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  1. Themify Store Locator is this what we are looking for to show a large selection of stores. Our client have a lot of stores with polish food in Ireland. Themify Ultra is the best and powerfull solution we found


    Sami Swoi

    Based on Ultra

  2. I use Themify because it is easy to use and gives me as a layman the opportunity to design a professional website. Themify Ultra offers me many possibilities to create an individual layout. Additional plugins complete my website. The support and the price-performance ratio are perfect.

    Helmut Cremer

    Based on Ultra

  3. Themify is great! I am very satisfied with the Ultra theme and all the integrated add-ons and was able to realize my website as I wanted. Big up also for the support team. I bombed them with questions, but they always had a clear and helpful answer so I managed to resolve all my problems. Big like! Keep on doing a great job! Best wishes!

    Refugium Tilliach

    Based on Ultra

  4. So easy to work with Ultra, options are very convenient to adjust everything but the best part is the quick help and support and online tutorials are easily found.

    Brett Sirrell

    Based on Ultra

  5. Themify themes and the builder are the best team for making a great work


    Based on Ultra

  6. The Shoppe theme is such a great theme with so many various layouts and options to individualize it. Especially the navigation is so well designed. It was never been so easy to build an online shop.
    Eike Muller

    Colors by Me

    Based on Shoppe

  7. Great Theme with Awesome Builder.

    Encept Premedia

    Based on Fullpane

  8. Woofy Box

    Based on Ultra

  9. The one and the only WordPress theme suitable for almost all of my projects!

    Pawel Kapula

    Based on Ultra

  10. Themify is great for one, like myself, who is not that familiar with coding. It is easy to use and understand. The support have been outstanding in all problems I have encountered.
    Lasse Madsen


    Based on Ultra

  11. Christope’s To Go

    Based on Shopdock

  12. With Themify builders ease of use, it no longer takes me weeks to build a site. I was able to get this up and running in less than a day!

    Scale Codes App

    Based on Ultra

  13. Thanks to Themify, I'm able to put together client websites quickly and affordable. Thanks Themify for your awesome support!.

    Lash Out eEsthetics

    Based on Ultra

  14. This was the first website I ever built with Themifys awesome WordPress theme and plugins, and the support was amazing


    Based on Ultra

  15. We had a great experience with Themify – without any prior knowledge of wordpress Themify enabled us to jump right in and setup the site. Especially the option to preinstall the demo files was great as we learned all that was needed from the demo.


    Based on Music

  16. I use Themify for all of my sites. I find all of the the themes very versatile as you can build a website from scratch or use a skin to suit your needs. The support are excellent also if you have any problems they are quick to respond.
    Maxine Pye


    Based on Ultra

  17. I really enjoyed working with the Builder, some of it options are very convenient to work but the best part is your quick help and support.
    Rehan Hayat

    Alfalfa Seeds

    Based on Ultra

  18. Weefs World

    Based on Simple

  19. Thanks Themify-Team, for letting us have now a such nice an comfortable Homepage. Looks nice, clear design and everything works like it should.With some 3rd Party-Plugins it´s a very powerful tool. It´s Easy to integrate our Events and what we also love is the friendly an very helpful support.
    Niklas Braun

    Jazz Club

    Based on Event

  20. Themify is extremely intuitive and easy to use. This is the first time I have built a site, I can't recommend them enough!
    Hena Husain

    The Content Architects

    Based on Ultra

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