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  1. If you are building a WordPress website, using Themify builder is the way to go. We can literally build new pages and make changes to our site in hours instead of days. Themify support is amazing, you know that you can alway rely on them when you have an issue an even a very specific question for your website.

    Ramtin Sohrabian

    Balmain Fun Run

    Based on Parallax

  2. I always wanted to have a tool which can help me building WordPress pages quickly, and with the flexibility in responsive layout. Themify builder perfectly meet those requirements. I can see tremendous possibilities in it. I am happy I found it.

    Krishna Thakur


    Based on Parallax

  3. Very easy to setup a cool page. Very quick and powerful support, and fantastic additional plugins like the a/b image plugin. We never regret choosing Themify!


    All Your Brand Needs

    Based on Parallax

  4. Themify themes are innovative, practical and even fun to use! My clients (and their clients…) are thrilled from the results, and the Themify support team are always there for you.

    Rob Sitbon

    Vernice Killer

    Based on Parallax

  5. Yes, Themify is user friendly. I don't know much about website design/creation, but I was able to do it with Themify. Thank you!

    John Melody

    Album Kart

    Based on Parallax

  6. I searched a very long time to find the right theme for this website. But the moment I saw the Themify Flatshop Theme, I was immediately in love with this theme. So beautiful and clean. Perfect for my website/web shop.  And I’m also very happy with the great support of the Themify team, they are: professional, fast and very friendly.

    Christine Emaar

    Chrissy’s Card Company

    Based on Flatshop

  7. I run several webshops and blogs. Up until recently, with various themes, "Enfold", "Woo" etc. Yesterday I made the last transition, so that all my pages now are "Themify" powered. Themify is easy to work with, beautifully designed, SEO friendly and the support is always fast and competent.

    Brian Odder Wolter


    Based on Ultra

  8. The combination of an easy-to-use Builder, a variety of modern and flexible themes to choose from, and top of the class support, made Themify stand out as the best choice when building my page.

    Espen Hegland

    Alexandra Myhren

    Based on Elegant

  9. I don't even like to use other themes anymore. No builder? No layout parts? No hook content? No, thank you. I only use Themify now.

    Robin Stark

    Attain Housing

    Based on Bold

  10. We built the site using the Flatshop theme and we get so much compliments on the design and functionality. The new website has been so successful, that we are now launching into ecommerce. We know it'll be a breeze using the Themify builder with WooCommerce.

    Jamie Lang

    Naturopathic Solutions

    Based on Flatshop

  11. As a music festival, we have to stay fresh, and Themify's developer plan allows us to change themes easily whenever we want.

    Jeff Mahajan

    Turtle Soup

    Based on Music

  12. With Themify I was able to create my WordPress site easily (I'm no web designer), and the support team were as efficient as I could hope for in solving the few questions I had.

    Julene Allende

    Palabras De Angeles

    Based on Parallax

  13. I chose Themify's Rezponz theme for my site because of it's clean design, and how easy it is to set up for a web novice like myself.  The slider is engaging and I love the way my site looks on my desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone. A great responsive theme!

    Amy Alexander

    Crafty McFangirl

    Based on Responz

  14. The Themify Builder platform makes optimizing our website for the best customer experience extremely simple.

    Tanner Rankin

    Ouchie Cap

    Based on Corporate

  15. Themify theme comes with tons of customization options, and it's also easy to grasp even for first timers. There is also, an added bonus of a helpful support team. Thank you.

    Shatakshi K


    Based on Base

  16. We love using Themify for our websites. For the Gourmet-Days in Kühlungsborn it was the best choice to use the Event theme. Big pictures and pretty nice layouts fit perfectly with the photographs.

    Martin Krause

    Kuhlungsborn Kocht

    Based on Event

  17. I use themes Themify for three main reasons, their layout flexibility, their status and update followed with WordPress.


    Lalo Chaussures

    Based on Blogfolio

  18. Themify is a powerfull tool that make my customers happy


    Psycholog Norwegia

    Based on Corporate

  19. I really like the css grid of Themify's framework. Parallax allows really fast customization, thanks to excellent media management and the easy to use shortcode system.

    Fabio Papalia

    Opera Live Competition

    Based on Parallax

  20. I love working with Themify themes, mainly ULTRA for while now, because it offers me the simplicity of creating a quick and efficient website with all the power of WordPress. The themes are easy to customize and Themify support team are great. I would recommend it to any self employed who love to make great website with WordPress.

    Ethan Bonamour

    Studio Blue Monkey

    Based on Corporate

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