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  1. When we embarked on developing our website, we needed tools we can rely on with interoperability in mind. Themify provide this in a one stop fashion. Themify provided everything needed to develop a super responsive website effortlessly, through their SUPER Ultra theme to Themify post type builder, useful Addons and Plugins that suite our needs.


    The Right Room

    Based on Ultra

  2. Themify framework is the best tool for professional looking web projects. It doesn't matter what - but it does matter to use Themify!

    Wyprzedaz Lexus

    Based on Parallax

  3. I'm a big fan of the Ultra theme and I think this is the best theme of all. It doesn't matter what project do you want to develop - Ultra will suit all your demands.

    Toyota Wyprzedaz

    Based on Ultra

  4. I have been a Themify user for several years now and only develop WordPress sites using Themify themes. The frontend builder has always been a game changer for me and Themify's support never leaves me hanging!

    CIA Chef

    Based on Responz

  5. I am Condo Painters in Toronto, I do interior painting. I dont know how to build websites but i just built my website using Themify Ultra with my spare time, so can you.
    Patrick Song

    Mi Painting Wallpaper

    Based on Ultra

  6. I always wanted to show that the Ultra theme is much better than the Divi theme. UltraWptheme is a showcase of Ultra webistes. The project is a growing one with Facebook community, blog posts, Themify promotions, code snippets and more. Everybody is welcome!

    Ultra WP Theme

    Based on Ultra

  7. Themify Ultra is one of the fine themes that comes with the Themify membership. Contact with the support team is always helpful and the response time is excellent.
    Erik Kroon

    Punch Creative

    Based on Ultra

  8. I'm finding Ultra such great fun. There's nothing you cannot do with a good imagination. I love the parallax scrolling and need to play a lot more with it. I shall be adding a shop to my next one. The websites look so professional and don't take too long to develop. Integration with plugins is easy. I will be trying some of the other themes in the future. Great one Themify
    Grant Charsley

    Exclusive Country Tours

    Based on Ultra

  9. What can I say? Themify brings back the fun and joy in making websites! Thank you!

    Taipei Dreams

    Based on Ultra

  10. The Pavesi Family

    Based on Ultra

  11. Themify's support is second to none and has helped me built an amazing website with such ease.
    Vien Ha

    iSimu VR

    Based on Ultra

  12. Ex-In Bern

    Based on Ultra

  13. Developing our website with Themify Ultra has been a fantastic experience. The theme is easy to use, versatile, and responsive, and the builder offers tremendous flexibility to bring your vision to life. We cannot thank Themify & their amazing support staff enough for helping us get our website up and running.
    Brandon Slack & Jordan Baker

    Payday Activities

    Based on Ultra

  14. My return on investment with Themify has been exceptional, and the theme, along with the customer support system is nothing short of perfect. Since building my site through themify, I have had constant positive feedback from my customers on the ease of use and elegant style to my site. Themify is by far the best WordPress builder out there!
    Sam Darby

    Body For Life

    Based on Ultra

  15. Using themify has been an awesome experience, the support team responds very fast and the builder is so good that I build sits in less than 20 hours.


    Based on Peak

  16. This theme made me work faster and happier than ever. Intuitive, with all that I need to set up this book store. And our clients love it too!
    Javier Zepeda

    Libros Books

    Based on Flatshop

  17. Using themify has been an awesome experience, the support team responds very fast and the builder is so good that I build sits in less than 20 hours.

    Excel Studios

    Based on Ultra

  18. With Themify it was a quick and easy development. I will surely continue to use your themes for my clients. Thank you!
    Javier Zepeda

    Psico Coaching

    Based on Landing

  19. Before discovering Themify themes, I was jumping from a theme to another. But since I’m a very visual person, none of them really suited my needs. When I started to use Themify Ultra, my production increase alot and my website quality and speed just increased by so much.
    Etienne Champagne

    Duboisa Menagement

    Based on Ultra

  20. We have used Themify for many years and the customer support is second to none!
    Anthony Whitefield

    Red Rocket Graphic Design

    Based on Ultra

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