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  1. Den Montero

    Based on Fullpane

  2. I love it! Simple. Sleek. Modern. Simple. Easy to setup. Easy to update. The best in the business!

    Alain Desaulniers

    Revolution Health

    Based on Corporate

  3. Themify offers lightning speed support, when needed and we love the Parallax theme we used for our website!


    Aeon Skin

    Based on Parallax

  4. Stjarngrind

    Based on Flatshop

  5. Hatch 3D

    Based on Fullpane

  6. Simon Beeck

    Based on Parallax

  7. The FlatShop theme provided very powerful functions allowing us to quickly create a very customized experience. We specifically utilized the Theme Builder function. With this function we created landing pages for our shows which integrated content, shopping, and show messaging in a unique template design as seen here.

    Rob Rauffer

    Blackbird Presents

    Based on Flatshop

  8. Fast and mainly targeted support from Themify make the work easy

    Eike Muller

    Eike Muller – Web Design

    Based on Parallax

  9. The design theme of temify is pure magic. When they introduced the Builder at the beginning I had not fully understood his greatness, now I love it, and simplifies my life as a designer.Support, this is the spearhead of the work of Themify. They have a great relationship with their clients, are direct and honest, always ready to take off a problem, although it is not directly caused by a conflict of their systems.Thanks Themify.

    Davide Furlotti


    Based on Corporate

  10. Themify makes it easy to build a beautiful, professional website - even if you're a web design novice. Their templates are great, the documentation is straight-forward, and the support staff is super helpful and quick to respond.

    Chrissy Gray

    Girl on the Go

    Based on Agency

  11. It took a good few months of hard work to achieve the finished look, but with Themify's online support and the simple site builder layout, it's now complete and is regularly being referred to as 'a professional and modern looking site', which is fantastic.

    Katie Collins

    Katie Jane Collins

    Based on Parallax

  12. I absolutely love the excellent customer service Themify offers through their support forum. My site would not look the way it does without it. I'm happy I found

    Natasha Kotto


    Based on Elemin

  13. Using the Stack theme and the Themify Framework, I was able to redesign 80's Picture House in next to no time.

    Michael Oglesby

    80’s Picture House

    Based on Stack

  14. ORO Polska

    Based on Basic

  15. Themify are the automatic ‘go to’ for wordpress themes in my book. The builder system offers incredible functionality at an incredible price point and their support is the best in the industry.

    Dan Jones

    Digital Wisdom

    Based on Corporate

  16. I'm an artsy type and somewhat uneasy with code. With their incredible tools, themes and amazing support, Themify is the reason I've been able to turn my website wish into reality.

    Sylvie Adams

    Sylvie Adams

    Based on Flatshop

  17. I am amazed at how simple it is to use themify themes. I've been able to learn a few different themes and have a basic understanding of themes. I love an and recommend any themify theme!

    Brent Nicolet

    Brent Nicolet Webservices

    Based on Flat

  18. What I love about themify is the flexibility. I got a fully validated theme that I can customize the way I want. I have tried many other themes but always come back to themify. Love you guys....



    Based on Responz

  19. Themify themes are my favourite to use for all of my clients sites. Not only are they easy for me to customise as a designer, the builder allows my clients to add additional complex pages and content without any hassle. Themify support is also one of the best I have ever encountered!

    Jo Manning

    The Dressing Room

    Based on Elegant

  20. Grate think about this site was very quick and easy WPML integration and fact that Themify and WPML are totally compatible and have great documentation.


    Armet Bramy

    Based on Bizco

  21. Themify is great for building your website. It allows you to customize the look and feel with ease. If a problem arrises, they Themify support team is quick to respond and help you resolve the issue. Highly recommended.

    Ansley Cotton

    Charters Spectrum Amphithreatre

    Based on Event