How I Teach University Digital Marketing Classes Using Themify! – Dr. Arnold Robinson III

How I Teach University Digital Marketing Classes Using Themify! – Dr. Arnold Robinson III

It’s always exciting to hear the different ways and purposes people use Themify, and this month’s Customer Story is no different. We’re pleased to welcome Professor Robinson as well as an entire several years of graduates and undergrads of Colorado State University. They’ve been using Themify to create WordPress sites to flex their digital marketing skills and to help local businesses get their websites started.

About Me

My name is Dr. Arnold Robinson III and I am a Clinical Professor at Colorado State University. I teach undergraduate Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing, and graduate level Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing.

I graduated with a CIS (Computer Information Systems) degree in 2001 and my first job out of college 2001 was as a web designer. I have been involved in websites and digital marketing ever since. Throughout the years I have obtained an MBA and a Ph.D. in marketing. I currently own a web design company on the side while I teach full time at CSU.

Favela Interiors Themify Ultra Theme
Project: Favela Interiors
Base Theme: Ultra

How I Teach Digital Marketing

In my digital marketing courses at Colorado State University I teach a very hands-on class. I don’t use a textbook and instead I write all the learning material myself, usually in the form of a blog post on my own website, The Digital Marketing Professor.

Students in my digital marketing class make two self-hosted WordPress websites throughout the semester. One for themselves and one for a local business. We use these websites to implement and run all the latest digital marketing technologies and techniques.

Social Cocktail Bar Themify Ultra Theme
Project: Social Cocktail Bar
Base Theme: Ultra

Discovering Themify

I have been teaching Digital Marketing since 2008 and I started using Themify in my class in 2017. Before I found Themify my students were creating blogs on Blogger and then However, neither of those platforms were powerful enough to teach my students the digital skills they needed. They were both very limited in what they could do.

I spent about 6 months researching a flexible framework for my students. I needed a flexible WordPress framework where my students could learn to make nice looking website. There were a few options I tested out but my sticking point was that I needed something flexible enough that one student could make a website for a non-profit, another could make a website for a coffee shop and another could make a portfolio  resume website for him or herself.

Additionally I needed a framework that was easy to learn. Most of my students have zero experience with WordPress coming into the class so I needed a framework with a very small learning curve.

  • Wites Law Firm Themify Ultra Theme
    Project: Wites Law Firm
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • Mojeaux Bar & Grill Themify Ultra Theme
    Project: Mojeaux Bar & Grill
    Base Theme: Ultra

After Themify

I decided on Themify a few years ago and I haven’t looked back. Since then my students have made several hundred different websites with Themify's Ultra Theme and their drag-and-drop page Builder. We also have a lot of Fort Collins businesses running Themify-powered websites. With a couple clicks students can have any type of website up and then it just takes a little bit of configuring to fine tune it for the clients.

Local businesses have been pleasantly surprised with how nice looking the student produced websites have turned out.  Additionally, once we turn over the websites, they are very easy for the businesses to update and maintain.

  • Choice City Wings Themify Ultra Theme
    Project: Choice City Wings
    Base Theme: Ultra
  • Vets 4 Life Themify Ultra Theme
    Project: Vets 4 Life
    Base Theme: Ultra

Looking Ahead

Themify has made it so easy for me to teach WordPress and Web Design. All the digital marketing WordPress tools and plugins work seamlessly with Themify as well. I have been able to step up the quality and professionalism of my students’ sites and as a result, my students get to finish the semester with one or two great looking websites and enough knowledge for an entry level digital marketing job.

If anyone tells me they want to make a website themselves I always recommend Themify as a very fast, very flexible solution to getting a great looking website up and running.

- Dr. Arnold Robinson III

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    Great Work Dr. Arnold.

    Are you teaching PPC also?


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