Ultra Update: More Layouts & 2 Month Free Trial!

Ultra Update: More Layouts & 2 Month Free Trial!

It's been a year since the initial release of our most flexible & powerful theme—Ultra. Since then we've added many new features focused on making it better, easier-to-use, and more flexible. This has led to a steady growth with our user base, and has become one of our most popular themes. And now we're at it again by adding some cool new features to this themes arsenal. In this latest update, we've added 4 new post layouts, full section scrolling, and a new split menu design.

2 Month Free Trial!

To make sure that no one misses out on all the new features that Ultra has to offer, we're giving a 2 month free trial for all new, and existing members that haven't tried it yet. This will give you a chance to experience why we labelled the Ultra theme, as the most powerful WordPress theme yet! This offer is only for a limited time, so make sure to get it now!

Below is a snapshot of all the amazing features that Ultra has!

4 Beautiful Post Layouts (*New)

Inspired by our Peak theme post layouts, now you can display your blog posts with different types of post layouts.

  • New Ultra theme split post layout
    Split Layout
  • New Ultra theme fullwidth post layout
    Fullwidth Layout
  • New Ultra theme update slider post layout
    Slider Layout
  • New Ultra theme update gallery post layout
    Gallery Layout

14 Header Designs

The Ultra theme comes with ability to change overall the page/header design for each per page, or set one site wide. Below highlights the 13 header designs that you can choose from.

  • New Ultra theme split menu header design
    Split Menu (*New)
  • New Ultra theme Block header design
    Header Block
  • New Ultra theme Horizontal header design
    Header Horizontal
  • New Ultra theme Boxed Content header design
    Header Boxed Content
  • New Ultra theme Boxed Layout header design
    Header Boxed Layout
  • New Ultra theme Left Pane header design
    Header Left Pane
  • New Ultra theme Slide Out header design
    Header Slide Out
  • New Ultra theme Min Bar header design
    Header Min Bar
  • New Ultra theme Top Bar header design
    Header Top Bar
  • New Ultra theme Boxed Compact header design
    Header Boxed Compact
  • New Ultra theme Overlay header design
    Header Overlay
  • New Ultra theme Right Pane header design
    Header Right Pane
  • New Ultra theme No Header design
    No Header

Section Scrolling (*New)

Popularized by our Fullpane theme, we've now added the section scrolling feature. This allows you to scroll through your page row one at a time. Together with the Themify Builder, this is an awesome feature allows you to display any type of content; into fully-customizable rows. With this feature you can style by changing the font, colours, and backgrounds for each and every row!

Image showing a preview of the Section Scrolling

Mega Menu

Mega menu is one of the recent features that we added in Ultra. It allows you to display recent posts, multi-column menus, and even the ability to add widgets into the menu.

Image showcasing the Mega Menu

50 Builder Layouts

The Ultra theme is now packed with over 50 pre-designed layouts that can easily be imported and used on any page, or post. Built using the Themify Builder, after importing the layout simply turn on the Builder and start editing the content to match the look and feel of your site. We are continuously adding new pre-designed layouts, so expect more to come in the near future.

Image highlighting all the Builder layouts


  1. Jan de Wit
    Jun 13, 2016 @ 13:18


    I have Themify Ultra, what is the cost of the update?

    Thanks, Jan


    • Kurt @ Themify
      Jun 13, 2016 @ 17:18

      Send us an email at info[at] with your Themify username and we’ll further look into this :)


  2. calvin
    Jun 13, 2016 @ 13:26

    Mann!! Themify just keeps getting better!

    Love the regular updates and improvements you are making to the themes and the builder! I use the Ultra theme myself and i really can make almost anything with it!

    Great job guys really.!!! thanks a lot.


    • Kurt @ Themify
      Jun 13, 2016 @ 17:18

      Thanks for the awesome feedback Calvin!


  3. Antonella Tromba
    Jun 13, 2016 @ 13:46

    I am already an Ultra user.
    Thanks for these updates, I love them!


  4. Denis
    Jun 13, 2016 @ 14:04

    I loved to have the tile layout ?


  5. TECH 500
    Jun 13, 2016 @ 15:01

    Amazing Theme, getting better and better.
    I hope Builder will get better Arabic and Hebrew support (right to left – RTL).


  6. Daniel J. Lewis
    Jun 13, 2016 @ 16:03

    Bummer. The awkward snapping header still hasn’t been fixed, even though it looks fixed in the demo GIF.


    • Kurt @ Themify
      Jun 13, 2016 @ 17:20

      Hi Daniel,

      Please allow us to look into this for you. Do you mind sending us your site URL at info[at] and we’ll further look into this issue?


    • B.zigi
      Jun 14, 2016 @ 00:23

      Agree with Daniel. The header needs its smooth scroll fixed. Also the slider menu /header would be great if it had a left side option.


  7. Ryan
    Jun 13, 2016 @ 21:57

    Would love to see Mega Menu’s come to the Split Theme.


    • banks
      Jun 14, 2016 @ 12:01

      My thinking too Ryan
      I think mega menu shouldnt be restricted to peak theme and a few others on themify


  8. bwb912
    Jun 15, 2016 @ 16:35

    You guys are awesome! Themify has revolutionized my ability to provide awesome web design to clients. It is really fun to use on top of everything and seems to work just fine with most third party plugins I need (which has been an issue with other “drag-and-drop” builders I have used in the past). Your support is PHENOMENAL. The price tag on the full membership is worth every penny. Thank you for you continued support!


    • Kurt @ Themify
      Jun 15, 2016 @ 17:13

      We’re very happy to hear this :) Thank you for the positive comment!


  9. Belmir
    Jun 15, 2016 @ 19:22


    Are this plugins include if I buy the master club membership for one year now?

    BR Belmir


    • Kurt @ Themify
      Jun 16, 2016 @ 15:33

      Yes. The Master Club membership will give you access to all our products, including all our plugins.


  10. Ian Gordon
    Aug 25, 2016 @ 00:17

    Is there a way to customize the header? For example to make it look like this: with some wigetized elements?



    • Kurt @ Themify
      Aug 25, 2016 @ 15:56

      Hi Ian,

      Do you mind sending us an email at info[at] with a sample site URL that has this kind of layout so we can better visualize what you mean?



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