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  1. I've been using Themify products now for the last 3 years. I've tried many others, but no one else comes close to providing the features, styling options and superlative support that I need as a web designer. Bravo!

    Scott Riley

    New Domain Design

    Based on Ultra

  2. I always loved the Split theme effects and with a client who wanted the "Cool Factor" I finally had a chance to use it. It was fun to play with and our client loved the results!
    Barry Dollar

    Impact Unite

    Based on Split

  3. On the website we wanted to feature the Superwow experience front and center. We accomplished that by easily dropping in a background video. It was also important to highlight major personalities, and the image pro feature worked amazingly well in accomplishing that.
    Barry Dollar

    Super Wow

    Based on Landing

  4. I like using Themify Peak theme for my personal blog. I love the drag and drop builder Themify offers which gives me the flexibility to design every individual post in a new way. I love Themify's visual driven interface with true colors and rich image display features for creating quality posts even for personal journals.

    My Daily Journal Online

    Based on Peak

  5. I used Float again and modified the Wine example. I think right now this is my favourite theme. I really like the picture overlaps and playing with the graphic overlay animations.
    Nathalie Prevost

    3 Eyed Creature

    Based on Float

  6. I used the Peak theme and a variation of the Model example. I just love the tiling styles of that theme and the colour and gradient overlays.
    Nathalie Prevost

    Kwai Kwai

    Based on Peak

  7. It's a simple site but I like the way the parallax effect adds subtle layering. I also used hover colour overlay to add some movement to the navigation.
    Nathalie Prevost

    Robotgirl VS Zombie Inc

    Based on Parallax

  8. Themify Ultra is a perfect toolbox for building excellent and up-to-date websites. I love it and recommend it more than anything else!
    Rita Seidel

    Homepage Manufaktur

    Based on Ultra

  9. The Themify platform is all I use. It's the perfect balance between code and wysiwyg. I love that is so easy to create something completely new from each templates by mixing and matching components, though often I don't have to because the templates are so beautiful.
    Nathalie Prevost

    Sop Sop

    Based on Float

  10. Themify has been my go-to theme provider for multiple sites now. I love that I can do a fast build that will also look fantastic, be user-friendly, and have all of the integrations I need to say ahead of trends. The builder has so many options that make developing so easy. I can’t say enough about how easy Themify makes building sites with correct infrastructure and great design!
    Morgan Crutchfield

    Off The Rails

    Based on Elemin

  11. The Themify Support team were fantastic! They really helped me customize my design efficiently and coherently.
    Rich Brankin


    Based on Ultra

  12. Themify is a nifty little tool that helps build that fantastic looking websites, in a mere matter of minutes! Themify Ultra is the theme we use and we found that it helps get that professional feel you're looking for!
    Michael Noyce

    Easy Count

    Based on Ultra

  13. I love working with Themify themes and plugins. There are plenty of various themes suitable for any website and choosing the right one can save a lot of effort. Working with Builder and plugins is straightforward and easy, it allows me to change layout very quickly when client asks for it. Customizing and using custom CSS is also very convenient. Well done, Themify
    Juraj Malíček

    Stastnu Cestu

    Based on Magazine

  14. Themify Store Locator is this what we are looking for to show a large selection of stores. Our client have a lot of stores with polish food in Ireland. Themify Ultra is the best and powerfull solution we found

    Sami Swoi

    Based on Ultra

  15. I use Themify because it is easy to use and gives me as a layman the opportunity to design a professional website. Themify Ultra offers me many possibilities to create an individual layout. Additional plugins complete my website. The support and the price-performance ratio are perfect.

    Helmut Cremer

    Based on Ultra

  16. Themify is great! I am very satisfied with the Ultra theme and all the integrated add-ons and was able to realize my website as I wanted. Big up also for the support team. I bombed them with questions, but they always had a clear and helpful answer so I managed to resolve all my problems. Big like! Keep on doing a great job! Best wishes!

    Refugium Tilliach

    Based on Ultra

  17. So easy to work with Ultra, options are very convenient to adjust everything but the best part is the quick help and support and online tutorials are easily found.

    Brett Sirrell

    Based on Ultra

  18. Themify themes and the builder are the best team for making a great work


    Based on Ultra

  19. The Shoppe theme is such a great theme with so many various layouts and options to individualize it. Especially the navigation is so well designed. It was never been so easy to build an online shop.
    Eike Muller

    Colors by Me

    Based on Shoppe

  20. Great Theme with Awesome Builder.

    Encept Premedia

    Based on Fullpane

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