Dianta Weeda – Doing My Dream Job with Themify

Dianta Weeda – Doing My Dream Job with Themify

Meet Dianta Weeda, a blogger-turned-web designer, thanks to Themify! She is the latest addition to our Themify Customer Story series. Read how she was able to find her dream job through Themify, and how she utilized the framework customization features to create beatiful sites for her clients. Read her story below.

The Beginning - Failure leading to Success

Right out of school I started my own little shop in women clothing. Unfortunately the shop didn’t bring me the success I hoped for. I needed to close and perceive a different carrier. But what to do when you already had a dream job? I gave myself a year to do whatever I liked, and I started blogging about creative entrepreneurs. I combined creative writing, photography and the challenges of entrepreneurship.
There are so many talented, driven and creative entrepreneurs around me that they needed to be in the spotlight. Meeting new people and picking up on their energy gave me a boost. I was able to combine my love for all things creative with my business sense. This gave me a good direction for my new carrier path, of which I didn’t know the destination yet.

The Transition - Vision to Reality with Themify

I have a peculiar tendency of wanting to have everything perfect, which naturally inspires the current design of my blog. My theme at the time wasn’t flexible enough. And a miracle happened! I stumbled on to the Themify website and was overwhelmed by the options. A good friend gave me the confidence and chance to build his website from scratch.  I really just dived into it having no clue about programming and coding. All I had was a vison and with Themify, it easily transpired, even without the programming and coding. A match made in heaven!
I created new designs for friends and family and took the diversity as a learning tool. Hours, days, and weeks, I was glued to my computer. My ‘clients’ were very happy and excited about the designs, which led me to the decision of turning my web design services into a business. I also wanted to bring my work to the next level by focusing on learning more and expanding my network.

My work:

  • dianta-weeda
    Project: Van Der Ven Osteopathie
    Base Theme: Basic
  • dianta-weeda
    Project: Just Yoga
    Base Theme: Landing

I’m confident to say Themify played a huge role in this decision. The flexibility, design and support are all super great. I want to serve my clients professionally and quickly. So whenever I get stuck with something, I know I can rely on the rapid and effective Themify support team.
After a year, I can say I found a second dream job. A friend said to me: "find out what you love and become really good at it". I am improving everyday and working towards becoming really good at what I do. Thanks Themify for making it happen!

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