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  1. Urban Wildscapes

    Based on Ultra

  2. Lead Tomorrow

    Based on Parallax

  3. I love the simplicity of Themify themes and Builder to create both a functional and visually pleasing WordPress site plus they offer the best support in the business.

    Lizzie Prusacyzk

    Dream 9 Studios

    Based on Ultra

  4. After searching forever for the right theme that was easy to use and customizable, I came across themify and specifically the Ultra theme. Themify was exactly what I was looking for.
    Scott Watt

    Elise Esthetics Institute

    Based on Ultra

  5. The 8 Foot Grocer

    Based on Corporate

  6. Man Made

    Based on Flat

  7. Bley Evans Law

    Based on Corporate

  8. Themify helped us enter the WordPress amazing world fast and easy. The ULTRA theme is extremely elegant, stylish, and at the same time customizable. It allowed us to easily create unique designs. Many thanks to Themify and it’s team.
    Nikos Theodoropoulos

    MoT Panels

    Based on Ultra

  9. Top 20 on our 2015 Showcase site competition!
    Richard Keenan

    Casa Alma

    Based on Corporate

  10. Alan Rogers

    Based on Metro

  11. We loved the flexible and custom feel with the Themify engine and the FUNKI blueprint. A few nips and a couple of tucks and our site was up in no time. A+
    Charles Bernard

    DJX Studio

    Based on Funki

  12. Noye’s Fludde

    Based on Flat

  13. Top 20 on our 2015 Showcase site competition!

    Colegio Anchieta

    Based on Ultra

  14. Cerys Matthews

    Based on Music

  15. Sheffield Renewables

    Based on Corporate

  16. I love how easy it is with Themify Builder to optimize the mobile experience on a site independently of the computer and tablet experiences ... just by clicking a few show / hide radio buttons!
    Scott Harlan

    Talk 19 Media

    Based on Corporate

  17. Ultra is easy to use, the result is shown exactly as planned and the doubts I found on the way have been solved by the support team in a matter of hours.
    Paolo Gavirati

    Red Wisp

    Based on Ultra

  18. Themify themes are absolutely the best ever. Love how you can create the way you want your website to look, and how setting it up is so quick. I only use Themify themes when building my websites, because it’s an excellent choice.
    Mary Newman

    Da’Shawn Pretlow

    Based on Ultra

  19. Landing is my favorite theme: simple, nice looking and very powerful!


    Based on Landing

  20. Parallax is the best, it is perfect to use in all simple web site. Themify has only beautiful template!!!
    Alessandro Pignataro


    Based on Parallax

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