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  1. Ultra Theme

    Introducing the most powerful and flexible WordPress theme created by Themify, making it easy to create any site quickly and beautifully (and responsive, of course). Take full control of your theme design from header to footer. Ultra is a "must-have" theme for designers and developers.

    DEAL: You can join Master Club $89 to get Ultra plus all 42 themes, 12 plugins, 25 Builder addons, and 5 PTB addons.

    Ultra Skins: Customize Our Pre-Made Websites

    Ultra now comes with design skins and pre-made demo sites! The skin not only transforms the site's design appearance, but can also help you to setup a real sample site within minutes. With just a single click, you can import the demo setup that includes the theme settings, content, menus, widgets, etc., exactly like our theme demos. This is a time saver for creating client sites.

    • Agency skin demo
    • Restaurant skin demos
    • Wedding skin demos
    • Fitness skin demos
    • eCommerce skin demos
    • Lawyer skin demos
    • Spa skin demos
    • Games skin demos
    • Accountant skin demos
    • Photography skin demos
    • App skin demos
    • Education skin demos
    • Portfolio skin demos
    • Sushi skin demos
    • Music skin demos
    • Ebook skin demos
    • Music skin demos
    • Lifestyle skin demos
    • Coffee skin demos
    • Agency 2 skin demos
      Agency 2
    • Software
    • Magazine
    • Church
    • Agency 3
      Agency 3
    • Agency 3
    • Fashion
    • More skins to come
      More coming...

    12 Bonus Builder Addons

    Get the exact same layouts as our pre-made sites with 12 free Builder addons. Valued at $100, purchasing the Ultra theme will give you access to all these bonus addons for free.

    • countdown
    • Progress bar
      Progress Bar
    • Counter
    • Contact
    • WooCommerce
    • Timeline
    • Image Pro
      Image Pro
    • Typewriter
    • Maps Pro
      Maps Pro
    • Pricing Table
      Pricing Table
    • Slider Pro
      Slider Pro
    • Audio

    60+ Pre-designed Layouts

    Create unlimited layouts using drag & drop Builder, responsive layouts, slider backgrounds, video backgrounds, parallax scrolling, custom styling, animations, and more. See our demo.

    To save your time, we've packed over 60+ professional layouts in the theme. Simply import the layout, edit the content, and you're done!

    Unlimited Layouts

    Smart Layout Options

    Ultra gives you full control from header to footer, either site-wide or per individual page. This means that you can make your entire site share the same look and feel or create a unique look for every page.

    17 Header/Page Styles

    Select a header/page design from 17 styles (the no header option is perfect for making landing pages where you don't want to have header navigation). And yes, there is a sticky header option and this design list is growing!

    • header top widget design
      *New* Header Top Widget
    • header classic design
      *New* Header Classic
    • Magazine header design
      Header Magazine
    • Block header design
      Header Block
    • Horizontal header design
      Header Horizontal
    • Boxed Content header design
      Header Boxed Content
    • Boxed Layout header design
      Header Boxed Layout
    • Left Pane header design
      Header Left Pane
    • Slide Out header design
      Header Slide Out
    • Min Bar header design
      Header Min Bar
    • Top Bar header design
      Header Top Bar
    • Boxed Compact header design
      Header Boxed Compact
    • Overlay header design
      Header Overlay
    • Right Pane header design
      Header Right Pane
    • split menu header design
      Split Menu
    • header stripe design
      Header Stripe
    • No Header design
      No Header
    • More
      More to come...

    5 Single Post Layouts

    In term of single post layout, there is a default layout plus four unique layouts.

    • split post layout
      Split Layout
    • fullwidth post layout
      Fullwidth Layout
    • update slider post layout
      Slider Layout
    • update gallery post layout
      Gallery Layout

    6 Header Background Options

    Header background allows you to: upload a background image, pick a solid color, insert a slider, upload a video, set animating colors, or have it transparent if you want.

    Header Background

    Preset Typography

    Ultra theme comes with beautiful typography baked into it, out of the box. It comes with a few pre-sets you can choose between like sans-serif, serif, and slab fonts. However, if none of the presets are your cup of tea, there are over 600+ Google Fonts that you can also select.


    Preset Colors

    No matter what color you like, we have you covered. The Ultra theme comes with 15 pre-set colors or you can pick the color of your choice.


    Toggle-able Elements

    Show/hide any element in the header and footer, such as the logo, menu, social links, search form, etc.

    Toggle-able Elements

    Section Scrolling

    Inspired by our Fullpane theme, full section scrolling feature allows viewers to scroll through your page design one row at a time like a presentation slideshow.

    • Preview of vertical scrolling
      Section Scrolling
    • Preview of horizontal scrolling
      Horizontal Section Scrolling (New)

    Mega Menu

    Mega menu allows you to display recent posts, multi-column dropdown menus, and even the ability to add widgets into the menu.

    Image showcasing the Mega Menu

    6 Archive Layouts

    Ultra includes 6 different styles for archive post layouts that you can choose from: slider, fullwidth, masonry, grids, polaroid, and overlay. You may also toggle the visibility of the post elements such as post title, featured image, meta, content, etc.

    Post Layouts

    Animating Colors

    Displays animated background colors anywhere.

    Image Filters

    Auto-apply Grayscale, Blur, and Sepia filters to your images without editing the original image source (no Photoshop needed). Image filter and hover filter can apply globally or individually, as desired.

    Image Filters


    Looking to showcase your work and services? Ultra includes an optional portfolio that works seamlessly with all of the post layouts available for the blog posts. We even throw in a post filter as a bonus.


    WooCommerce Shop

    Want to sell something? Ultra has WooCommerce integration, which matches the shop with the overall theme appearance, creating a seamless e-commerce experience.

    WooCommerce Shop

    Who uses this theme?

    • This website was featured in our Customer Story! Read More
    • After much research on Wordpress themes and a complete novice in Wordpress, I decided to use the Themify Ultra theme for it's clean design + the intuitive interface of Themify's Builder. This theme and the Builder add on were amazing! It made building the site and modifying the theme not as scary as I feared. As a designer and wanting things to be perfect, I did a lot of modifying to the Ultra theme and the support team at Themify were very patient, detailed and timely in responding to my questions regarding the extensive custom CSS I added. Going with Themify/Ultra/Builder was a rock solid decision and have zero regrets. Thanks Themify!
    • Themify Ultra has come to an era of apogee by providing us with a super flexible theme and reliable performance/stability. I love this theme and will keep on making awesome websites with it.
    • The Ultra theme is one of the best WordPress themes. The theme + PTB plugin and the perfect support forum from Themify = the best looking webistes and very happy customers

    Get Ultra now!

    If you enjoy Ultra theme, consider joining our Club membership to have access to all Themify themes.

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Based on Featured Theme

  • Shoppe: WooCommerce Theme

    Shoppe is a multi-purpose WooCommerce theme that helps you build professional eCommerce sites in minutes. It comes with the drag & drop Themify Builder and many eCommerce features such as ajax cart, wishlist, quick look lightbox, ajax quick search, product image zoom/gallery, and tons of layout options.

    DEAL: You can join Master Club $89 to get Shoppe plus all 42 themes, 12 plugins, 25 Builder addons, and 5 PTB addons.

    Theme Skins & Instant Demo Import

    Just install the free WooCommerce plugin and the Shoppe theme, then click demo import - within a minute, you will get an exact shop site like our demo. Shoppe theme offers additional theme skins that can transform your site with a completely different look & feel. Select a skin and click import demo, to setup your site instantly like our demo.

    • default demo
      Apparel (Default)
    • Black skin demo
    • Elegant skin demo
    • Music skin demo
    • Sport skin demo
    • Men skin demo
    • Craft skin demo
    • Fashion skin demo
    • More skins to come
      More coming...

    Drag & Drop Builder

    Using Themify Builder, you can build almost any layout you can imagine and it will be responsive. If time is a concern, simply import a pre-designed layout included in the theme. There are over 60+ regular layouts and 20+ shop landing page layouts.

    Shoppe layouts

    Smart & Flexible Layout Options

    Shoppe theme includes tons of layout options. The layout resource files (CSS and Javascript) are smartly loaded when the layout is selected, making the theme load fast without having to load all unnecessary files. It is so flexible that you can select the layout either for the entire site or per page basis (ie. you can have a different layout on different pages if you wish).

    14 Header Layouts

    Over 14 header layout options are availablewhether you like it minimal, tall, skinny, big, left, right, fullwidth, or boxed, you got it!

    Header layouts

    9 Archive Layouts

    For post archive layouts, there are traditional list-posts, 4-column, 3-column, 2-column, or tiles, and sliders with additional options like masonry, overlay, and polaroid style.

    archive layouts

    6 Footer Layouts

    The footer offers various layouts like block style, left and right column styles.

    footer Layout

    Shop Features

    Building an eCommerce site has never been so easy with Shoppe theme. Impress your visitors with these shop features - it'll make your shop feel like a big brand.

    • Ajax cart

      Ajax Cart

      When users add an item to the cart, it instantly updates the dropdown cart on the header without reloading the page. Users can view the cart total as well as remove items on the ajax cart.
    • wishlist


      The Wishlist feature allows users to add their favorite items to revisit later. When an item is wishlisted, there is a sparkling animation to enhance the user's experience.
    • Quick Look

      Quick Look

      Quick look allows users to view the details of an item in a lightbox without going to the product page. A nifty flipping animation will show when the quick look lightbox is loading.
    • Gallery Slider

      Gallery Slider

      On archive product, when the product image is hovered over, an ajax product gallery slider will appear allowing the user to see all product images.
    • Image Zoom

      Image Zoom

      Image zoom allows users to click to view a large version of the product image. It works on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
    • Product Share

      Product Share

      A convenient share button is placed next to the buy button. Having an easy-to-access share button increases sharing rate.

    Ajax quick search

    Ajax Quick Search

    One of the powerful features in Shoppe theme is the ajax search function. It allows users to quickly search anything on your site and filter the search results between the blog posts and products.

  • Mega Menu

    Display multi-column dropdown menus on the main navigation such as blog posts, and any WordPress widgets like recent products, WooCommerce categories, text widget, etc.

    Image showcasing the Mega Menu

    Bonus Addons (Value Over $100)

    Make more beautiful layouts with the Builder Addons. Purchasing Shoppe will give you access to 12 bonus addons, that is valued at over $100.

    • countdown
    • Progress bar
      Progress Bar
    • Counter
    • Contact
    • WooCommerce
    • Timeline
    • Image Pro
      Image Pro
    • Typewriter
    • Maps Pro
      Maps Pro
    • Pricing Table
      Pricing Table
    • Slider Pro
      Slider Pro
    • Slider Pro

    Footer Social Banners

    Don't let visitors miss out on your social media networks, add the customizable social banners in the footer area.

    Footer Social

    Recommended Plugins

    Below are a few Themify plugins highly recommended to use with Shoppe theme.

    • free store locator image

      Store Locator

      Store Locator allows you to add unlimited store locations and display them on a Google Map or show them as list or grid view (check out the location demo page).
    • themify popup image

      Themify Popup

      Don't let potential shoppers miss out your sales and promotions, use Themify Popup to display promotional messages. It works Themify Builder, that means you can build any popup designs as you like.
    • Announcement Bar image

      Announcement Bar

      Use the Announcement Bar to show promotions at the top header accross the entire site to help sale conversions. It is nicely integrated with Shoppe and works smoothly with sticky header (check out the Shoppe Black skin demo).

    Download Shoppe now!

    If you enjoy Shoppe theme, consider joining our Club membership to have access to all Themify themes.

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    Based on Featured Theme

  • Peak is a modern grid based WordPress theme, boasting a masonry tiles layout that can adapt to any screen size or device thrown at it. The tiles layout is auto populated and aligned perfectly in a grid, but you can set your own custom tile size. Equipped with the optional mega menu, various post layouts, slide-out widgets, portfolio, and WooCommerce support, Peak is an excellent multi-purpose theme for blogs, portfolios, magazines, and ecommerce sites.


    The theme design, including the masonry tiles, is 100% responsive across all modern devices and resolutions. No matter what device you use, the design adapts perfectly to fit in the screen. Try to resize your browser window on the demo to see this in action.

    peak responsive theme


    The masonry tiles layout offers 2 different layout options: auto tiles and custom tiles. Both are responsive across all devices.

    Auto tiles automatically generates the masonry grid that aligns perfectly no matter how the number of posts that you want to display (see the auto tiles demo).

    auto tiles

    Custom tiles option allows you to set the custom tile size for each category, and the grid layout will automatically adjust based on your selection (see custom tiles demo).

    custom tiles

    Post Layouts

    Archive Layouts

    In the archive view, layout options are extremely flexible. You can choose between tiles, list view, or grid layouts in addition to showing the post in an overlay or polaroid style (see sample layouts on one page). It comes with an option for post filters and load more functionality, which allows readers to load more posts without going to the next page.

    archive layouts

    Single Post

    There are four different layouts in single view: fullwidth image, slider, gallery, and split.

    single layouts


    Showcase your work with the free optional Portfolio post type. The same layout options found in blog post types are available in Portfolio to provide consistency with the layout.


    Mega Menu

    Create optional mega menus to display recent posts, multi-column menus, and drop any widget into the menu (e.g. Twitter, Recent Posts, WooCommerce Products, Tags, or any widget you like).

    mega menus

    Slide-out Widgets

    Peak also comes with a slide-out widget panel (out of the box), which allows you to drop in any widget.

    slide out widgets

    Unique Page Title Banner

    Create a unique page title banner for each post, page, category, and even the shop. You can upload any background image and pick any overlay colors.

    unique page title banner

    Custom 404 Error Page

    Design a custom page with the drag & drop Builder and assign it as the 404 error page to display when users end up on an incorrect part of your site.

    custom error 404

    WooCommerce Support

    As a bonus, Peak theme comes with matching styles for WooCommerce, just in case you also wish to sell merchandise.



    Based on Featured Theme

  • NEW Framework Update: Update to use the latest gadgets to skyrocket your website farther, further, faster.