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  1. I'm just starting to learn how to make websites, and the tools you provide allow a person like me be able to make sites that look professional.



    Based on Split

  2. I chose the Ultra theme because of the flexibility it provides, control over each part, and the simplicity of the backend user interface. My client wanted a site that is easy to navigate, and presents information to the visitor in a clean manner. The Ultra theme delivered on all of our needs, and the Themify support responded to any questions quickly. Bottom line is, Ultra, and Themify, has saved me time and energy in creating websites for my clients, and when I'm paid by the project, the faster I can built, the more profitable I am
    Tony Reidsma

    Dutch Country Organics

    Based on Ultra

  3. Website build on Themify, using a Ultra theme. My own inspiration.

    The Sun Web

    Based on Ultra

  4. FullPane theme + slider pro plugin + lots and lots of coffee and custom coding. cheers!
    James Doerflinger

    SWS Partners

    Based on Fullpane

  5. Sandy Bartsch

    Based on Ultra

  6. It is such a pleasure using Themify. It allows me to easily create websites with it's easy to use builder plugins, which means that I can focus on the design and creating wonderful websites that are visually pleasing. You are not limited to the builder's plugins as Themify also allows you to add custom codes which is wonderful when you have a specific feature you want to include.
    Kart Lester

    Eminence Design

    Based on Ultra

  7. Themify has been amazing, from the support on their Forums to the easy to use drag and drop interface, I would definitely recommend Themify Ultra to any website designer looking for a quick and easy builder
    Tyler Shannon

    Jibset Marine

    Based on Ultra

  8. The Themify themes have a huge amount of customization options that allow even the most novice user create an amazing looking website.

    Digifly Marketing

    Based on Parallax

  9. Ultra is the most verstaile theme i have found. Everyone comments on how professional and modern my websites look. Themify are always there to help with support also.
    Maxine Pye

    Herbi Gold

    Based on Ultra

  10. A friend and my provider needed a quick website. I had a carte blanche. So i made him a small but nice website. I always use Themify Ultra theme because it is a carte blanche also and has all i need to do whatever i want. Themify support is always there when needed. Quick and friendly if you have a small problem. I use Themify for 2 years now and people like my websites. The Themify builder is easy to use.


    Based on Ultra

  11. I love the flexibility of Ultra and that one theme can have so many different looks. Thanks Themify!

    Taya Brooks

    Based on Ultra

  12. Themify allowed me to have one of the best sites in my industry. In a world of creatives how do I stand out? The answer was simple - Themify. With this site I rose to the top of Googles #1 ‘trending artist” (images) And I could not have done it without the help of their support desk who solved every problem I ever had.
    Brandon Scott

    Brandon Scott Art

    Based on Split

  13. Just another website using Themify Ultra. New client and old colleague who wanted me to build a website for a client of hers. She was very happy with the website and her client also. We will do more websites in the future. Building with Themify is quick and very efficient. With some CSS everything possible. Designers want always more. Support is always there and has quick solutions when needed.
    Andre Gardenier

    Stoer – Tekst en Creatie

    Based on Ultra

  14. Simply Blessed Shy

    Based on Ultra

  15. Mastapis Consults

    Based on Ultra

  16. D9S

    Based on Ultra

  17. Vandieurist

    Based on Ultra

  18. Larkyn Austman

    Based on Ultra

  19. Camero Extreme

    Based on Shoppe

  20. We have been using Themify templates for a number of years. Every site we build now uses Themify’s system. It is by far the most flexible WordPress theme and plugin software we’ve found to date.
    Toby Maurer

    Lazoom Tours

    Based on Ultra

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