Translating Builder Content with WPML

This tutorial will show you how to translate or create bilingual version of Builder content using WPML plugin.

1. Begin editing with your post or page normally in your original content, add Builder modules in your primary language.


2. Once you save the entry, the Language meta box added by WPML will change and will show the target languages you can translate to


Tick the checkbox Duplicate, and a Duplicate button will slide down. Click it to create a duplicate of the entry.


3. The page will be reloaded and the Language meta box will be different once again


The duplicated entry is now shown. Click on the pencil to edit it.

4. You're now taken to the duplicated entry edit screen.

Important: click the button "Translate independently" in the Language meta box. If you don't do this and you ever edit and update your original entry, the translated entry content and Builder content will be overwritten.


5. You're now ready to edit the entry content and Builder content. The best method is to edit Builder content in front end so click on Switch to Front end and start editing your translated content in front end.

Your text will still be in the original language like the screenshot below:


All you need to do is to edit the modules and translate them.


Save the Builder when you are done.