How to Enable Gzip on Nginx Servers

Themify themes come with Gzip version of all CSS and Javascripts to reduce file size. You can enable Gzip scripts at Themify > Settings > Performance. If you are using Nginx server and the Gzip option is greyed out, follow the steps below to enable Gzip on Nginx.

Step 1) IMPORTANT: Before you start, please ask your host provider to check if the ngx_http_gzip_static_module installed. If it is not installed, ask them to install it, else it can cause errors if you enable gzip without that module.

Step 2) Then you need to locate the nginx.conf file.

Normally the nginx.conf file is located at:


If you can't find it there, try the following location:




Step 3) Once you locate nginx.conf, edit it, add gzip_static on; on the http block.

nginx.conf gzip enable

Step 4) Once you save the nginx.conf file, restart the server.