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  1. 3D Titl Demo

    3D Tilt is a fun new way for users to experience your website. Instead of having all your images and text static, 3D Tilt allows images and text to float and glide slightly as the user moves their cursor over each item.

    Check out our demo to get a taste of 3D Tilt.


    How To Create a Cool 3D Tilt Effect with Themify Builder

    Based on particles.jsBased on themify builder

  2. Particles.js Demo

    Particles.js is a free script created by Vincent Garreau that can be used to add fun animated elements to the background of your WordPress Theme and Themify Builder row elements. There are a number of ways to implement this script, such as plugins, child themes or custom functions. However, the following tutorial will show you how to add particles to any Builder row of your existing site with a few simple clicks.

    To start, you will need a WordPress site with an active Themify theme using the Themify Builder, and a page created with a Builder row where you want the particles to appear. Check out the demo to see how it turns out!


    How To Add Particle Effects to Themify Builder

    Based on particles.jsBased on themify builder