Direct/Private Ads
  • Advertising Networks
  • Sponsored Reviews & Paid Posts
  • (more…)

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How I Switched From Designing Fashion Magazines to Websites

Themify Customer Story WordPress Lee Pears One Afternoon UK

Welcome back to a new installment of our Customer Stories. Just like his name Lee Pears, his story is also short and sweet. He shares how he went from a veteran graphics designer for major fashion magazines, including British GQ, Tatler, and Elle UK, into an empowered web designer.

Making the switch from old media to new media can be hard, but Lee shares it isn’t so. Let’s hear from him now.

About Me

My name is Lee Pears. Yep, you guessed it, pears like the fruit. ‘Pears like the fruit’ is actually my Instagram handle because of the amount of times I’ve had to say it so that people would get the spelling right – I at least thought it was about time it paid its dues.


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New! Ultra Church Skin for Churches, Faith Organizations, and Charities

Themify Ultra Church Skin WordPress Church Theme

Demo Buy Ultra

Reaching out to people in this modern age as a church or ministry requires a website. WordPress is the website platform of choice for many churches that take themselves online because it makes editing your church’s website much faster and easier. As one of our most highly requested Ultra skins, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the Ultra Church.


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