Edmin Theme Release

Edmin Theme Release

We're proud to announce Edmin as our eighth official theme release. Edmin was built to have an elegant, out of the box, design with a strong core layout structure. This theme includes a number of different layout options which help you customize this theme to your needs. With features like our home page slider, page and post custom fields, and our standard Themify Framework built-in for maximum customization and creation this theme is definitely one to pick up.

If you're interested in getting Edmin, for a limited time discount, enter the promo code "edmin" on checkout to save 30%. This coupon code can only be applied to Edmin. The discount code expires as of November 5, 2010.

Header Slider

The header slider is customizable. You can set which category to display the feature posts or upload custom images to display it as a photo gallery.

Custom Page Template

You can add a query of posts, from a specific category(ies), to your page. There are 7 different layout options you can choose from. Each page can have their own settings which include: posts per page, image size, and whether to hide or display: content, title, date, and page navigation.

An example, you may have a page called "Portfolio" that queries all posts from the "Portfolio" category. You can then use the grid layout to style the query from the page's layout options. After that, you could create another page called "Blog" which displays posts from a different category with different layout.

These options make this theme very versatile and very flexible. Check out our demo for examples.

custom page panel

Footer Widgets

You can choose to display up to 4 widget columns (optional) in the footer.

footer widgets

Custom Menus

Edmin has both a header and footer navigation area where you can use the WordPress 3.0 Custom Menus feature to build your custom menus.


Page Navigation

Edmin has a beautiful pre-styled page navigation (no plugins required).



Not a big fan of the default design? Check out the Black Jean skin. Or use the minimal white / black skins if you prefer a simple design. None of these skins fit your needs? Why not create your own or use our Themify Framework, built-in, to customize your themes look and feel all your own.


Discount Code

Enter coupon code "edmin" to save 30% discount (the code expires on Nov 5, 2010).


  1. Moeed Mohammad
    Oct 29, 2010 @ 19:32

    Slick work as usual fellas!


  2. Surendran H
    Oct 30, 2010 @ 06:24

    This theme has professional appearance for photography, art work websites.

    Great Job!


  3. zenigh
    Oct 30, 2010 @ 12:27

    Lovely theme!


  4. Best Magazine Wordpress Themes
    Nov 25, 2011 @ 21:03

    Very clean. I really like it.



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