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  1. Before discovering Themify themes, I was jumping from a theme to another. But since I’m a very visual person, none of them really suited my needs. When I started to use Themify Ultra, my production increase alot and my website quality and speed just increased by so much.

    Etienne Champagne

    Hype Champagne

    Based on Ultra

  2. A good way to produce professional websites - Themify
    Michael Wright

    The Canine Behaviourist

    Based on Fullpane

  3. Themify is great, I was able to get the best results and produce an eye catching website that attracted people at first sight. Amazing!


    Based on Ultra

  4. Themify has changed my live as a webdesigner. I don’t do codes for now and this theme has all the features that I need to provide a great quality job to my clients. I have loved working with Themify.
    Marjorie Lunas

    Creative Blog Designs

    Based on Ultra

  5. With Themify I can freely make the web design for its simplicity, and where I go I recommend it.
    Orson Guerrero


    Based on Ultra

  6. Themify Themes are user friendly. The Builder Plugins gives you straightforward results as you implement it. Support Team, though there's delay due to Timezone, gives me the right solution. Thank you, Themify Team!

    Memo Xpress

    Based on Ultra

  7. Using the split theme to consolidate the clean design of a aesthetics of a Gym Center. All work was made with Split and Builder Themify tools.
    Lucas Fazzi


    Based on Split

  8. Using the Themify builder I am able to build sites much quicker than if i started from scratch. The ULTRA theme is elegant, stylish, and at the same time customizable. It allowed me to easily create unique designs. I only use Themify themes when building my websites, because it’s an best choice. Thanks Themify, good work.
    Saša Živadinović

    Gym Gadgets

    Based on Ultra

  9. Themify’s templates and Builder made it quicker and cheaper to get professional results than if I had hired a designer to build my site. Support for troubleshooting small issues was stellar.
    Gary Allen

    Gary Allen Law

    Based on Ultra

  10. Ultra is one of the best themes I have ever used. Worked with many themes before like Divi, Avada etc but none was able to meet my requirements. Finally settled with Ultra and now planning to replace all my company websites with Ultra only. I can finally create and design anything that comes to my mind.
    Theme Mags

    Buy Sell Empire

    Based on Ultra

  11. The templates in Ultra made this an incredibly easy build. I can't recommend Themify enough for ease of setup, ease of use, responsiveness, and integrations!
    Morgan Crutchfield

    Crutch Field Digital

    Based on Ultra

  12. One thing i missed ... a blog ... and Themify has one of most beautiful solutions for that. Theme Infinity. Feels very intuitive also. So no need from support. It works. But hey don't forget ... you need some good text but also very important are the pictures.

    De Slimme Vrijgezel

    Based on Infinite

  13. Not only are Themify themes great to use, if you do get into a spot of bother the guys are always happy to help you out in double quick time.

    Castle Removals

    Based on Flat

  14. Themify themes make it easy to create really beautiful sites with perfect functionality. It's a snap to get great sites up and running quickly without a ton of coding hassle.
    Morgan Crutchfield

    Aquatic Weed Wizards

    Based on Ultra

  15. For me Ultra theme is the real Ultra for all my works. Blogs, business webistes, landing pages - there is no better tool for that.

    Blog Wygodnadieta

    Based on Ultra

  16. I finished this site for my godson in just one day and I'm really fascinated how Ultra worked that way!

    Carlos Matteo

    Based on Ultra

  17. With so many themes to choose from, I was able to find one that worked perfectly as a starting point for my site. And, the Themify Builder is great and has been a real time saver.

    Hops on The Mon

    Based on Landing

  18. With Themify, I was able to bring my client's requirements into reality. Using Ultra Theme, made me finish the job on-time and on-budget.

    BW Energy Services

    Based on Ultra

  19. I absolutely loved using Themify Ultra to build my website. Using the builder allows you to create a professional looking website easily. Prior to building my website I had no experience in web design. Now I can confidently update my website whenever I want. 5 stars!
    Shane Weldon

    Shane Weldon Freelance

    Based on Ultra

  20. I’ll be honest- I was slow in coming to the Themify party, but now that I understand it more, I really like using Themify to create websites for my clients. Ultra is a terrific theme that can be molded for any website. I like that there is a lot of flexibility to create any website you can imagine.
    Laura Caplan

    Lake House Restaurants

    Based on Ultra

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