Default Layouts

There are three default layout options under Themify > Settings > Default Layouts:

  • Default Index Layout: refers to the home page, category, search, archive, and tag pages, etc.
  • Default Post Layout: is the post page direct URL (also known as "Single")
  • Default Static Page Layout: is the static page

Default Archive Post Layout

  • Display: choose whether to display content, excerpt or none
    • Full Content = full content (you can trim the post with the More Tag)
    • Excerpt = WordPress will automatically trim the post and strip out the shortcodes & HTML tags in the content
    • None = no content will be displayed
  • Post Layout: is the layout of posts


Default Single Post Layout

  • Post Comments: check "Disable comments in all posts" to disable comments in all posts


Default Page Layout

  • Page Comments: check "Disable comments in all pages" to disable comments in all pages


General Post Terminology

The image below illustrates the general terminology for post structures: