How I Built a Reputation for the Fastest Website Creation with Themify – Joseph Abraham

How I Built a Reputation for the Fastest Website Creation with Themify – Joseph Abraham

We wanted to share with you another installment of our Customer Story series. We love hearing just how far Themify can take a web designer or an entrepreneur. In this case, Joseph Abraham is both! With the high demands of a website for just about every business these days, Joseph has been delivering with speed and efficiency using Themify's many themes and page Builder. Read more for how he stays ahead of the pack when it comes to web designing!

The Beginning Stages & Struggles

My name is Joseph Abraham. I have been making websites professionally for over 15 years. I used to make custom flat file CMS websites for my clients. At the time, I felt WordPress was too difficult for my clients to maintain on their own and most of my clients could not afford to pay me a retainer for maintenance. When I wanted to give websites more unique functions, I would eventually migrate back to WordPress. Back then, the WordPress landscape was like the Wild West. Custom themes were unpredictable. Default themes left fewer options.

Building Websites & My Reputation With Themify

About four years ago, I heard about Themify through my favorite blog (Web Designer Wall). All of the design and development aspects I had been religiously following through Web Designer Wall were already built into WordPress themes. Currently, Themify is my first choice for all of my projects. The speed at which I can create a site with Themify is unparalleled. I am known among the local WordPress community for having the fastest work output. With Themify I can literally import a layout on a site I built years earlier or I can just fill out one of their demo pages.

techie design Screenshot
Project: Techie Design
Base Theme: Ultra

Pushing The Envelope Further

The themes are beautiful and responsive if left alone, but if you have some CSS prowess you can take it as far as you like. Many businesses just need something fast, and Themify serves this end. Themify also does a great job at continually implementing current and new technologies into their themes. In regards to their support, I have hit them with some difficult requests and there was always a resolution. Themify is very responsive to answer my questions so long as I give them a bit of time. Some of my sites include functionalities that other businesses have paid 20 times as much for. Furthermore, with the Themify Builder, my clients are able to maintain their sites themselves and even create new pages and posts on their own.

My Work Using Themify

  • Jamie English Screenshot
    Project: Jamie English
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • Atlas Clean Energy screenshot
    Project: Atlas Clean Energy
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • Janey Makes Play screenshot
    Project: Janey Makes Play
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • Meatmen Screenshot
    Project: Meatmen
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • Steal and Escape Screenshot
    Project: Steal and Escape
    Base Theme: Shoppe
  • Spice Luxe Screenshot
    Project: SpiceLuxe
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • Crossfit Upcountry Maui Screenshot
    Project: Crossfit Upcountry Maui
    Base Theme: Float
  • Jarel Paguio Screenshot
    Project: Jarel Paguio
    Base Theme: Float
  • Kara Ryska Screenshot
    Project: Kara Ryska Life Coaching
    Base Theme: Float
  • Web Design Critique Screenshot
    Project: Web Design Critique
    Base Theme: Landing
  • It's Raw Poke Shop Screenshot
    Project: It's Raw Poke Shop
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • The Young Wild Screenshot
    Project: The Young Wild
    Base Theme: Ultra

A Designer's Honest Recommendation

In my honest opinion, the Ultra theme is the most useful theme in existence. All of the other Themify themes tend to focus on specific web design styles and business types, which is great. In regards to plugins, many of their plugins are the best of their kind. Many times I use the builder when fixing someone's existing site and the Themify builder is a great alternative to Microsoft's Visual Composer. I will always be thankful to Themify for helping me to build my own business.

- Joseph Abraham

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  1. Davo
    Nov 17, 2017 @ 19:03

    Similar experience here. I have building custom WP websites using document types and custom fields for a while now. Recently, the company i work for has been taking on theme based web projects. The thinking behind this is, themes like Themify can be used to create a custom websites, faster, cheaper and with ease. Now we are able to complete a bespoke brochure site in a day or less.


  2. Banks
    Nov 18, 2017 @ 12:46

    I feel you Abraham
    THemify has actually allowed me to build an urgent website for a client within two days.
    No make that two websites within two days.
    I had a client who had a proposal in place but no website to showcase or add to the much needed business proposal. it seemed impossible that i would achieve the fete but it was done within 24hours. He was absolutely blown away by the effort and results.
    Yep, I am stuck with themify for now and its been a great journey.


  3. ivan sanchez
    Dec 02, 2017 @ 02:54

    I am also very satisfied with the theme for providing excellent technical support and facilitating the development of web pages for our clients.

    From my experience Themify Ultra is one of the best developers that has allowed me to meet the needs of my clients :)


    • Kurt @ Themify
      Dec 04, 2017 @ 20:03

      We’re very happy to hear this :) Thank you so much for your positive feedback!


  4. agen capsa susun
    Dec 08, 2017 @ 03:55

    it sound so good good job abraham. i like you post. thats so positive.


  5. John
    Dec 13, 2017 @ 08:52

    This is an excellent job, very good post.