New Music Theme Update!

New Music Theme Update!

We’ve pumped up the volume on our already fully loaded Music theme! Themify Music has just been updated with a new feature. The update will now allow users to browse a site while having the Audio Dock on continuous play. This means that no matter where they navigate to on your site, the user will be able to keep listening to a track without having the Audio Dock refreshed. The feature is called Ajax navigation. Check out our demo to see this.

New Music Theme Features:

  • Continuous music play while navigating through various pages on a site
  • Audio Dock automatically pauses/resumes when users play video or audio in the Album and Video post lightbox
  • Audio Dock isn’t interrupted as users navigate back and forth using the browser back/forward button

Now, all the aspects that fit the need of a listener come full circle with the desires of the artists. Themify Music includes our drag-and-drop Builder, Audio Dock, and can feature albums, events, galleries, video, press, and much more. Set the perfect online stage for your music to shine today!

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  1. Usha
    Feb 07, 2017 @ 20:29



  2. Jordan Woolen
    Feb 09, 2017 @ 03:04

    GREAT work guys!!
    I noticed an F.A.Q Section in the “Lawyer Theme Demo” (within my Ultra Theme)
    And have been looking for something to create an F.A.Q. Section with.
    Even better if I can create it from existing Comments (Most popular)!?!?

    I’d like to suggest that you guys create an “F.A.Q Module” as a STAND-ALONE Plugin.

    **Perhaps incorporated into the existing “Contact Module”, displaying answers to previous Commonly asked questions
    **Also perhaps one function (for Admin use only) that would Query the blog for existing Popular Comments/Questions for the purpose of creating the F.A.Q Section.

    -Master Club Member,
    Jordan W.