Creating Theme Skins


It is recommended to use child theme instead of skins because skin folders might be overwritten when reinstalling the theme. This tutorial is for documentation purpose. Please create a child theme instead if you intend to create a skin.

Adding Skins

The process of adding skins is very similar to creating custom WordPress themes. You need a style.css and a screenshot.png (optional).

Step 1

Create a new folder in the theme's skin folder at theme > skins.

Step 2

Create a new style.css in the skin folder. Then in the style.css, add the follow code at the top:

Skin Name: My Custom Skin

Step 3

Create a screenshot.png in the skin folder (optional). The skin should now be available within the framework under the Skins tab.

Removing Skins

To remove a skin, simply delete the folder.

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