Using FileZilla (FTP Software)

If you don't have FTP software on your computer, you can download a free FTP software, FileZilla (available in Mac, Linux, and Windows).

To connect to your server and manage files, follow these steps:

  • Enter the Host, Username, Password, and Port for your FTP server (you can find the FTP login information and host/port from your web hosting provider) to connect to your server
  • Once you are connected, you should see two panels. The panel on the left is your local site and the panel on the right are the remote files stored on your website's server
  • To upload files to your server, drag the files from your local drive (shown on the left) to the remote site (shown on the right)
  • To download files from your server, drag the files from the remote site (shown on the right) to your local site(shown on the left)


You may also use other FTP software like: Cute FTP and Transmit.

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