How Themify Helped Me with My Growing Business

Sharing her passion for web design, Roberta De Rosa tells us her story of how Themify was able to help solve her problem of creating personalized sites for her clients, while keeping up with the growing requests. Read on, and see how she was able to do this, and view some of the beautiful sites she's done.


From Researcher to Web Designer

My name is Roberta and I am the webdesigner/owner of Lady Cake & Friends. I graduated with a degree in Psychology, where I worked for five years as a researcher. During this time, I developed my passion for web design where I realized that I had a talent for creating aethetically appealling web designs. This motivated me to dive into the language of programming, so that I can create more of my web designs

Overtime my passion for web design, as well as, requests from various clients grew. I started to shift more of my time and efforts to further develop my skills, so that I can keep up with the demand without loosing the personal design I bring to each client. However, I knew that I had to find or create a system that'll allow me to continuously accelerate the process of designing sites, without sacrificing the quality of my work.

Hearing this problem, a friend adviced me to use Themify. I instantly fell in love with it! Its simple and easy-to-use interface, paired with my knowledge of programming and CSS, allowed me to translate all my designs for each client faster and easier without loosing the personal customization I bring to each site. The forum and customer support, also providing great support that helped me improve my web design skills. Especially during the early stages, answering all my questions helped me learn how to fully use the Builder features. This great support is also enjoyed by of my clients, as they are now also part of the Themify community.


My work:

  • lady-cake Project: Lady Cake & Friends Base Theme: Magazine
  • binari-dintorni Project: Binary & Dintorni Base Theme: Responz
  • libri-da-leggere Project: Libri Da Leggere Base Theme: Responz
  • triarios-triathlon Project: Triarios Triathlon Base Theme: Elegant

Final Remarks

Moving forward, I plan to continue and grow my client base, and further improve my web design skills. Which I hope will allow my business to expand and grow. My dream is to be a guide for anyone who wants to turn their hobby as their job, and I know this dream can become a reality with the help of Themify.

Themify has changed the way I work.....the truth? I couldn't live without it!

Share Your Story Now

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  1. Richard Wood
    Nov 03, 2015 @ 12:34

    Hi Roberta, you story sounds very familiar to me. I started out studying psychology and computational neuroscience, and spent a few years as a post doc research before starting my own design business. I love your design work as well. I have been customising off the shelf premium themes but I love the idea of crafting my own from scratch. I can code but I’ve been avoiding it to keep the costs down, so the themify plugin sounds great. Thanks for sharing…


  2. Elizabeth Cruz
    Nov 05, 2015 @ 11:53

    Hey Roberta,

    Glad to meet you!

    An impressive theme where we used of different kind of area, as a web-designer, I think design looking so amazing and wondering to used at more.

    Thanks for sharing and enjoyed to reading this article too much.

    Elizabeth Cruz



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