Davide Furlotti – Managing My Sites with Themify

Davide Furlotti – Managing My Sites with Themify

For our fourth Customer Stories series we chose to cover an Italian web designer, Davide Furlotti.  He shares how he was able to use Themify to design many great WordPress sites to further expand his freelance business. Through Themify's wide range of themes, Davide was also able to broaden its scope of clients, catering to various business types, such as mobile apps, auto mechanic, restaurants, and many others. He has successfully utilized Themify to fully captivate and engage online visitors, capturing their attention every time they visit his sites.

Hello. My name is Davide, an Italian freelancer. I’ve been doing web design for more than six years, but generally, under communication and color plus for fifteen years. The main idea of my business is creating dynamic logos and websites, and this is primarily because of my love for content marketing and optimizing landing pages. Now, with the experience that I've acquired over the years, I'm looking into expanding my skills and start to promote products made entirely by myself.

HTML to WordPress

Prior to WordPress, I had a HTML/CSS with an advanced layout editor, and my approach then when creating websites would consist of anything that would outline a “classic” framework. When I discovered WordPress, it was still version 2.7 and not as advanced as the current version 4.0 hence, I had different framework ideas. Regardless of the simply adequate results that I had obtained, I continued using WordPress as my main tool.

Game-changer - Discovery of Themify

As I was browsing for alternatives, I came across When I found out that another large company that sells WordPress themes had done an Adwords campaign "against" Themify, I was prompted to learn more. After viewing the themes, I bought my first two, and began to follow the support forum. I noticed that over time the issues that rose in the forum were quickly answered, fixed, and developed to become new features.


This showed me Themify’s growing value and methodology, and it was evident that the needs of their customers were taken into account. In a short span of time, they have made palpable improvements! It’s impressive and easy-to-manage framework, and customizable CSS box grant website builders to become more creative without such concern of intricacy!

My Business Now with Themify

Several years have passed since I first learned about Themify, but it still remains professionally accommodating. It offers comprehensive tools that are constantly improving. And ultimately allows me to competently create custom work models, that can be improved in a quality that I can guarantee my customers.

The Proof

Here's a rundown of web projects (grouped by theme) that I have personally taken care of in a different way using the framework of Themify:

  • cheviaggi
    Project: Che Viaggi
    Base Theme: Parallax
    Services: Site, WP, Development, Web Design, AdWords
  • vetrocar
    Project: Vetrocar
    Base Theme: Parallax
    Services: Site, WP, Development, Landing Page
  • bitterapp
    Project: BitterAPP
    Base Theme: Parallax
    Services: Site, Logo, WP, Development
  • hypermeches
    Project: Hypermeches
    Base Theme: Flat
    Services: Site, Logo, WP, Development, Landing Page
  • mp_auto_&_moto
    Project: MP Auto & Moto
    Base Theme: Agency
    Services: Site, WP, Development
  • ducale
    Project: Ducale
    Base Theme: Magazine
    Services: Site, WP, Development, Web Design
  • cibus
    Project: Cibus
    Base Theme: Magazine
    Services: Site, WP, Development, Web Design

Final Remark

To sum it all up, Themify has allowed me to make my business run better by offering comprehensive tools that are optimized with constant improvement.

- Davide Furlotti @ifurlo

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  1. Amaral
    Oct 23, 2014 @ 23:33

    Could you suggest a good theme for a website of games. I want to create a site that talks about Playstation 4. Do you have any suggestions?


    • Kurt Uy
      Oct 24, 2014 @ 15:59

      Hey Amaral, we’d love to suggest some themes for you. Just contact us via and we’ll respond to you with some suggestions. Also, if you have some sample sites that you would like to include it would be more helpful. This will allow us to give you a better suggestion that’s more specific to your preference.


  2. Amaral
    Oct 24, 2014 @ 16:29

    ok… thanks!!! :D


  3. Frank
    Oct 27, 2014 @ 12:41

    Nice ….


  4. Emanuele Pisapia
    Nov 30, 2014 @ 19:01

    Great job Davide, your themes are modern and awesome. I am proud to had the opportunity to meet you. Good luck for all your projects.



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