Themify Showcase Blast – February 26

Themify  Showcase Blast – February 26

Check out new additions to our Showcase page with this weeks Themify Showcase Blast - a weekly blogpost that highlight the newest additions to our Showcase page. This post includes creator names, sneak peak images of their WordPress site, and testimonials of what they had to say about their experience with Themify.

Featured Site: Katie Jane Collins
Base Theme: Parallax

"It took a good few months of hard work to achieve the finished look, but with themify's online support and the simple site builder layout, it's now complete and is regularly being referred to as 'a professional and modern looking site', which is fantastic." - Katie Collins


Featured Site: Natasha Kotto
Base Theme: Elemin

"I absolutely love the excellent customer service Themify offers through their support forum. My site would not look the way it does without it. I'm happy I found" - Natasha Kotto


Featured Site:80's Picture House
Base Theme: Stack

"Using the Stack theme and the Themify Framework, I was able to redesign 80's Picture House in next to no time." - Michael Oglesby


Site: ORO Polska
Base Theme: Basic

"Builder Layouts! Adding 60 products in a flash :)"

Which one's your favourite this week? Let us know by commenting below.

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