Building Sites for Rock Stars & Hotels with Themify – Andres Paz Soldan

Building Sites for Rock Stars & Hotels with Themify – Andres Paz Soldan

It's been a while since we shared with you a customer story. And what better way to bring it back than with the story of Andres, a passionate freelance web designer whose skills paired with our themes allowed him to create some amazing sites for his clients! Read more about his story below and check out his featured sites:

Finding Themify = Improved WorkFlow

My name is Andres Paz Soldan and I am the freelance Web Designer behind the small business called Design Today. I was always curious about how websites worked and wanted to customize my personal blog. I found some limitations for non-technical users and I needed to do something about that. Years later, I learned how to make themes from scratch, and it was awesome because WordPress is simple and powerful. However, there were still some issues and the budget was not accessible for all my clients. I could not afford to lower the costs because it takes a lot of time and effort to do this. I started looking for something that would help me give my clients a quality product for an affordable price, and that meant that I urgently needed to improve my workflow. I spent 3 days browsing the web looking for options. When I found the Themify website, I fell in love with the Ultra theme and decided to try it out for a very important project: Octavia is the greatest rock band in Bolivia and I needed to make it impressive for my portfolio and the client:

Octavia homepage
Base Theme: Ultra

The learning curve was very fast, I learned how to use the Themify Builder in 20 minutes and then got deeper into customizing the theme to the point that I met every single requirement that the client made and I exceeded the expectations: they loved their website.

Working with Themify

In 4 months, I made more than ten websites using the Ultra theme and my clients were surprised with the quality of my work. Thanks to Themify, I was able to close the price gap for small businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers and other clients that can now afford to have an incredible website for a reasonable price.

I spent 3 years trying many different frameworks, builders and themes for WordPress and I would have lost many projects if it were not for the Themify Themes. There are so many options that no site looks like the other. I installed the WPML plugin and it was a breeze to translate the sites and make them support multiple languages. Here are some of my featured sites:

  • hotel cristal samana image
    Hotel Cristal Samana
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • crusoe research image
    Crusoe Research
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • sariri bolivia image
    Sariri Bolivia
    Base Theme: Music

It is amazing what you can do with the Themify themes, but that is just not the best thing about them. I want to highlight that they have the best customer support that I have ever had. They helped me through every single step I needed and they were kind, patient and perseverant. I definitely recommend this product to non-developers and web designers that aim for high productivity through a simple and beautiful framework. Thanks to all the guys at Themify, keep up the great work and congratulations for everything you have achieved so far.

- Andres Paz Soldan

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