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  1. Themify has really helped streamline my web development. I love that I can modify colors and fonts on such a granular level.

    Sara Dyson

    Wine Tasting Croatia

    Based on Magazine

  2. This is the very first website that I have made... Using the Elemin theme required some getting used to, but overall it was not so hard to get the design I wanted. Most of all, the themify builder was very helpful !


    Plume Confetti

    Based on Elemin

  3. Themify's themes has made my life easier, saving me time and allowing me to focus on the creative aspects, knowing that the themes will work and function as planned, thanks for excellent software

    Rudi Schlieben

    Tienie Pritchard Sculptor

    Based on Parallax

  4. Themify has simplified web designing , the best drag & drop WordPress themes with ultra quick builder easier to use with sophisticated finish. The web design world has become a different place. Themify made my life easier. I just cannot conceptualize any wordpress web design without Themify.



    Based on Corporate

  5. Comite D’Animation Mirebalais

    Based on Corporate

  6. Themify have provided me the exact tool I needed : I'm not pro at CSS code, but thanks to the builder and various documentations I could use the templates and customize them as much as I wanted, and felt really free. And if I had any problem, the very reactive and very helpful support sorted it within minutes !


    Artist Studio Project

    Based on Music

  7. I loved using Themify basic when creating my blog because I managed to get the exact result I wanted. The theme is so well structured and flexible that any design can be achieved. The very extensive documentation got me through the initial steps, and after learning css I have found the code very easy to play with.

    Ingrid Opstad

    Ingris Design Blog

    Based on Base

  8. TI had great experience using Themify, the themes are very powerful and they give a lot of flexibility and customization, it usually require hardcore coding with conventional themes but it is much easier with Themify.

    Kamel Labiad

    Kamel Labiad

    Based on Basic

  9. I have tried out many site builders, many themes, but I have settled for this one. It couldn't get any better.

    Krishna Narang

    Lycan Bot

    Based on Ultra

  10. I really like the flexibility from this theme, there was all i need for an corporate site (and much more). And i like the really fast support from the themify team, that solve the few problems i’ve got. I fall in love with the Themify Themes, and I regret that I have not chosen the club membership ;-)

    Frank Puschmann

    PU Help

    Based on Corporate

  11. Go Like King

    Based on Fullpane

  12. LH Power Bank

    Based on Flatshop

  13. There's no faster way to get an attractive, modern, functional, and – most importantly – high-converting website up and running than the Themify framework. The Themify club is the best value in web design.

    Matt Hall

    TLDR Marketing Report

    Based on Ultra

  14. The Corporate theme is easy to install, configure and update. Whenever we need advice we turn to the Themify forums and often receive tips directly from Themify staff. The plugins and supporting documentation are awesome as well. We couldn't be happier with Themify!

    Brent Shreve

    Touch Support

    Based on Corporate

  15. When my site is ready I feel even more happy coming across your website in the search of perfect theme. I'm a perfectionist and creating design in every point was an essential thing for me. I changed tons of things, but it was a pleasure to work with Themify. Customization is simple and clear — just a godsend for those who don’t know css. And when I just started I didn’t know anything. But one of the best points of using Themify is their Support Dream Team. Always quick and always helpful they solved all my issues. It’s the best web product I ever bought, seriously.

    Katya Rezvaya

    39 moments

    Based on Funki

  16. Plomo En Oro

    Based on Basic

  17. Sollerberger Sounds

    Based on Flat

  18. Absinthe

    Based on Bold

  19. Metro was the First theme I used to build a wp site and it was quite intuitive from the start. Of course I needed some help with problems with sometimes very easy solutions. With that you all are always patient in your help. I also used some other themes as well by now and they are even great. Thanks a million and keep up the great work!


    Ellen Bakker

    Based on Metro

  20. The best theme for artist and musician I could find. It gives an opportunity to create individual design you have in mind. I like the stylish look of the theme and the music player. Themify Team provides great support.



    Based on Music

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