Customizing theme-config.xml File

The theme-config.xml file is located in the theme folder is used to control what modules (option tabs) to appear in the Themify option panel. You can add or remove option tabs by editing the XML file.


Please do not edit the theme-config.xml directly. If you need to edit the file, save it as custom-config.xml. The theme will use the custom-config.xml instead. Read below to see how the theme-config.xml works.

How to duplicate the theme-config.xml file:

  • connect to your server using a FTP software
  • go to the theme folder folder
  • duplicate the theme-config.xml file to custom-config.xml

How theme-config.xml works:

The image below illustrates how the framework is structured.

framework structure

Editing the XML

For example, if you want to add the padding module to the body selector, simply add the following line in between the <element> tag: <module name="padding">

framework structure

You can also create your custom tabs. For example, the following code will add a new tab "Headings" to the Themify panel:

<tab title="Headings"> 
	<element title="Heading 3" selector="h3"> 
		<module name="color" /> 
		<module name="font-family" /> 

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