Commonly Asked Support Questions

1. I get a blank screen after activating the theme

If you get a blank screen after activating the theme, it might be PHP errors or conflicts. To fix it:
  • Connect to your server with a FTP software.
  • Go to the themes folder (wp-content > themes) and delete or rename the active theme. WordPress will roll back to the default theme.
  • Now go to the Plugins page and deactivate all plugins.
  • Re-upload the theme zip from the member area.
  • Reactivate the theme again.
  • If the above doesn't resolve the problem, please post your support question on the forums.

2. The images (img.php) are broken

We use a PHP script (img.php) called XxxxXxxxx (similar to XxxXxxxx) to generate the image thumbnails. If the images appear broken, double check if the image file exists by viewing the image in a new window/tab (right-click on the image and select open image in a new tab). If the image file exists and error messages appears, most likely your server doesn't support XxxXxxxx. To enable it, send a request to your host provider to enable XxxXxxxx.

Common img.php errors:

  • Cache Folder Permission = there is a 'cache' folder in the theme. Try to change the cache folder file permission to 755 or 777. To change file permission, connect to your server with a FTP software, right click on the file or folder that you want to change, select 'Properties' or 'Get Info' (the menu selection might be different depending on your software).
  • img.php File permission = if you get error 404 when viewing the img.php in the browser, it might be file permission on the img.php file. Try to change the img.php file permission to 755
  • Allowed memory size = this means your source image is too large (file size). Resize or compress the image with the image with an image software such as Photoshop.
  • You may not fetch images from that site= this means the image is not hosted on your domain. You can add external domains in img.php script:
    • open the img.php file in the themify folder (inside the theme)
    • find the $ALLOWED_SITES array
    • add the external domain(s) in the array
  • Large file size = is the original image too large? Note that the img.php script can not generate thumbnail from large size or raw images.
  • Image Library Module not enabled = please contact your host provider on how to enable image library module

Disable img.php script:

If you prefer not to use the img.php script, go to Themify > Settings > Image Script and check disable img.php script. Once the image script is disabled, a dropdown will be available for you to choose which image size to use. The image sizes (Thumbnail, Medium, Large) can be set at wp-admin > Settings > Media. In other words, you can specify 250 x 250px medium size to be used in the index pages and 560 x 300px large size for single post page. More on Featured Image.

3. The Themify doesn't save

  • Disable all plugins: disable all plugins first and check again.
  • Reinstall the theme: if disabling plugins doesn't help, reinstall the theme from the latest theme zip. Or try another theme such as the free Basic theme.
  • Password protection: do you have any scripts or password protection or maintenance mode that might blocks access to the site? If you do, remove them.
  • Update WordPress: if your WordPress is not the latest version, upgrade it.

4. I can't upload images in the Themify panel!

If you can't upload images in the Themify panel, double check the "uploads" folder in the theme. Make sure you have the write permission on that folder (755 or 777). To find out the folder permission: connect to your server with a FTP software, go to the theme folder, right click on the "uploads" folder and view the folder info/property, make sure the permission is 755 or 777. Also, double check if your server allows HTTP upload. To check if your server allows HTTP upload, add a test post and upload a test image with the WordPress image uploader. If you get an error message when uploading images with the uploader, contact your host provider for assistance.

Alternative Way:

If you can't upload images via the option panel, upload the images using WordPress media uploader or FTP. Then copy and paste the image URL manually in the option panel input field.

5. I enabled the slider but it is not working

It might be Javascript conflicts cause by other plugins. Disable all plugins and check the slider again.

6. How do I upgrade the theme and find out the latest version?

Read this documentation on how to upgrade themes. To find the latest theme version, view the changelogs.

7. How do I change the posts per page option?

Login to wp-admin, go to Settings > Reading, change the "Blog pages show at most" to any number.

8. How do I trim the post with the more link?

Refer to more link documentation.

9. What is the difference between "excerpt" and "content"?

  • Content: it will display the post's content and trim at the more link.
  • Excerpt: it will display the post's excerpt. If the post's excerpt is empty, it will trim the content at the default length and strips out the HTML code such as img tag, link, etc.

10. How do I upload a logo image?

Read this documentation on how to customize site logo and tagline.

11. How to disable comments on specific posts/pages?

To disable comments on all posts/page: go to Themify > Settings > Default Layouts, tick the "Disable comments in all Posts" and "Disable comments in all Pages". To disable comments on single post/page: when adding or editing a post/page, there should be a panel called "Discussion". If the Discussion panel is not visible, scroll to the top of the page and click "Screen Options", tick the "Discussion" checkbox, now the Discusion panel should be visible below the content box, uncheck "Allow comments" to disable comments on that post. Detail steps on how to disable comments.

12. How do I translate the theme into different language?

Refer to Translating Themes.

13. I get an error while trying to do the auto theme upgrade.

If the auto upgrade failed, please download the theme zip and upgrade manually with FTP (see tutorial: tutorial) .

14. How do I change the text direction right to left (RTL)?

To change the text direction Right to Left (RTL) for Arabic language, go to Themify > Styling > Custom CSS and add the following: body { direction:rtl; }

15. How to create custom Homepage and Blog page?

  • First create a 'Blog' page with the Blog category selected in Query Categories.
  • Then create another page 'Homepage'.
  • Now, go to WP Settings > Reading and set the 'Homepage' as your static Front Page. Do not set the 'Posts page' option in the Reading settings.

16. How to protect my WordPress site?

Check the following articles:

17. How to disable Themify upgrader?

The following code will prevent checking for Themify theme upgrades so upgrade notices will no longer be displayed:
  1. Create a file named custom-functions.php in the Themify theme root folder
  2. Paste the following code
    	define('THEMIFY_UPGRADER', false);
  3. save the file. If you were editing the file locally, upload it to your server by FTP.

18. How many sites can I use the themes on?

All of our WordPress themes are licensed under the GNU General Public License. You may modify and use the themes on unlimited number of websites.