Popup Lightbox

  • Sample image: https://themify.org/pinboard/files/2012/06/133618178.jpg
  • Sample video: http://youtu.be/Abjx1JJO1i8 or http://vimeo.com/43797471
  • Sample iframe: https://themify.me and check 'iFrame URL' checkbox

add image

Customizing the size of the lightbox

Lightboxes by default take all of the available screen space (100% width and height). To customize the size of the lightbox window you can add "width" and "height" parameters to the URL in Lightbox Link option. For example, say you want to open "http://themify.me/" URL in lightbox window and you want to adjust the width, you can use the URL:


To change both width and height:


This feature works in Builder modules which have the Lightbox Link option as well, like Image module or the Button addon.

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